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Name: Oldnwet

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This has been a great Yak for the money. Tracks straight, great storage, not heavy, and I think it would sink before it would roll! I have had this boat for over 4 yrs and have had. O problems with it. I'm 6ft 230 lbs and it fits me well. Gave this boat a 9 because the seat stinks! Rough eve with a gel cell. Would recommend this boat to anyone for fishing or just to put around in.

This is a great little boat for first timers. I have had no problems with it over the last 3 years other than the seat. Not enough support for someone of my weight. It tracks straight,and I think I would sink it first before I could roll it! Storage is good with plenty behind me and a nice hatch in front where I keep my wallet and such while I'm out in it. I have been in a few other boats that are a lot more expensive and this one is a good bang for the buck.

Well, I've had this boat almost 2yrs now and I'm still glad I bought this boat! Had no problems with it. Would buy one again. Would recommend to any one looking for a box store boat.

This is my first Yak. Bought it at Dicks after renting others. After being in more expensive boats I was really pleased with this boat. The seat lacks on the bottom, but I added a gel insert and that has helped. Tracks better than my wife's Perception. I'm 235 and 6 ft. Boat has great storage. Great boat for the money!