Trophy™ 126 (10’6”)

10' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Trophy™ 126 (10’6”) Description

Well equipped sit-in kayak for all fishing enthusiasts that want to spend full days or week-end on the water.

Trophy™ 126 (10’6”) Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • World class fishing kayak
  • Dihedral hull for the ultimate stability and tracking
  • 2 Flush mount rod holders
  • Integrated tackle box
  • Adjustable back rest and seat cushion
  • Adjustable Step Lock foot rest system
  • Molded-in cup holder
  • 10" x 18" stern and 8" x 14" bow elliptical hatch
  • Bow and stern carry handles
  • Integrated drain plugs
  • Rotomolded

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this has been a workhorse of…

Submitted by: paddler2388119 on 9/26/2022

this has been a workhorse of a fishing boat. I bought this boat for kayak camping. My first trip was 8 days on the New River in North Carolina. It is seen time on the toe river that Edisto River and Lake James in Lake Julian. I have had this boat for 3 years and have had nothing but excellent service. I modified the front storage to be 11 in deep vise to 2 in deep. I changed the seat to an ocean systems kayak seat, and created my own strap adjustment system. My experience that the rear hatch will leak in heavy weather. Paddling in 15 mile an hour winds with 1 to 2 ft white caps on Lake James. I took a bit of water into that after compartment. I know that it came through there because I have a skirt for the front and it couldn't have gone through there.


My brother-in-law has 2…

Submitted by: eherlihy on 5/23/2022

My brother-in-law has 2 Future Beach Quantum 124 kayaks, that my wife and I have been using for the past year. I figured that we should buy our own, so I started looking at kayaks. I liked that the Quantum had a water tight storage compartment in the bow, and that it had ample room in the stern to stow your gear. I also liked the two fishing pole holders. I could fit 2 of the kayaks in the back of my Toyota Tacoma, and the weight of the kayak was manageable for easy loading and unloading (~50lbs). I also liked the adjustable footrests inside the shell. I did not like that it did not seem to track straight, and the drain plugs were a pain, because they would get blocked if you turned the kayak upside-down to drain.

I found that Future Beach and SunDolphin were acquired by KL Outdoor, and that the Quantum 124 is no longer available. I found that Dick's Sporting Goods sells the Evoke Trophy 126. This kayak seems like an improved version of the FB Quantum 126. The number in the name of both kayaks is the LOA in inches, so the Trophy 126 is 2" longer than the Quantum. The weight of the Trophy is virtually the same as the Quantum, but the storage compartments forward and aft are both watertight. The forward storage compartment of the Trophy is MUCH bigger (deeper & longer) than the Quantum. There is also a "dashboard" with small compartments for fishing tackle, or a tablet (better get a waterproof case) or other stuff. Because the aft compartment is watertight, there is no access to what could be a huge storage area behind the seat.

I bought 2 of them ($450 each) and have cut out the rear storage compartment out of one of them. Cutting the compartment out allows access to the rear storage, and it reduces the weight of the kayak (and gives you a piece of polypropylene for the inevitable repairs). On the water, the kayaks track straight, and seem to glide well. They also seem very stable. I have only used the kayaks once, but I will update if there is interest.


5 stars for the price you…

Submitted by: paddler1573468 on 6/23/2021

5 stars for the price you pay? No question! This was my first yak, and me being partially paralyzed, I have limited to zero balance. I really wanted a kayak that would be stable enough for choppy water with my issues. After tons of research, I came to this option. I believe it's bcuz of the unique design of the belly of the kayak, being inverted compared to the normal design of a yak I believe it creates a suction to the water that makes it much more stable. My very 1st time out was in salt water fishing for Striper on anchor. Caught 2 keepers (released 1) and never had even the slight feeling of being unbalanced. I was worried that on anchor, with my balance a big striper could flip me, but not an issue. I added an anchor trolly and Scott's rod holder myself and it was simple. I kayak with my gf and her son a lot and my kayak tracks much better than theirs, even tho it's not the best, it good enough for the price. Someday I will upgrade to a 12' but for now, I love this kayak and it's a shame it's discontinued.


this was my first kayak and…

Submitted by: paddler1432618 on 4/28/2021

this was my first kayak and I have had it for 3 years now, very lite and easy to carry off the water and tracks and paddles very well on the water. I'm getting ready to upgrade however i will be keeping this on around as a buddy yak and creek boat. highly recommend.


A very stable kayak. The…

Submitted by: paddler1373825 on 3/24/2021
A very stable kayak. The little tackle box is quite handy. The flush mount rod holders are good for holding rods or a fishing net on the way to a fishing spot, but I added 2 adjustable rod holders in front and a paddle holder.

This is my first kayak. I've…

Submitted by: Bulkhead on 7/13/2020
This is my first kayak. I've had it for a couple years now, and we've been on quite a few adventures together. It's performed well in some precarious situations. The giant cockpit is nice for lakes, but is a safety risk on the bay, so I'm looking to upgrade. I actually like the little tackle box. Mine hasn't broken, and it holds just enough fishing stuff for me. But I wish that it was easier to seal the bulkheads. I've purposefully swamped the boat in the lake and it's nearly impossible to get back in. You have to swim with the thing back to shore. Not good if you're far from land. Overall though this kayak has performed really well.

Great yak can handle most…

Submitted by: paddler777917 on 5/18/2020
Great yak can handle most class 4 rapids with no issues holds up very well. Great for rapids and leasure trips plus fishing couldnt be happier

Had the 2009 version of this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/18/2019

Had the 2009 version of this kayak. I could yak your ear off about this kayak but, I'll try to keep this short. Pros: Price; Good beginner kayak at a fair price that is ninety percent set up for fishing and paddling the water it was designed for, as well as some it wasn't. Could have added an anchor trolley and would be at a hundred. Speed and tracking; For a smaller kayak, its a fairly fast paddler allowing for longer trips and keeps you in a straight line, unless wind or current dictates otherwise. Stability; Nice, low center of gravity. Never flipped the kayak, even in rougher conditions. Durability (hull); Had this kayak for ten years. Hull only ever had light scratches even after banging up against rocks, oysters, bridges, etc.

Cons: Comfort (seat); Cushioning and back support are fair for about a three hour trip but, any longer then that and you start to feel it. Bulkheads; Size for storage is acceptable, able to have a small soft cooler with some room in the rear bulkhead and store a smaller dry box that held things that I didn't want to keep wet dry mostly. However, after 7 years, hatches started to wear, front hatch busted completely making it leaky, and rear foam block came undone and needed to be resealed and was never really water tight. Durability (plastics); foot peddles snapped, hatch covers lost their ability to seal and broke, drain plug screws snapped. Weight Capacity; thinking 300lbs may be generous. When loaded with a 185 lb person, two rods, small tackle box, soft cooler with 10lbs of ice and another 15lbs of fish, and a water bottle, made this kayak sit fairly low making paddling more difficult. Rather then riding across the surface of the water I was pushing water out of the way with the kayak.

Overall I think this kayak makes for a rather good kayak on most bodies of water and will work for a beginner looking to start kayak fishing and allow for growth to the intermediate levels.


Very good kayak for the…

Submitted by: paddler519251 on 6/24/2019

Very good kayak for the price, Its very sturdy and wide enough that it doesn't wobble. the texture of the bottom restricts speed but helps keep the kayak upright. would recommend.


I've had the boat for a…

Submitted by: dcowell65 on 4/9/2019

I've had the boat for a couple years now and love it. I'm ready to upgrade, but I will keep this one also. As for it being a fishing kayak, it has two rod holders behind you and a cheap plastic tackle box. The extra space in front of the cockpit for the tacklebox is handy, but the only real fishing feature is the stability. This boat is very stable. I've had it in the Columbia and the Willamette rivers, Scappoose bay, numerous lakes and a few waterways I'm not remembering. It has been a fantastic first boat. It is roomy enough for a 6' tall, 250 pound man. This is a top notch kayak in this price range and should last anyone many years. Now my problem is I want a nice sit on top fishing kayak AND a sea / touring kayak!


The Trophy 126 is a great,…

Submitted by: ChadPad on 6/27/2018

The Trophy 126 is a great, affordable recreational kayak.. It's only claim as an angler kayak is the cheap tackle box, rod holders and dihedral hull for stability. With minor modifications you can turn this into a true angling vessel. I purchased railblaza & yakattack rail mounts and installed them on the cockpit lip around the console area. These allow me to plug and play with rod holders, gps/fish finders, camera mounts and cup holders. Purchasing a yakattack build a crate offers more accessible storage while on the water. Rods will stay tight in the holders with a bungie cord and carabiners are helpful to secure most other gear (small cooler, dry bags, etc...) The dihedral hull helps keep the kayak stable in small rapids & choppy water. I have traversed class II rapids with ease but water does splash up and into the kayak though not enough to be an issue. I am able to reach tight areas in 3"-4" of water no problem with relatively easy maneuverability. The only downsides are the stern not being a true bulkhead and the tendency for the vessel to track slightly left and right when floating in the current of a river. All in all with a little customization this kayak can be a formidable fishing vessel.


Preacher loves his Trophy 126

Submitted by: Yaking-Preacher on 10/9/2017

Have owned my Trophy 126 Yak for 2 full summers now and love it. Stability and tracking are incredible. Family and friends say they love to watch it glide through the water.

I did a lot of comparison research before buying and looked closely at the pros and cons of sit-on-tops (SOT) vs. sit-in (SIK).

For me, the sit-in (SIK), made more sense. I have plenty of room and feel like I have more control by being closer to the water.

At 6' and 260 lbs. (former weightlifter turning soft around the middle), I needed some way to exercise and relax at the same time.

I took the original seat off and replaced it with the Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech seat. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

I use a 230 Carlisle 2-piece aluminum shaft paddle.

Also added a DIY anchor trolley, DIY hand-weight anchor, DIY perimeter deck lines for bow and stern, DIY safety flag and 360 white light combo, bow red / green navigation light, deck compass, cockpit rod holder, Sea to Summit foam paddle float, DIY paddle keeper, DIY paddle leash, Anchor cleat, Bow and stern tie lines and NRS rescue throw bag.

Would buy another Future Beach product in a minute (was looking at a sit-on-top for the wife, as she has been borrowing our son's Future Beach Discovery 104. She ended up with a multi-color Vibe Skipjack because of visibility on the water…oh well)


Great kayak for lakes and small rivers but..

Submitted by: paddler383091 on 8/21/2017

Could use a little more leg room. Great for fishing small creeks as its only 10'6".
I'm 5'7" 230lb and it has great buoyancy.
I'm interested in something a little bigger for the bay.
All in all for the price a great kayak.


Great kayak for lakes and small rivers but..

Submitted by: paddler383086 on 8/21/2017

This has been a good kayak for my lake, pond and small river fishing. I even took this out in the bay but I really suggest a cam day. I'm average height at 5'7" but I'm a stocky guy at 230lb. never had issues with buoyancy as it does displace the water nicely. If I was a taller person I can see needed more foot room. I feel it just fits my legs. It's very easy to maneuver and spin around what makes it a great fishing kayak. The seat is not the best so I bought a kayak seat from Dicks and It made all the difference. No problem being 6+ hours on the water. If you fish a lot of small inlet creeks and side creeks at 10'6" this kayak is the right size. I'm interested in something bigger though as I would like to do some larger water fishing. I just don't have the confidence for larger water.


Good, decent kayak

Submitted by: GARY-D-TEAGUE on 7/20/2017

Not really a fishing kayak. Has 2 holders, that's it. "Tackle box" has long broken. Tracks very well . Isn't very nimble on rapids. Little sluggish turning.
Will get slow when. You approach weight cap. Very durable and easy to get in and out.


Good kayak

Submitted by: William-Heise on 7/18/2017

Over all this is an amazing kayak but I was a little frustrated when I found out it was 10' 6'' and I would have to register it with the state


Great after a few add ons

Submitted by: Jeremiah-Blayton on 1/24/2017

Bought 2 years ago, I'm 5'10" around 130-150 lbs, I can easily use this as a paddle board to spot fish in shallow or clear water, spend around 6 hours in it no problem. Only con is my little tackle try broke, and can't find another car have used it in rivers, creek, lakes, ponds, strong around to inlets and surf fishing later this year, adding more rod holders, lights, bugle system, and anchor trolley before hitting the coast. Keep all my stuff in. The front away from my feet or in the back in a dry bag. If anyone knows a tackle box that fits email me at jeremiahblayton(at)


Good River Fishing Kayak

Submitted by: SGM97B on 12/13/2016

It is sold as an Angling Kayak but really the only thing it has is two rod holders. I generally like it. I bought it on sale, over $130 off. The kayak handles pretty well and tracks true while you are paddling but if you stop and just drift forward my kayak always starts curving to the right or left, which is annoying. I weigh 210 lbs and I usually have about 25 pounds of gear with me on the boat yet it still floats in five inches of water. 

The lure box that came with the kayak is junk, I don't use it any more, but the three trays in the dash area are nice and I use them all the time. I find the seat to be comfortable enough, many others complain about it, but I wish it could be moved and wasn't a permanent part of the hull. There is a lot of storage space behind the seat but you can only access it through the hatch. That limits what you can get into the space. Also, smaller objects can slide under the seat to disappear in the rear hull area. That then requires a trip to shore so you can dig it out. I use the integrated bottle holder to hold my bailing cup and a large sponge. That is a convenient spot for that and I'm able to get rid of excess water from the floor easily. I added the much needed anchor trolley system (home-made for about three dollars), that really should be included if you want to call it an Angling Kayak. I also had to modify the two rod holders because they don't work if you used a push button closed reel. The rod holder pushes the button and releases your line. I added a tow line for dragging my kayak up rapids and across shallow water areas, the kayak is light and drags very easily. Shooting rapids will get you wet and flood the kayak; water comes right over the front and runs into the hull. That might be a problem with all kayaks, I don't know. I only found out that the front hatch was a water tight compartment at the end of the season when I was cleaning the boat. I will make use of that. 

I wish the cockpit was about 6-8 inches longer. My knees jam up against the dash when I get in and out and I cannot flex my legs at all once I am seated. I am 6'1" and 210 pounds but I am athletic, not fat. It is a tight fit. I am pretty happy with it though and would recommend the kayak to any beginner or infrequent angler.


Nice starter kayak. sturdy,…

Submitted by: paddler237140 on 9/24/2016
Nice starter kayak. sturdy, roomy, affordable and very stable. You can stand up in it if you want lol. Good for a larger person.

This is a great little sit-in…

Submitted by: TrShadow on 9/20/2016
This is a great little sit-in all around Kayak. It is just as home in flat water as it is on the river. It can be a little sluggish taking tight turns, but overall performs very well. It has a small Bow dry container, and the whole back can be loaded with gear. I would both recommend this kayak, and buy it again.

The Trophy 126 is a great…

Submitted by: hlcessna on 8/11/2016

The Trophy 126 is a great fishing platform. I am 6 ft and 240 lbs and have been on 5 hour float trips and been quite comfortable. it's wide beam make it very stable and it tracks remarkably well. I have been in class 1 rapids with no problems. If their is a bad side it would be the rear hatch should be water proof. That aside no better boat for the money.


I am an 'off road' NJ…

Submitted by: paddler236805 on 5/26/2016
I am an 'off road' NJ fishermen who likes going out in the in the many small rivers of Northern New Jersey. Many of these rivers are not accessible with a regular fishing boat, and shore fishing is difficult.

I find the Trophy 126 perfect for my type of fishing. It is durable, and extremely stable. I use a 'cushion type' life preserver on the back of my seat to make it more comfortable.

For North Jersey Rivers, the Pompton, Passiac, Ramapo and Pequannock, I have them all to myself with this kayak.

This Kayak has been used on the larger reservoirs with no problem. Got caught in high winds Lake Wawayanda and got back with no problem.

As for any Kayak, if you plan long trips, you will need to make seat adjustments to be comfortable.

This Kayak is safe, and affordable; meets my needs for routine freshwater fishing trips.


For what I use it for, this is a great 'yak. Pros- Very…

Submitted by: reed13206 on 4/27/2016
For what I use it for, this is a great 'yak.

Pros- Very stable, plenty of room on it, maneuvers well. I use it for fishing both on bigger lakes and ponds, as well as exploring creeks. It handles the waves from the speedboats well, and also has a low enough profile and is easy enough to move around to get into narrow, overgrown areas (and get back out). It also is very resilient. It's a nice, thick material that I'm not in the slightest bit concerned about damaging while using. Between it's color and composition, I refer to it as my "tank".

Cons - Heavy. Getting it on top of the van or SUV is a chore. Whenever I can, I slide it in the back window or put it on a trailer. Also does not have the most comfortable seat back. t's not nearly as bad as reviews I had read said, but it could use a higher back with a little more support. Lastly, it's slow. Compared to my buddy's boat, it can feel like I'm paddling at 3/4 speed. Since that's not what I'm using it for, though, makes no difference to me.

Overall, I made a few mods to better suit my fishing habits, but overall I love this thing. As far as I'm concerned, I don't think you'll find a sturdier recreational/fishing kayak anywhere near this price point.


This yak is awesome because…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/3/2016
This yak is awesome because it is stable, tracks well, and is very compact. The places it allows me to go are unbelievable which also allows for amazing "honey hole" (fishing spots) to be found. Thank God for the Trophy 126 kayak

Great kayak - even if you…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/9/2015
Great kayak - even if you aren't fishing! Solid construction at a reasonable price. The "dihedral hull" (a fancy way of saying W-Shaped, in this case) helps the boat track very straight and makes it almost impossible to tip. It's flat, wide, profile does make it a little slower than other recreational kayaks - but not terribly slow.

The front hatch is really just a shallow bowl, not a bulkhead, but is watertight. It has enough room for me to store about 15 feet of paracord, a flashlight, spare sunglasses, a rag, lighter, and a small first-aid pack.

The rear hatch is huge, BUT it is open to the cockpit. I routinely fit a large cooler bag in mine with room to spare. A little DIY foam/caulking could turn it into a true watertight bulkhead easily.

I like the "dashboard" at the front of the cockpit. The included tackle box wasn't impressive though, mine barely stayed closed. I replaced it almost immediately with a lunch-meat container (Hillshire Farms = GladWare) because it was about the right side and waterproof. That's where I store my (powered-off) phone, knife, whistle and keys.

The rod holders are great if you are lake fishing or trolling down a river. If you aren't into catching fish - they also happen to hold your 2-piece paddle while you have your feet up, catching some sun.

I've taken mine on 6+ hour trips. The seat was comfortable. Some people have complained about it, but I didn't have any issues. The built in bottle holder is convenient... and I say bottle holder because you need to replace the lid unless you're trying to spill everywhere... it basically lays flat between your legs.

Overall, a great kayak that fits almost everyone's budget - that could be even greater with a few minor (DIY) changes.


I am an avid fishermen who…

Submitted by: kjfri189 on 8/26/2015
I am an avid fishermen who likes going out in the bay. I genuinely enjoy my Trophy 126. But there would be a few things I would of liked differently:
Seat lacks any type of cushion which makes long paddles uncomfortable.
Pole holders are in a terrible spot.
Lack of accessories for this kayak.

I absolutely love this…

Submitted by: paddler236394 on 7/28/2015
I absolutely love this kayak!! I am very new to kayaking and I took this Yak out today on a lake, it was very stable and easy to maneuver! I took a small tackle box, my rod and a couple of bottles of water. I came home and purchased an anchor but even with out the anchor today I caught Bass! I felt very safe and secure! Well worth the money!

I would recommend this yak! Great yak for the money!! I did add brackets to snap my paddle into while fishing and I'll use a stringer for my fish, there is a deep well behind the seat but I'm not brave enough yet to turn around to use it, maybe next summer...


Not a bad kayak just middle…

Submitted by: joejarman on 7/8/2015
Not a bad kayak just middle of the road. The comfort is ok and the extras are minimum. I have fished from it with success, but stay away from waves. The back compartment is open to the whole yak and the front is unusable while in it. Its light and cheap. A good starter for most.

I purchased this kayak…

Submitted by: forkman on 7/3/2015
I purchased this kayak (Trophy 126) as a Father's day gift for myself several years ago to see if kayak angling was something I'd enjoy. I can honestly say it has proven to be one of the best Father's Day gifts of all time.

Most fishing Kayaks are sit on tops, but I was interested in the versatility of the sit in. This kayak was a good combination. It has 2 flush mount rod holders, and a yak catcher rod holder fits comfortably around the rim. Storage is pretty good for a short Yak and has been sufficient to hold all necessities for short kayak camping trips.

The kayak itself is incredibly stable. I can stand in it on flatwater, although I would not try to fight a fish that way. The maneuverability is far better than any of the sit on tops which help greatly when in shoals or rapids on a river. Tracking is pretty good. You would not want to enter any races in it as it is not a particularly fast boat.

The one downside to this yak is the seat. In extended sessions, your back and rear end may become fatigued. At the end of a 2 day paddle and camp of about 30 miles, I was definitely ready to get off the water.

Overall, I'd recommend this boat to new paddlers as it is very easy to use, the price is fantastic (usually about $300), and with a few fittings and a seat replacement, it will last a good long time.


I sold my fishing boat and…

Submitted by: paddler236182 on 4/13/2015
I sold my fishing boat and thought it was time to try something new. (I also had to sell me truck so I needed something I didn't have to trailer) Dicks had this yak on sale plus some other discounts I had I couldn't pass it up for the price.

Unfortunately I just had back surgery done so I won't be able to use it right away, but my 14 yr old son made me drive him right to to local lake so he can give her a try. He was able to get it off and on our car and into the water by himself, which I liked. He spent about 2 hours fishing out of it caught a few nice bass. So I decided to give him the boat til I'm able to get out there and I'll be buying another.

I will be upgrading the seat. We put a Berkeley quick snap rod holder in the front and will be installing an Anchor system on it. Besides that it seems to be a great kayak for the money. I highly recommend it!


I've had this kayak for four…

Submitted by: RonCharest on 3/18/2015
I've had this kayak for four years now, purchased new at a Dick's sporting goods store sale. It was my first kayak and introduction to the sport. I absolutely love it!

With it's wide bottom it's easy to load and carry on my Rodeo. I just slide it up the back (using a Thule loader to protect the Rodeo's finish) and onto the top roof rack, then strap it down.

In the water the kayak tracks straight, is very stable and easy to paddle. It's very maneuverable and reasonably fast. I like having a roomy cockpit and the wide opening allows for easy entry and exits even though I'm somewhat stiff from minor arthritis in my legs and back.

For fishing, I've found that the two built in rod holders are great. After some practice, I typically carry one rod and one folding net that fits into one of the rod holders. I've had no problem with my rod or net falling out as the holders are very deep. My rod will slide almost all the way down so the reel is resting on the kayak deck. I have found if I paddle heavy, water will splash onto the reel which I don't much care for. I carry all the tackle I need for an outing in small tackle boxes packed in the pockets of my kayaking PFD. The cockpit is small enough to carry bait or a larger tackle box inside the boat, but I normally don't need to do this.

The front and rear storage compartments are very handy. I keep my first-aid kit along with my car key and my wallet, tucked into the small front watertight compartment. I keep my other essential gear in the large rear compartment. It takes a bit of twisting, but I am able to access gear in my rear compartment while sitting in the cockpit. Having a drink holder right in front of the seat is very handy, and the adjustable foot rests work well.

I do recommend some accessory items to improve your experience, which is why I only rate this kayak as a "9". You should add a seat pad to make sitting for long periods more comfortable. You can find very thin gel pads that don't raise your center of gravity and are very comfortable.

Install an anchor trolley and carry at least a one-pound folding grappling anchor. I consider an anchor a must-have for fishing, and an anchor trolley really should be standard equipment on any fishing kayak. There are many kits available and lots of YouTube videos to show you how to install the trolley.

Add a paddle holder to securely hold the paddle while fishing. You can find accessories that clip on to the edge of the cockpit and provide a secure holder for the paddle, and don't require drilling holes.

Overall this is an excellent and economical kayak for getting out on the water!


Very stable, tracks well…

Submitted by: tmpols on 2/23/2015
Very stable, tracks well but... it has a very low end seat for fishing and paddling for longer than an hour, and!!! do not trust the rod holders! make sure you leash your rods when you use them. I usually take 2 or 3 with me and almost lost one because it fell out and luckily floated for a moment.

I have been fishing out of…

Submitted by: bstring on 9/10/2014
I have been fishing out of this kayak for 4 years now and love it. The price was very reasonable and it is very stable. Very light. Tracks straight.

This has been a great Yak for…

Submitted by: Oldnwet on 9/5/2014
This has been a great Yak for the money. Tracks straight, great storage, not heavy, and I think it would sink before it would roll! I have had this boat for over 4 yrs and have had. O problems with it. I'm 6ft 230 lbs and it fits me well. Gave this boat a 9 because the seat stinks! Rough eve with a gel cell. Would recommend this boat to anyone for fishing or just to put around in.

Stable, rugged, and…

Submitted by: Itchy243 on 9/5/2014
Stable, rugged, and versatile. I had only one problem with the boat, the seat support posts detached from the bottom. The seat now shifts around a bit while paddling. I have since noticed the new boats have a different design thus preventing this from occurring. This may only be an issue when buying a used boat.

The only kayak I have owned.…

Submitted by: rdbolser on 9/3/2014
The only kayak I have owned. I had borrowed several other brands from friends before I purchased my own but never felt they were very stable. After researching the Future Beach Trophy 126, I purchased one on sale at Dick's and have been very happy with it for the past 3 years.

I have used it on lakes from choppy to still and on several rivers. It' not made for speed but if you want stability - this is it. I would recommend this for any beginner buying their first kayak or anyone wanting a stable kayak. With it's length you can really go through some tight places and maneuver around obstacles with ease. The only thing I wish it would have had on mine was a solid bulkhead behind the seat when I bought it. You can now get a kit from the company to retro fit one. The new ones come with a bulkhead.

I highly recommend the Trophy 126 to anyone buying their first kayak or some one wanting a more stable one.


Very stable. Tracks true.…

Submitted by: lvanhess on 8/21/2014
Very stable. Tracks true. Have used in rough water and smooth, and feel very comfortable. The bin in front lets water in, so I use a dry bag to put gear in. Enjoyable Kayak, would recommend.

I bought my Future Beach Yak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/8/2014
I bought my Future Beach Yak from Dick's during their summer sale, being impressed by the hull structure and the addition of rear fishing rod holders. My neighbor got me into the sport of Kayak Angling and I was eager to have one of my own.

First things first, this yak is incredibly stable. The Dihedral Hull is an amazingly straight tracking design as my neighbor noticed the first time out on the river. With minimal effort on my part, I am able to keep my yak on a true and steady path which is amazing to me. The front hull is designed to cut through the water and channel it evenly which makes navigating some of the more tricky spots where I like to fish possible (mostly reed beds and grass fields).

All in all I would rate it higher, but the hull has its draw back. While it is a sit-in, the hull makes it float more like a sit-on and it takes more effort to paddle.


Very sturdy fishing kayak.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/16/2014
Very sturdy fishing kayak. Flatter bottom, so more suitable for rivers and streams. It doesn't cut through the water well in the bay, but is perfect for rivers. Has sufficient storage area, but a better hatch would be appreciated by fisherman.

I've used my Trophy for about…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/12/2014
I've used my Trophy for about 5 years. I think it's great! Very stable and versatile. Ive had it in Lake Erie and Presque Isle bay with 1 to 3 foot chop, as well as the Allegheny River in PA and the Grand River in Ohio and many creeks. For trips longer than 4 hours I find that my tailbone gets sore. And that's with the premium seat. I also found that getting a hold of Future Beach is not very convenient. I had to replace a foot peg. And it took about 4 days to get it ordered.

Overall I would recommend this kayak to others.


Great kayak all around. I…

Submitted by: paddler235704 on 7/5/2014
Great kayak all around. I like that it's very stable and has the two pods. The back pod was supposed to be water resistant or water tight, but the foam divider separated from the body and water gets in there quite easily. Other than that, I highly recommend it for flat water paddling.

Dihedral hull makes it…

Submitted by: znye17 on 7/3/2014
Dihedral hull makes it extremely stable and track well, but also makes for difficult turning. Large rear compartment is not sealed well from factory and is not water tight. Seat doesn't provide much support for back. Kayak is rather heavy. Good beginner's kayak.

I would recommend this kayak…

Submitted by: paddler235691 on 7/3/2014
I would recommend this kayak to anyone! Very sturdy, spacious, great storage, and all at a super price. I have overloaded the kayak with more weight than required and still wasn't riding low in the water. After adding a couple fishing mods to it and purchasing a Harmony dashboard, it seems like the perfect kayak for the avid fisherman or just your average, everyday recreational kayaker.

Excellent kayak for flat…

Submitted by: paddler235599 on 6/18/2014
Excellent kayak for flat water lakes and rivers. Super stable! Bought this as my first kayak due to the stability and have absolutely loved it. A little hard to access the hatches when you are on the water, but there is a lot of storage space. Mine came with the foam bulkhead and I've had no problem with leakage even though I bought it used (3yrs old). I enjoy the open cockpit and have even had my 70lb lab sit with me on occasion.

A great first kayak! And it's worth sacrificing a little speed for the extra stability.


This is my first Kayak and I…

Submitted by: todddarling1 on 4/9/2014
This is my first Kayak and I have to say I felt really stable and comfortable my first time out earlier this week. Can't wait to get it out fishing this summer.

For a $289 yak from Ocean…

Submitted by: paddler235481 on 3/31/2014
For a $289 yak from Ocean State Job Lot you can't go wrong for lake and river kayak fishing. I'm 6' 3" / 205 lbs and have a size 13 foot and I fit in this thing fine. I upgraded the seat to an Ocean Kayak one for more back support, but the stock one is OK. You get what you pay for, it's not top grade quality, but it gets the job done. Spent many 5-7 hour fishing days in this boat.

I have two Trophy 126's and I…

Submitted by: paddler235484 on 3/31/2014
I have two Trophy 126's and I generally love them. I am 5'8" and 155 lbs. and I fit perfectly in them - tons of room and I am very comfortable all day. One thing...Get yourself a weekend seat/canoe seat. I bought one made by Alps Mountaineering on Amazon for $22 and it took my kayak's comfortability up 100%. And the best thing is when you get where you're going you have a great camp seat or seat to chill in by the river.

Future Beach customer service however is horrendous. Sending them emails through their website is like sending emails to a black hole. I found out much later after purchase that one of my kayaks did not come with the foam bulkhead that seals the rear compartment (my friends surf got all wet). They sell the bulkhead on their website but they won't even let you chose an address in the United States to purchase one.

Luckily I don't expect any other problems with my kayak and I love them. I am going to try and make my own bulkhead to finish off the second one myself since Future Beach has ignored my warranty requests.


I bought this kayak from…

Submitted by: paddler235426 on 1/20/2014
I bought this kayak from Dicks on 12/31/13. I am loving it. I just spent 3 hrs in the cockpit on Willow Lake in Prescott, AZ. No discomfort at all. Paddles well, turns good, and handled 6" shallow perfectly. I'm 6-0, 215 and fits me well.

I have used this boat so many…

Submitted by: paddler235372 on 10/10/2013
I have used this boat so many times I have lost count. I think it is a great boat for the price. it is light to carry with one person. Shallow draft in the water as long as you you don't overload it like I have before; does well in rapids and small waves even better with the skirt cover. Paddles easy and fast to a point. Very maneuverable.
Just all around great boat.

If the seat is is uncomfortable to you there are many replacement options. I replaced mine so I would have a dry seat to put in when I get there. Great boat I have landed 22 3 lb. plus catfish from it.


the kayak i got is the angler…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/14/2013
the kayak i got is the angler edition sit in, and i love it. the bottom of the hull is a little flexible meaning it isn't rock hard it has some bounce to it when you push on it. there is no bulk head in the back only one small dry area in the front people say it isn't water proof but i have only seen little drops in side of it. love the little tackle box holder in the cockpit, the seat is comfortable for the first hour or so but i don't know if because the seat gets wet it makes it uncomfortable or what because when i get out my back doesn't hurt only my butt. the boat is super stable as well i can stand up in it sometimes when there is no wake. i am listing the cons of this to let people decide what they really want.

This is a great little boat…

Submitted by: Oldnwet on 7/31/2013
This is a great little boat for first timers. I have had no problems with it over the last 3 years other than the seat. Not enough support for someone of my weight. It tracks straight,and I think I would sink it first before I could roll it! Storage is good with plenty behind me and a nice hatch in front where I keep my wallet and such while I'm out in it. I have been in a few other boats that are a lot more expensive and this one is a good bang for the buck.

I bought this Kayak the end…

Submitted by: harddriver62 on 7/27/2013
I bought this Kayak the end of June. It was a demo unit so I was able to get it for reduced price. I wanted an entry level fishing yak and after adding a few things to it, I have exactly that. It is very stable, tracks well, and is easy to paddle and turn. The 2 compartments are nice, although since there is no bulkhead, the rear compartment is not watertight. The seat is not very comfortable for long periods. I plan to add a better seat soon. The cockpit is ok for me, although I wish for a bit more foot room.

I am only using this on flat, calm water, and so far it has proved well. I am 5'11 and 225lbs, and with my gear I still sit well in the water. It is not a fast yak, but that's not what I wanted.


I think that the Trophy 126…

Submitted by: Kozmo18 on 7/27/2013
I think that the Trophy 126 is the best $300 play boat on the market. I have another, fairly expensive, touring kayak (Swift) and paid a hundred dollars more just for the paddle with that one. This little Trophy offers plenty of stability for beginners and it turns on a dime when in the hands of anyone with a bit more experience. I’ll agree that the seat isn’t the best in the industry, but it’s the best in the $300 kayak category. I did add a $10. auto seat cushion from Walmart, and the difference was amazing.

We paddle our Trophy on one of the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York and find it to be a good ride in light to moderate chop. On days with heavier winds, I pull out the sailboat.


This heavy duty plastic kayak…

Submitted by: Sugar106 on 7/26/2013
This heavy duty plastic kayak is rock steady! Although it is heavier then some, about 53#, the quality is built to last. Can be dragged over rocky beaches, good handles and great hatches. Plenty of storage space to go camp for a week. Can stand up to fish even in wavy water.

Worth the money I paid

Submitted by: paddler235098 on 7/17/2013
Worth the money I paid <$300 new, but not worth any more than that. The hull design sold me as I just had a trailer full of kayaks stolen and the budget didn't allow me to go replace them right away. I needed a cheap boat to keep me going on a trip planned that week. This did the trick, and works fine as a loaner boat but I certainly wouldn't buy another. Seat back is hard and non-adjustable, upside down U shaped hull takes up a lot of foot room.

The Future Beach is a great…

Submitted by: lukethedrifter on 7/17/2013
The Future Beach is a great kayak for beginners. It is extremely stable and can hold a line like a champ, I was able to easily pull in a 80 lb Black Lab in the boat with me and there was plenty of room for both of us. It is not a really fast boat but is extremely durable. I love my Future Beach Trophy 126. Great boat for the price.

This yak felt cheap and for…

Submitted by: LINGUOLIZZARD on 7/15/2013
This yak felt cheap and for how large cockpit was it still was cramped in all the places it counts. I'm 6'1 250lbs and wear a size 10 Shoe. Couldn't get my feet comfy no matter how I tried. My legs didn't fit and it felt awkward entire time I was in it. I was using my friends backup buddy yak that he bought for 100 bucks at yard sale... I think he overpaid. This boat felt shotty and was. I would recommend another kayak.

I've had two of these Kayaks…

Submitted by: paddler233309 on 7/15/2013
I've had two of these Kayaks for close to five years and never had a problem. I've taken one of them in rough river water many times and have overturned and swamped it more than once but on calm to heavily choppy water they're extremely stable. They also carry the weight of all my camping gear when river camping. I would buy from Future Beach again.

My fiance purchased 2 of…

Submitted by: paddler235082 on 7/8/2013
My fiance purchased 2 of these at Dick's...we are new to kayaking but after searching for a good price as well as comfort these looked like our best pick. We don't fish, we nature hunt and always pack a camera and binoculars etc.. the dry compartment is very small but the behind the seat area is large. We just use large garbage bags to store out things we don't want damp.

We love them but I admit we have little experience of any others to compare them to. He's tall, I'm short and we like the adjustable foot braces. I think they're great and we've had lots of fun with them. They are very stable... he can swim, I can't, so stability means a lot.


I purchased this kayak at…

Submitted by: paddler235079 on 7/5/2013
I purchased this kayak at Dick's about 2 months ago. It's my FIRST kayak. I have used it a few dozen times, including Night Bass Fishing. I find it to be VERY STABLE on the water, and as far as speed goes, it goes as fast as I care to go, considering rocks and stumps under the surface of my Bass Waters.

Only draw back I can see, is the SEAT!! Man, it hurts, but I added a few soft chair cushions on the bottom and against my back and find I can go for a few hours before I have to get out and limber up.

ONE NOTE, as one person previously mentioned, check under your seat at the last two seat rivets that hold your cushion down. When you sit in your seat THEY COME IN CONTACT WITH THE BOTTOM OF THE KAYAK!! Both rivets I found were beginning to damage and almost penetrated the bottom of my Kayak. I immediately cut and removed the rivets, and substituted plastic/nylon Tie-Downs in their place, thus leaving nothing to protrude from under the seat. I weigh in at 200 pounds, so maybe someone lighter in weight might not have that problem, but if you own one of these models, CHECK UNDER YOUR SEAT through the rear storage port to see if it's damaging the bottom of your Kayak.
Other than that, for the $$$, Not a Bad Investment.


I just bought a Trophy 126 on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/1/2013
I just bought a Trophy 126 on sale from Dicks. Love the stability. My seat broke on first time out. I was wondering if anyone has found a after market that will fit. The seat is very uncomfortable for longer trips. Other than that I love it.

Just bought this Trophy 126…

Submitted by: paddler235037 on 6/7/2013
Just bought this Trophy 126 today. We took it out on the lake when I got home and after a few minutes, water started coming into the hull. I paddled back to shore and discovered that there is a screw under the seat that popped right through the bottom of the kayak after I sat in it. The plastic on the bottom of the kayak appears to be very soft. It is a very poor design to have it do this. I am average height and average weight. I am taking the half hour ride back to Dick's Sporting Goods to return it tonight.

Personally, I LOVE this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/5/2013
Personally, I LOVE this product! I recently bought it from Dick's during their big sale they had and I picked it up for $300. This kayak is extremely stable, you can't flip it, there is TONS of storage. I am currently building a Bimini that inserts into the two rod holders with the hope of keeping some of the sun off of me while out on the water.

The only knock on the kayak is the seat like everyone else says; however, it is not THAT big of a deal to me. This has been one of my best investments that I have made. This kayak offers the perfect ratio of space, maneuverability, speed (yes I said speed, you can get this thing going if you want) and versatility. I love the purchase and plan to add on to it throughout this summer and into the winter, possibly a fish finder?


If you are near 6' tall and…

Submitted by: paddler234961 on 5/17/2013
If you are near 6' tall and have a shoe size bigger than a 6? THIS IS NOT YOUR KAYAK !!There is NO room for my legs and feet. I've had other kayaks and this Trophy 126 is like PADDLING A BRICK. The front compartment is small an is NOT watertight. The fishing pole holders are mounted BEHIND you. Are you going to TROLL from a kayak?

I bought mine in 2009 and…

Submitted by: paddler235001 on 5/15/2013
I bought mine in 2009 and like it as well as everyone else, after adding a rod holder and small fish finder (battery powered) on the front.

As for the 'watertight' bulkhead - it's not. The silicone sealer doesn't adhere to the plastic hull well, even after I added more. My solution was to buy several kid's inflatable balls around 10" and stuff them in the bow and stern. Flotation bags for about $2 apiece and I can adjust the pressure/fit according to where I am (coast or high lakes).


We had purchased two…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/8/2013
We had purchased two Pathfinders Kayaks .. we took them out on the 4th of May... I got into mine it was wobbly, but I maintained my balance.. My husband got into his and he almost flipped over.. He got out was really disappointed... The weather was great.. and I said lets just take them back and get different ones.. So we did, returned to Dicks in Puyallup, WA. We explained, look we have a blow up Kayak and we felt more safer in that, then these pathfinders .. So their salesperson Maverick helped us out, he said these will do the trick . We bought the Trophy 126 and we never felt so safe, we took them out on Sunday the 5th of may out on the river, they held up with all the boats and jetskis buzzing around... And I love fishing - can't wait to buy some gear, and go fishing... and we do have the rubber cover compartments... they work out great!!!

Very happy with this boat. I…

Submitted by: paddler234930 on 3/23/2013
Very happy with this boat. I cut a piece of a plastic barrel out and riveted to the boat behind the original seat for a back rest and with a wheelchair pad for my rear i can sit all day long.

Well, I've had this boat…

Submitted by: Oldnwet on 1/2/2013
Well, I've had this boat almost 2yrs now and I'm still glad I bought this boat! Had no problems with it. Would buy one again. Would recommend to any one looking for a box store boat.

I love my Trophy 126. I…

Submitted by: lukethedrifter on 8/24/2012
I love my Trophy 126. I bought these for me and my wife and we both have taken them out on Kentucky Lake, in ponds and a number of rivers. I have a Lab that enjoys being in the boats with us. There is no trouble at all getting him in and out of the boat. Overall this is a great buy. You will not be disappointed.

Would love to give the 126 a good review, but... Bought this at…

Submitted by: Carolmc55 on 7/12/2012
Would love to give the 126 a good review, but...
Bought this at Dick's because a friend has one and loves it. Very stable [a bit slow - not a big deal] and it has the sealed bulkheads. Being a novice and not a strong swimmer I wanted one that wouldn't sink if I happen to flip it.

Mine does NOT have the sealed bulkhead even though it's advertised with one. Husband went to Dick's and not one of their stock has the bulkhead and they were as stymied as we were. Called 2 other Dick's and same thing. Contacted Future Beach [only way to get to them was by fax - none of their emails, etc... work]. Someone got back to me nicely, but now can't get them to answer me again with a solution.

Plan to take back to Dick's and go with another brand.


I wish the seat was more…

Submitted by: paddler234598 on 6/18/2012
I wish the seat was more comfortable. More than 2-3 hours, and I want out. Other than that, two thumbs up!

I love this Kayak because it…

Submitted by: paddler234543 on 5/25/2012
I love this Kayak because it is great for fishing. It has a pole holder and additional holder which I use for a net. It is slow in the bay/ocean but tracks amazing. Also it is very stable and I can carry it anywhere. There is a bulge which occurs under the seat on the bottom of the boat but it does not effect your ride. Check me out fishing on the Future Beach Trophy kayak on YouTube:

As my first kayak it served me well. Very stable - i can…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/9/2012

As my first kayak it served me well.

Very stable - i can stand up in it, sit on the rear hatch cover and row,etc.

Paid a bit more than most it seems but?? That's life. $400 at Dick's.

I canoe'ed on and off over the years and after taking a few lake trips had no prob taking it on a 2 day solo trip on the Buffalo river(west Tenn). I now refer to it as my BATTLESHIP! And I keep it for beginners. I'm actually going to retro fit it with some thigh braces just to see if i can roll it.

tracking - A+
stability - A+
turning - C
Gear storage - A++ (you just cant believe how much crap u can pack in and on the thing!)
Speed - hahahahah
but its a fishing kayak so??


Bought it last summer at…

Submitted by: paddler233476 on 4/26/2012
Bought it last summer at Dicks. I use it primarily as a fishing platform on the nearby lakes. I can get three rods, a small fishing bag, myself and a seat pad in it without any issues. It tracks nicely, is stable, and it came at an acceptable price. Highly recommended, especially as a first kayak for someone wanting to start out and enjoy the experience without spending a bunch of money.

A couple years ago I was…

Submitted by: paddler234057 on 4/11/2012
A couple years ago I was looking to buy a kayak and saw the Trophy 126 on sale at a local sporting goods store. It looked like a very nice kayak with nice storage space in the smaller front hatch and in the hatch behind the seat plus the bungees. So I bought it and took it out paddling and thought it was ok. Yes, my feet and legs we cramped a little and my butt hurt after about two hours of paddling... but I thought that was normal. (Come to find out after buying a much better quality kayak, this is not normal). This small kayak tracks ok (not great but ok), but is on the slow side. This kayak does have adjustable foot pegs too.

So as of January 2011, I bought a Tarpon 120 and have something to compare the Trophy 126 against. It's like comparing a Cadillac to a Chevette. I feel you are better off buying a more expensive better kayak than a cheaper one (Trophy 126) the first time around. If you plan on keeping your kayak, I would recommend spending a couple hundred dollars more on a better kayak b/c you will be so much more happier with the comfort, speed and tracking of the yak.


My Future Beach Trophy 126…

Submitted by: Kathy41449 on 3/20/2012
My Future Beach Trophy 126 was a birthday present and I could not have ever been more pleased. It was purchased at Dick's on sale. I love the stability and have never felt the least bit nervous when in this Kayak. It is not terribly affected by the waves and if you add a skirt then you are snug as a bug. I have not found the seat to be the least bit uncomfortable and since I have only size 7 feet, the foot room has been fine also. I just wish it was a little lighter. We use it for primitive camping and can fit a significant amount of gear on the kayak. We love our. Oh yes, the person who gave me mine, tried it once and went out and bought himself one, so now we match!!!

Bought one in 2011. Overall…

Submitted by: paddler234448 on 3/7/2012
Bought one in 2011. Overall great kayak for the price. Paddles nice and very stable (never had a sense of tipping in choppy water/windy days). I'm 5'11" and 200+pounds. I fit snugly with my fishing gear. I'd say if you have feet bigger than size 11, it may be uncomfortable for you. Great for short trips on calm waters. I'd invest in a seat upgrade if there's one out there, for longer trips. Numbness sets in about after 2.5 hours (for me anyways).

I bought this kayak last…

Submitted by: paddler234438 on 2/22/2012
I bought this kayak last spring and used it a ton! I love the stability and storage, but don't like the seat, and foot clearance. I adjusted the foot rests to make it more comfortable, but I still get some cramps in my feet when paddling a long distance. When fishing I usually hang my feet out the sides and let them rest in the water. I took the seat out completely and now use a nicer canoe seat with back, and that pretty much resolved the problem.

Overall I would recommend this kayak, but I would also suggest looking into other yaks with a bigger cockpits if you're going to use it for mostly fishing. Sometimes it can get a little cramped if you are not well organized.


I own 2 Future Beach Trophy…

Submitted by: paddler234389 on 12/27/2011
I own 2 Future Beach Trophy 126 kayaks and I love both of them. Very affordable. They track good and are VERY stable. I fish and explore in mine. The only thing this kayak needs is more padding in the seat. I usually use a couple of seat cushions (one under me and one behind my back when going out for several hours. A better padded seat would be a nice option for Future Beach to start selling. I know I would buy a couple of them.

This is my first kayak and…

Submitted by: paddler234228 on 8/17/2011
This is my first kayak and the Future Beach Trophy 126 is a great kayak for the price and I could sum it up in 9 words:
More foot room!
More foot room!
More foot room!
I said I could sum it up that way but will say more:

The Future Beach Trophy 126 paddles easy, glides nicely and tracks well. It has plenty of features usually seen in higher priced kayaks. The seat is OK for about 1.5 ± hours. Our first time out was for almost 2 hours and it was reasonably comfortable for that time. Our second time out was over 4 hours and it started getting uncomfortable at the halfway point. As mentioned earlier I think the Trophy 126 needs more room for my feet. I am 6' tall, weigh 218 lbs and wear size 11.5 shoes, not exactly giant feet and I my feet are pretty cramped in this kayak.

With my size I can get in and out pretty good, the cockpit size is adequate for a recreational Kayak but could be a little longer than the 39". My wife's Future Beach Fusion has a 46" cockpit and I wish mine was similar especially considering how I have to twist my feet around to fit inside.

I paid $269 for this well built and feature laden kayak. With a little more foot room and a little better seat it would be the perfect kayak for recreational paddling and fishing.


We bought 2 Trophy126 Kayaks…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/24/2011
We bought 2 Trophy126 Kayaks at Dick's. This was our fist time in a kayak and couldn't believe how easy to maneuver. They move fast with hardly any exertion. No tipping sensations at all. Very different than a canoe. My husband uses his for fishing and I use mine for nature viewing. What better way to get up-close to nature. We love them!!

First kayak I have owned.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2011
First kayak I have owned. Bought this at Dick's. This boat was comfortable on a river then moved to a lake and it was a great ride. The only problem it could not keep up with the wife's. She bought Future beach 124 (forget the exact model). But I bought this mainly for fishing not racing.

I've had my Trophy 126 for a…

Submitted by: paddler234008 on 5/23/2011
I've had my Trophy 126 for a few years now and for the money, it can't be beat. The bulkhead came loose going over a shallow area, but I use dry bags anyway, so losing the "sealed" compartment only gave me more room to carry stuff. It's extremely stable and easy to control on lakes and small rivers. I'm very happy with the purchase.

Just make sure that you get…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/19/2011
Just make sure that you get one with the new Adjustable Easy Rider™ II comfort seat cushion. It turn this good value but not so comfortable kayak into a great value and very comfortable kayak. For those who already own one, Future Beach or Equinox will sell you the new seat for a reasonable price (i.e., my buddy said under $40, I think). It doesn't appear on either of the Future Beach or Equinox websites, so you must call and speak with someone directly. Just make sure that you have your American to Canadian dictionary handy when you call. ;)

Great kayak at a very good…

Submitted by: paddler233988 on 5/16/2011
Great kayak at a very good price. 300.00

I bought the kayak at Dicks…

Submitted by: paddler233967 on 5/3/2011
I bought the kayak at Dicks Sporting Goods, and then hit the lake. I was nervous at first because all the training videos on YouTube teach you what to do when the kayak flips assuming it happens a lot, but that's not the case. This kayak was plenty stable on the water on a windy day and even when boats went by. The width of the kayak is 29.5" making it stable enough to reach behind me and grab my fishing pole that was in the pole holders. Tracking was ok. You're not going to set any speed records but it gets you were you want. The weight capacity is 250 pounds and I weigh that give or take. But the kayak was just fine. I assume that the lighter you way the better it will go. Another good thing is the weight of the kayak. It is light enough for me to put it on top of my Ford Escape by myself. The only thing I didn't like about it was the seat. My life vest would get caught on it and make it ride up. Other than that this was a great buy. The Kayak was 349.99 orig 499.99 than I got the paddles for $50 and a life vest for $30. And a cup holder for like $2. I spent $432.00 on it and it has been a great buy. I got to places on the lake were non paddle boats can't go and caught 5 fish in 2 hours. I do recommend a bracket to hold the paddle. They do have the bungees you can put it in but if you want it in and out a little quicker than get the paddle holder.

I purchased this kayak (in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/21/2011
I purchased this kayak (in yellow) last summer and have loved it since. I have used it in mild rapids and it performed excellent. So my wife decided she wanted to go kayaking. I rented her a 12ft Perception which was a bit more narrow with a round hull. Throughout the 14 mile river run we often traded kayaks to compare. Her kayak was a bit faster but that didn't matter much since we were drifting in a fast river. However, Trophy 126 was by far much more stable. It also tracked incredibly well while the Perception required a bit more effort to keep it in a straight line.

All in all, the only disadvantage with the Trophy 126 was the speed, but that's because you have a wider hull cutting through the water, but that same wider hull is what gives the Trophy 126 its incredible stability making it more versatile, for drifting down the river to fishing along the coast, or just paddling at the lake. I am currently in the process of purchasing my second Trophy 126 (probably the orange one).


This is my first Yak. Bought…

Submitted by: Oldnwet on 2/10/2011
This is my first Yak. Bought it at Dicks after renting others. After being in more expensive boats I was really pleased with this boat. The seat lacks on the bottom, but I added a gel insert and that has helped. Tracks better than my wife's Perception. I'm 235 and 6 ft. Boat has great storage. Great boat for the money!

Bought this kayak at Dicks.…

Submitted by: paddler233619 on 6/2/2010
Bought this kayak at Dicks. Thought it would make a handy fishing boat. I own 3 other kayaks, but this is the 1st F.B. I am impressed how heavy built this thing is, and yes it is heavy for a 10fter. My main complaint is lack of foot room. I can't understand why the people at Future Beach just don't make these things a little taller in the front.

With that said, for a modest price you will get one tuff, stable kayak with a lot of features you'll only find on more expensive might also find you'll want a little more padding on the seat


The Trophy 126 is my first…

Submitted by: paddler233584 on 5/13/2010
The Trophy 126 is my first kayak, and I had done a lot of research before buying--which mostly just served to scare me and convince me that kayaking was difficult and frustrating.

To my surprise, the Trophy 126 is none of those things! It is AMAZINGLY stable at rest, even in choppy waters--I leaned it to the point of the coaming touching the water with no problems. Leaning it is a bit of a chore in the first place; the dihedral hull is very stable, and resists tipping well. I never have to pay attention to my body position while I'm fishing or fooling around.

As this is my first kayak, I can't say anything regarding speed. It goes as fast as I think it should, and I was pleasantly surprised in this area. Tracking is dead-on; waves and high wind may shift it laterally just a little (not noticeable unless you're specifically looking for it), but never causes the 'yak to change its heading. It's such a joy to paddle in that fishing is now an afterthought. I just spend most of my time gliding around the water!

I'm also very impressed with the cargo capacity. The front hatch isn't much to scream about--it holds my GPS and emergency supplies--but the back hatch opens up into the rear bulkhead, and about a full third of the kayak can be packed full. Holds my rod, tackle box, backpacking tent, a small dry sack, and still isn't half full. Easily could be a weekender 'yak.

The rod mounts are in a good spot, I think, behind the seat and angled outward. They're easy enough to reach, and just right for trolling. My only gripe is that the flush-mount holders won't accommodate a fly rod. Not to worry, 'cause there's plenty of room in the cockpit!

Speaking of which, I'm a 6'0" guy at 185lbs, and there is legroom to spare! I can stretch my legs and feet all the way out, and there's still room!

In all, I'm VERY happy with my purchase. I'll add some more accessories as I get settled in, but I've already been out on it five times and haven't really felt I was missing anything. $300 on sale at Dick's made it a steal!


I got one today at Dick's for…

Submitted by: paddler233535 on 4/12/2010
I got one today at Dick's for $349. I have never Kayak'd before, only been on a canoe. I was in it for over an hour....went where it was pointed and was easy to handle.....I'm using it for 70% fishing.....and I'm happy. Granted it's not as fast as other kayaks out there but if you're fishing..this might be the yak for you.

This is my first Kayak and I…

Submitted by: paddler233322 on 8/24/2009
This is my first Kayak and I had it out for the first time. Absolutely no problems. This Kayak tracked perfectly, was incredibly stable and cut water pretty well. I was able to keep up with a friend of mine that was in a 14' kayak. I don't have much to compare it to, but it seemed extremely comfortable. I was in it for 3 hours fishing, and cruising around.

I've purchased the Trophy 126…

Submitted by: paddler233309 on 8/14/2009
I've purchased the Trophy 126 on a whim, to get into the water. Normally I'd research. But this kayak has been great on calm water, and in class 1 and 2 rivers. I've exceeded the weight limit with camping gear and I had no problem carrying me to camp. Max.250, loaded approx. 285 lbs. Some problems have been known with the larger version but none with the 126. Bulkhead remained sealed, and with the right paddles, and technique, it's fairly speedy. Future Beach recommends you don't take rapids, but I have. It's tough, and I've seen other brands with cracks afterwords. If you camp there's no substitute. It held my tent, sleeping bag/pad, lantern, clothing, food, gun, and many extras. No problem.