Learn some basic playboating moves. In this video, Eric Jackson demonstrates and explains how to control your boat with no paddle, clean spin, and roundhouse to take your wave surfing to the next level.

This quick exercise routine targets the shoulder muscles, essential for all paddling maneuvers. This shoulder exercise routine is designed to build endurance, muscle, balance and coordination.

Paddling with your dog is a great way to bond and enjoy the outdoors together. In this video, Jess with Oru Kayak shares a few tips and easy steps for getting your dog on the water for a safe and enjoyable kayak trip.

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I’m currently putting the kayak in my car and pushing it all the way to the windshield... My kayak is 13 feet. I’d like to just be able to lay the kayak in the bed and use a bed extender like the t-bone to give me more stability/support on the kayak.My question is, is the 4.5 foot bed enough support on the kayak to avoid deforming it over short distances generally less than 40 minutes…

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Sea Eagle Inflatables
I purchased my Sea Eagle SE 330 sport kayak several years ago and it is still going strong.I love the portability and the fact I can be ready to…

Conduit 13.0

This is pretty much the best sit-in kayak for the money if you ask me. I own several kayaks that cost much more than this one and still feel that it…
The Thule Hullavator Lift assist is an excellent kayak roof loading contraption. I watched videos of old ladies like myself operate this ingenious…

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Trip Spotlight

With over 12,000 square miles of water, Florida has enough water to paddle for a lifetime! And with some of the most unique waterways in the US, you're sure to be impressed with the scenery Florida has to offer!

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by ​Wayne Horodowich

While down sizing the books in my den, I came across one of my many logbooks. I opened it up and began to read of my early adventures in kayaking. It was a nice trip down memory lane. Then I began to reflect upon the values of keeping a logbook.

In this video, Alex of Northern Scavenger talks about the benefits and disadvantages of having skid plates on your canoe. He then demonstrates the entire installation process.

In this video, the team at Austin Kayak show you how to rebuild your keel if you have created a hole from dragging the back of the kayak across the ground. With a few tools from the local hardware store and some extra plastic, you can easily complete the rebuild process in 1-2 hours on your own.

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Bill Snellings - Little Gut off Bailey Island, Harpswell, ME

Each week a winning photo will be selected from the many pictures that have been submitted by paddlers around the world!

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by Tom Watson

For blue water paddlers, a good pair of paddling gloves is a standard piece of gear/wardrobe. Perhaps not always worn, but seldom left behind. Typically our hands are challenged by friction/grip, temperature of the air, windage, spray and other sources of wetness and the eventual immersion of the entire hand.

This video from Luke (aka Kayak Hipster) is a follow up on the discussion of things that always live in our kayaks. Luke discusses kayaking in different regions, the importance of having some sort of paddling community, and considerations when storing gear.

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I’m an endurance cyclist looking to take my lower body fitness to offshore waters with a touring-oriented pedal kayak. I live in Michigan and would like to build up experience to some day tour many of the islands in the Great Lakes by pedal power. The problem is, it appears there are no sit-in touring-oriented pedal kayaks on the market. Why is this?
Looking for uses, ideas, or suggestions for how to dock your kayak (canoe too) to exit at a low or floating dock. I more commonly just beach it, but every so often there’s nothing but a dock to hop out onto and attach the kayak to temporarily.
Please share your year and aspirations for 2022. My recollections come straight off my calendar (river log).
2021 year in review: 86 days of paddling, with all paddling being done on day trips. On most days I went just a few miles, 472 miles all together....

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In this video, Ken Whiting of PaddleTV is talking about how to care for the latex gaskets on your dry wear. Drysuits, dry tops, dry pants, and any dry wear are big investments. They do an incredible job of keeping you dry in cold conditions, but if one of your gaskets fails, your dry wear is wet wear. And so there are some simple things you can do to protect your gaskets from failing, and that's what we're gonna look at.

by Luke Rovner (Kayak Hipster)

Gliding through glass on a crisp, winter morning can be an experience like no other. Whether we’re extending our paddling season, or seeking out remote, chilly destinations, cold-weather paddling comes with much higher risks than paddling in warm weather. This short guide will showcase a couple of items and areas to consider when paddling in cold temperatures.

In this video, Chad Hoover shows you how to quickly fix the hull of your fishing kayak. All you need is a spoon, a propane torch, and a glass of water to get rid of gouges and scratches on your kayak.

Product Review Spotlights

Enduro 12

Riot Kayaks
Great wee tourer, the seat back rest isn't very stable ,comes loose as soon as you get in the boat , plus my enduro hull came oil canned but ill fix…
Nice, basic base layer top to keep you warm in the winter or can be used alone on a warm sunny day. The fabric is soft, breathable, and wicks away…

Deck Pod

Gearlab Outdoors
Nice small bag. Good quality. I use it as my hydration pack on nearly every trip and it works well for that. I have had to workout a system to clip…

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If there are times that you can't kayak as much as you would like due to an injury or because the weather's not great, there are still things that you can do to become a better kayaker. Lex, the Paddlin' Dutchman, shares five things you can do to stay on top of your game.

Whether you paddle with a group or you enjoy paddling solo, there may come a time where you would need to do a solo recovery. Even if you can roll, the day may come where your roll doesn't work for whatever reason. Following this "what if" reasoning, sooner or later you will be in the water and you will need to get back into your kayak. There are a number of alternative ways of doing this and many of them require some type of floatation device.

by KayakHipster

Since the last fishing video, which was my first kayak fishing video, I've been out on super early mornings, stayed out on late evenings, been out in some passing rains a couple of times, and then chased away by big storms as well. But overall, every time, it still continues to be a fantastic reason to be out on the water. For this video, I'm putting together some highlights from recent outings, as well as some updates and takeaways.

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Learn some basic playboating moves. In this video, Eric Jackson demonstrates and explains how to control…

In this video, Chad Hoover explains why the Gary Yamamoto Senko is the best bass fishing lure ever.

King Salmon and all of the salmon in the Pacific Northwest play a fundamental role in our forests'…

Paddling with your dog is a great way to bond and enjoy the outdoors together. In this video, Jess with…