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Tucktec Folding Kayak Reviews

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ReviewEasy assembly,…

Submitted by: paddler2506176 on 12/27/2023

ReviewEasy assembly, lightweight, portable, good price . #tucktec #Tucktec2023


We have loved our Tucktecs.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/27/2023

We have loved our Tucktecs. The ease of setup and portability make it a no-brainer choice for a Mom and a young child. We can fit them in our van with all our camping gear and hit the road. We would highly recommend these folding kayaks for people looking for adventure! #tucktec #tucktec2023


We traveled from Florida to…

Submitted by: paddler2506974 on 12/27/2023

We traveled from Florida to South Carolina in our RV to pick-up our first two Tucktecs and have carried them with us wherever we go. We have since purchased a third for our Son. We have used them in rivers, lakes, canals, bays, and even the Atlantic Ocean in the Florida Keys. They are lightweight and easy to assemble and we almost always draw an audience whenever we are assembling or folding them back up. Tucktec has the best customer service in the world! I have never dealt with a company with such outstanding customer service in my life and I am 72 years old!


So excited I have ordered 2…

Submitted by: paddler2512336 on 12/27/2023

So excited I have ordered 2 of them. I've been wanting one for sometime. I have back fused so lifting my old heavy kayak with use of step stool to get it on top my vehicle is a major task. So the fact it folds up and lightweight to carry and I can stay somewhat active worth every penny #Tucktec #Tucktec2023 hope everyone eventually can get one.


Tucktec makes it possible to…

Submitted by: KayaKim on 12/27/2023

Tucktec makes it possible to store, load and haul a kayak no matter what type of housing/limited storage you may have or the not having the sort of vehicle a typical kayak requires. I am forever grateful for the freedom and flexibility my Tucktec offers. And I’m not sure if I am a bigger fan of the product or the company itself. The customer service and guaranteed satisfaction is unbeatable! Buying with total confidence is HUGE and 100% true with Tucktec. The one minor issue I had with a rivet getting loose was solved within an hour with Tucktec sending me the part AND the tool needed to repair/replace the same day. #tucktec #tucktec2023


I love being in the water,…

Submitted by: paddler2516200 on 12/27/2023

I love being in the water, it’s my happiest place. This kayak gets me out there quickly, efficiently and with little set up exertion. I know I can’t lift a kayak over my head to secure to the top of my car and this light, compact beauty ticks all the boxes for me. Thoughtfully engineered, my bright pink kayak gets me where I want to go. Each time I take her out people ask about her and can’t believe how portable and safe she is. I’ve been in her with freighters passing in the Cuyahoga River. Been in class 2 rapids on the Mohican River. Paddled on Lake Erie from the Rock and Roll HOF to the football stadium without a hitch. Gone out on a full moon night kayak too and enjoyed lighting her up for the evening. Best of all, at the end of a paddle I just wipe her down, roll her up and put her in the back of my Tucson. Now when people ask me what I’m doing after work, I just say I have to go to “an appointment” (that’s her name)! Tucktec has helped me get physically fit and gets me to my happiest place. #tucktec2023 #tucktec


I love the Tucktec kayak. I…

Submitted by: BertC on 12/27/2023

I love the Tucktec kayak. I can easily fit 2 of them in the trunk of my Hyundai Sonata. I have carried it for about 2 miles after going down a creek to get back to my car and while it is a bit of a workout it is absolutely feasible. The carrying strap is not the most comfortable but after shifting it around a bit it works. Thanks to the portability of the kayak I have been able to hike and paddle in places I would otherwise not have been able to go to. I have taken it down some minor rapids and went over rocks and it only got scratched but is very sturdy.
I love it and bought 2 more to take my kids with me. Also paddled on lakes and it is stable.
highly recommend it.


Tucktec makes it possible to…

Submitted by: paddler2504556 on 12/27/2023

Tucktec makes it possible to store, load and haul a kayak no matter what type of housing/limited storage you may have or the not having the sort of vehicle a typical kayak requires. I am forever grateful for the freedom and flexibility my Tucktec offers. And I’m not sure if I am a bigger fan of the product or the company itself. The customer service and guaranteed satisfaction is unbeatable! Buying with total confidence is HUGE and 100% true with Tucktec. #tucktec #tucktec2023


I love my #Tucktec It is…

Submitted by: paddler2504919 on 12/27/2023

I love my #Tucktec It is lightweight and portable, easy to assemble after some practice runs. I also love that it can be placed in a trunk or backseat,no need for roof rack or large vehicle. Also storage is a total bonus; fits almost anywhere. I've only had for a year but I am sooooo happy I purchased one and can't wait to get back out on the water this Summer #tucktec2023 !!!


Fantastic Kayak Option! My…

Submitted by: kyrie1966 on 12/27/2023

Fantastic Kayak Option!
My husband and I talked about buying kayaks for years, but were always put off by our lack of storage space and transportation. We considered inflatable kayaks, but they just didn't seem sturdy enough for Florida waters. When we found Tucktec we figured it was just too good to be true. Not only are they very reasonably priced, but they are easy to assemble (once you get it down, you can take the boat from a cute rolled up burrito to a sea-worthy vessel in less than 5 minutes!) and are sturdy enough to take a beating in the water. I can't recommend Tucktec enough! #Tucktec #Tucktec2023


The tucktec is the prefect…

Submitted by: paddler2705971 on 12/27/2023

The tucktec is the prefect portable Florida-yak! By now I have a fleet of 4 tucktec yaks, three different models starting with the kickstarter 2020 one, and the recent model being the latest. I paddle all year round, 1-2 weekly, and by now did probably a few hundreds miles on my tucktecs, often with friends. I often paddle in the Everglades, rivers, marshland, Mangroves, in bays and intracoastal waters and even sometimes in the gulf or Biscayne Bay with pretty choppy water. The tucktec beats any inflatable, by performance, by stability and mostly by safety, it simply takes a beating. I paddle in waters with a lot of debris, branches, rocks, gators and all kinds of things that poke your inflatable easily, never ever capsized or even felt unsafe. In a lot of aspects the tucktecs behave like real hardshells, although not that fast as they are wide, and if your get really choppy waves, splashes get over the sides, but even in close to cat 3 waters I always was able to get the water out quicker that it came in 😉 . Tucktecs are simply perfect for our Florida waters, like made for the mangrove tunnels with their only 10feet length and liftable skeg that gives great maneuverability, they super good slide over shallow water during low tide or in dry season in the marshes and are so stable you literally can't tip over. I fit 5 tuckyaks in my Pontiac torrent plus 5 people and all gear, and I often do full day trips with friends and easily enjoy a full day in a tucktec! Great products, all their models and the price is right and so much cheaper than all competitors. The seat is the weak point, but hey, even in many other yaks people do exchange the seats t aftermarket seats according to their preference and so did I. And all is US made, and uses recycled plastic, I highly recommend this product 👌


I've taken it out once.…

Submitted by: Nicholi1120 on 12/27/2023

I've taken it out once. Unfortunately I received one that did not have the skeg installed, although their listings say they are installed on all craft. It did cause me to drift a little while I was paddling. I had some minor issues with the front left side as it was sharp enough to cut my thumb. The left rear was also a little bit of a problem. There's a small plastic piece that was in just the wrong spot for my elbow. Some of the issue is due to the short paddle I was using, however, these parts are quite sharp. I may use my heat gun to roll the front part a little. I was pleased how well it handled several grass mats I had to traverse and, other then a speed boat swamping my boat a minor amount, I had a great time with my boat. I wouldn't say I'm experienced, I did get my canoeing merit badge so I have some knowledge, but that was over 3 decades ago.


I love to paddle but had no…

Submitted by: Cabrina74 on 6/28/2022

I love to paddle but had no roof racks nor storage space to accommodate a kayak. Even if I did, the challenge of lifting a boat over my head onto my car would have been prohibitive. For those reasons, I began to consider my options.

Adding roof racks and then purchasing a device to help lift a kayak would be costly, and I'd still have the storage issue. Inflatables we're my next option, but having to inflate, watch out for possible leak-creating obstacles in the water, and then deflating for storage seemed like it would take the fun out of the sport. So, on to foldable kayaks. The Oru looked easy to assemble and sleek on the water. However, the cost was prohibitive for me, and I had read that water could become trapped in the corregated plastic creating a breeding ground for mold. Enter the Tucktec.

The Tucktec Folding Kayak is about one third the cost of an Oru. The hard plastic shell is durable - no leaks and able to withstand water obstacles like rocks and tree roots. I can assemble, disassemble, and carry the Tucktec by myself, and it stores nicely in the trunk of my car. For me, the Tucktec checked off all the boxes, and I love it.


I'd like to add my…

Submitted by: brewerpaul on 5/12/2022

I'd like to add my recommendation for the Tucktec kayak for anyone who wants a very portable and storable rigid kayak for recreational paddling in calm water. Some paddlers have used them in mild rapids, but I haven't tried that yet.

My wife and I had two Pungo 120's that we loved, but at nearly 72, hauling them up onto a roof rack was becoming a real problem. Plus, I'd need a new roof rack for my new car and the expense wasn't worth it. I looked at a friends Oru which looked great, but too pricey for this retiree. I tried a highly recommended inflatable which paddled like a bathtub, and was a major pain to inflate, deflate, reinflate to dry out, etc. Back it went and we ordered two Tucktec.

I have been very impressed with this inexpensive little boat! As others have mentioned, I struggled with the first assembly. When new, the plastic is quite stiff, especially if it's cool. After flexing the fold lines a couple of times and letting the plastic warm in the sun, it's actually pretty easy to assemble.

The kayak has a retractable skeg which keeps it tracking nicely.

My only problem is the seat, as many other people have found. Personally, I find it comfortable enough, but it sits me 'way down on the bottom of the kayak. I'm 5'2" with a short torso, and the kayak is quite wide so I can't paddle efficiently without hitting the gunwale bolsters. Other users have found ways around the seats' shortcomings* and I'm investigating a few options which should pretty easily make my paddling easy and efficient. Apart from the fixable seat issues, I'd unhesitatingly give this ingenious boat 5 stars.

* There is a very active Facebook forum devoted to the Tucktec. People there have posted numerous solutions to the seat question and a ton of other topics;



The Tucktec is a great…

Submitted by: paddler1965753 on 4/29/2022

The Tucktec is a great alternative to either a more expensive folding kayak or an inflatable that needs special care to avoid punctures. I really appreciate how light, stable, and durable it is and that it can be taken in the back of the car or stored inside an RV for travel. Set up is pretty easy - it is more about learning how it wants to fold and working with it, than how strong you are - a bit plus for those of us who are not as strong as we used to be. They are roomy and yes, it does fit a dog or small child! No, it is not as fast as my narrower and longer hard shell kayaks, and is best suited for calmer waters, so it all depends on what you are looking for. For me, it is a very portable and affordable option and I plan to check it (in a golf bag) as luggage on a flight next month. Customer service is awesome; they source materials and make everything in the US and stand behind their products.


I purchased a Tucktec…

Submitted by: billie111 on 4/26/2022

I purchased a Tucktec foldable kayak so I could easily take a kayak when I go camping, and to have a convenient way to explore the many lakes, ponds, and waterways near my city.

So far, I am finding that the Tucktec kayak is very portable, stable in the water, tough, tracks well, and is reasonably priced.

It is a recreational kayak designed to be used only on quiet/ flat water up to a Class II rapids.

As a novice kayaker, I am really happy with the Tucktec kayak. It is easy to transport with the included shoulder strap and can fit in the back of my car. Their customer service is exceptional, and their Facebook page has a very active, helpful, and friendly community of Tucktec customers.

Some Tucktec owners have commented on the seat, and have replaced theirs with a stadium seat.

I am Ok with the seat, but did add a gel cushion for more comfort.

Many new owners have commented on having to work a bit when folding the kayak for the first time.

I struggled getting the kayak together the first time as well, but it still only took me 20 minutes to have a functional kayak.

After that initial fold, the second time only took me 10 minutes, and was much easier. As the folds become more pliable, it will be quite manageable to assemble it in 5 minutes or less.


seat very uncomfortable.…

Submitted by: paddler1952111 on 4/18/2022

seat very uncomfortable. Putting together can be rough if you are not super strength, I got because light weight and looked like it would be easy. Having had several cervical surgeries my strength is just so-so. I found it difficult. Comfort sucked, and returns mean you pay your own return shipping and they deduct how much they paid for shipping on their end which makes it an expensive try if you are not sure. The bar they added for stabilization to attach gear to does not stay put. I think it is a great idea, but I think there is still more fine tuning that needs to be done with this product.


I love my tucktecs! I live…

Submitted by: Widowds on 9/27/2021

I love my tucktecs! I live full time in my motorhome and the small storage space needed to store my boats allow me to participate in paddling whereas I am unable to carry regular hard kayaks along.


I love it! A durable…

Submitted by: paddler1214922 on 2/26/2021
I love it! A durable hard-shell kayak that folds down into a nice compact kayak I can easily transport in the trunk of my car. Can even fit 5 of them in the trunk of my minivan with all the seats still up. Much faster to set up or pack up than an inflatable. Works really well! Only thing that comes close is several times the price. Can't beat the Tucktec if you have limited space to store a boat

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