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Name: Sugar106

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First seen this at canoecopia show in Madison. Wi. This system us awesome. All components are very well made and thoughtfully engineered .   If you want a roof rack system that will ease your kayak up and be secure, this is it. Of course, once rack is mounted, you will not want to take it off, so downfall if you only use your kayak rack a few days per year.   

No need for heavy lifting and balancing your kayak when by yourself, and no more near missed or roof scratches on the car.
It is priced a little higher then other options,and  for that I take away one star.
Overall, you will not be disappointed by materials or ease of use.

Boat is well made with one of the better finishes if you like a clean shiny boat.  Easy to use and fairly lightweight if you need to lift it on to overhead roof rack. Tracks very well for that size boat. Using it on rivers and lakes, you will be happy in the size, comfort and handling.

Talk about easy, this boat can be put together fast and secure in a few minutes. When you are ready to go home, it simply unsnap and all parts easily go into back of SUV, truck etc. Well made and ready for decades of use on the water. Tracks well and  will do very well for recreational paddling

This was my first and maybe last time I ever build a boat. This seem straightforward, but instruction book had some very vague spots and pictures were small so this did not turn out very well. It has been in process now for over two years and it may not ever see water at this point. There is not one single part labeled, so you need to guess at all the wood parts, use some tiny photo and vague instructions to estimate what to do next.

This heavy duty plastic kayak is rock steady! Although it is heavier then some, about 53#, the quality is built to last. Can be dragged over rocky beaches, good handles and great hatches. Plenty of storage space to go camp for a week. Can stand up to fish even in wavy water.