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This yak felt cheap and for how large cockpit was it still was cramped in all the places it counts. I'm 6'1 250lbs and wear a size 10 Shoe. Couldn't get my feet comfy no matter how I tried. My legs didn't fit and it felt awkward entire time I was in it. I was using my friends backup buddy yak that he bought for 100 bucks at yard sale... I think he overpaid. This boat felt shotty and was. I would recommend another kayak.

OK for starters I rented this kayak with no seat. If it had a seat with a back I may have reviewed higher. But it was very uncomfortable to have no back support. That is main bad point. For most part I really enjoyed the fact that it can go either solo or tandem. I was able to get it moving pretty well solo and it wasn't bad with tracking. My daughter enjoyed riding on it with me as well. I would definitely recommend as a good first kayak or summer fun maker... Just get a seat for it