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Name: ChadPad

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The Trophy 126 is a great, affordable recreational kayak.. It's only claim as an angler kayak is the cheap tackle box, rod holders and dihedral hull for stability. With minor modifications you can turn this into a true angling vessel. I purchased railblaza & yakattack rail mounts and installed them on the cockpit lip around the console area. These allow me to plug and play with rod holders, gps/fish finders, camera mounts and cup holders. Purchasing a yakattack build a crate offers more accessible storage while on the water. Rods will stay tight in the holders with a bungie cord and carabiners are helpful to secure most other gear (small cooler, dry bags, etc...) The dihedral hull helps keep the kayak stable in small rapids & choppy water. I have traversed class II rapids with ease but water does splash up and into the kayak though not enough to be an issue. I am able to reach tight areas in 3"-4" of water no problem with relatively easy maneuverability. The only downsides are the stern not being a true bulkhead and the tendency for the vessel to track slightly left and right when floating in the current of a river. All in all with a little customization this kayak can be a formidable fishing vessel.