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Name: dcowell65

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This is my first touring boat so make of this review what you will based on my experience.
I started out with a cheap recreational kayak to log some miles and figure out what I wanted to actually spend money on.
I eventually decided that being able to go on an extended adventure and maybe some ocean play seemed like the way to go, so after some shopping around I found a a good deal on this boat and it seemed like a good starting point to learn touring boats. I'm 6" tall and about 195, mid 50's and it despite what I've read on here it doesn't seem small or uncomfortable to me at all, not that these boats are designed with ultimate comfort in mind. The cockpit is plenty roomy.
I've found this boat a pleasure to paddle. It seems to track well and has very good initial stability. There is plenty of room to pack enough geat for extended trips and the hatch covers are a good size for loading things. The probably 25 year old neoprene covers under the solid hatch covers are sti in great shape and keep things dry.
This is the only boat I've paddled with a rudder and one of two complaints I would have about the boat is the sliding foot brace rudder control. It really makes it hard to hook up solid in the boat since your butt and thighs are the only stable points of contact. My other complaint is the weight, which isn't out of line for a rotomolded boat and wouldn't be bad if I wasn't always loading it on top of the canopy of a 4x4 truck.
I really think anyone that found a decent deal on a used one of these boats would love it.
I am planning on a more rigid boat next, be it thermoformed, wood, glass or other composite, but this is a great boat and unlike my initial plans when I bought this, I don't think I'll be selling it when I do vet ready to spend a but more on my next touring boat.

I've had the boat for a couple years now and love it. I'm ready to upgrade, but I will keep this one also. As for it being a fishing kayak, it has two rod holders behind you and a cheap plastic tackle box. The extra space in front of the cockpit for the tacklebox is handy, but the only real fishing feature is the stability. This boat is very stable. I've had it in the Columbia and the Willamette rivers, Scappoose bay, numerous lakes and a few waterways I'm not remembering. It has been a fantastic first boat. It is roomy enough for a 6' tall, 250 pound man. This is a top notch kayak in this price range and should last anyone many years. Now my problem is I want a nice sit on top fishing kayak AND a sea / touring kayak!