by Gregg Jackson

“What would it take to make photographing from a kayak or canoe a pleasure?” The answer was a waterproof camera that could be mounted on my head and voice-controlled.

It's true, paddlers have been practicing social distancing way before it was cool (and necessary). Show off your social-distancing skills and your enthusiasm for kayaking with this t-shirt.

Remember that button down shirt with the weird stripes that you got from Aunt Joyce last Christmas that still has the tags on it? Don't make the mistake of not prepping your Christmas List again this year. Here's a few products to look over and send Aunt Joyce's way.

November 13-29, paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts have a chance to bid on amazing experiences and gear, for a good cause: supporting Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) stewardship and programming.

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I’m replacing a wood seat, thwart, and yoke in a royalex canoe. I’ll need to trim the yoke and thwart to fit, and then drill holes for the bolts.

Trip Spotlight

by Nm1
[Conowingo, Maryland] - Nice 3.25 mile float trip that took about 4 hours. Water level was a bit low but the still able to be done. If it was high the trip would have been quicker.

Product Spotlights

by Placid Boatworks


"I was excited to acquire a 2 year-old Rapidfire within 12 miles of home, after reading and hearing so many great things about them."

by Delta Kayaks


"Beautiful kayak that tracks well in flat water and is a blast in even class 2 water! Only rating it a 4 star because I've only had it for a month..."

by Fishell Paddles


"My experience with Fishell paddles goes back multiple years as a counselor at a summer camp called Camp Hurontario on the Georgian Bay...."

by Innova Kayak


"My wife and I love the Innova Swing II. The materials are rugged, the boat paddles easily, and best of all, it packs up small for vacation trips."

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Elizabeth Pedrick - Green River, Saluda, NC

Each week a winning photo will be selected from the many pictures that have been submitted by paddlers around the world!

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Ask ten different people and you'll likely get ten different answers. But all will agree that for them, paddle fishing is the only way to go. I'll attempt to focus on just a few reasons why many people have chosen to embrace this sport.

I was once asked, "What's the big attraction?" with regard to canoeing in the Canadian rivers. Here's the summary of my 30-minute dissertation.

Finding the best fishing canoe starts by knowing which type of fishing canoe you prefer. This guide will breakdown the best fishing canoes into the best overall, square stern, solo, and tandem fishing canoes.

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What are some of the most underrated rivers/lakes? They could be underrated because there are more popular rivers/lakes nearby, or might be difficult to access.
I’ll go first.
  1. You don’t see any more turtles
  2. The dog loses her enthusiasm to fetch sticks out of the river
  3. The water temp drops by one degree per day
The COVID-19 situation where I live has been slowly but continuously getting worse the last few months, so I’m expecting to spend a lot of time at home this winter and I’m worried about going a bit stir crazy. I saw the idea of building my own Greenland paddle, and that seemed like it...

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Is using a double blade paddle for your canoe considered blasphemy? Watch this first impression of canoe paddling a double blade to learn when to consider using one.

In tribute to growing up, two friends tandem packraft 315 miles of the Hudson River from source to sea in record time. A journey that starts in the Adirondack’s whitewater and finishes at the Statue of Liberty.

Paddling in the ocean or open water is an experience that every paddler should have at some point in their life. Here's 8 open water kayaking trips that span the globe to get you started.

Product Spotlights

by Zaveral Racing Equipment


"I have used ZRE paddles for my racing SUP for years, and recently for my high performance canoe and OC-1 outrigger."

by Neris Folding Kayaks


"I wanted to wait to write a review until I had something substantive to say—something coming from experience in..."

by Current Designs


"I have a 1995 GTHV that I have owned since 1996 and I have never tired of paddling this kayak. It is a comfortable, stable..."

by Mitchell Paddles


"I've had this wonderful paddle for 14 years. It takes time spent in my kayak to a new level of enjoyment."

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Two paddlers on sit-on-top kayaks got into deep trouble while paddling off the extremely rugged coast of Anacapa Island, CA. The USCG launched a 45-foot Response Boat-Medium and a MH-65 Dolphin helicopter to perform the rescue.

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When a situation occurs while paddling in a group, conditions don't stop. Learn some pointers on how to handle, respond, and be aware when something happens.

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