I was so lucky to join a group of friends on a weeklong adventure down the Allagash waterway in Maine. My goal was to truly embrace what the waterway has to offer in the time I was on her and to try and film and document some of the wildlife in a way that is not often done here.

by ​Wayne Horodowich

Especially when you are new to kayaking, you quickly notice the abundance of contradicting opinions in kayaking equipment and paddling advice. I enjoy these apparent contradictions because it makes people think. So, who's right?

Whether you are paddling near a lake, river, pond, or the ocean, one of the most important skills to learn for is how to choose an appropriate paddling location. By knowing what to look for and what to avoid, you'll stay safe and ensure that your paddling experience is fun for everyone involved.

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Anyway, I see my neighbor this morning working on a canoe in his driveway and wandered over to find out what he was doing... I asked what he was going to do with it and he said, probably sell it. So, too long of a story short we walked it over to my house. How to explain this to the wife now???

Trip Spotlight

by LepreSean

[Heflin, AL] - Put in at Tallapoosa River Outfitters in Heflin, parked a car there. Parked a second car where we took out at Alexander City boat ramp at the north end of Lake Martin. Total trip is something over 100 river miles, not really sure. Took 2 canoes, 4 total people...

Product Review Spotlights

The Catch 100

Pelican International
I have had the Catch 100 for a little over a year now and love it. 95% of the time its used for fishing. I tried it on the Mulberry River in Arkansas…
My first kayak; and one I shall keep for the foreseeable future. I chose a relatively light and expensive first boat, because I'm too old (52) to…

Delta 14

Delta Kayaks
I bought this model to use in open water and a nearby lake. It gets up to speed very well. The retractable rudder is an asset. We get a lot of…

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by American Rivers

This river is our umbilical cord. What feeds us, what nurtures us. This reciprocal relationship that we have with it. I would do anything for this river, just like I would my own children. I would die for it, I would do anything before I would give up on it.

by Kayak Hipster

This question comes up often, and since I was in the process of updating my storage setup, here's a couple of hopefully helpful tips when you're storing your kayaks.

by Ken Whiting

Holes provide your most formidable challenge when running a rapid. More often than not, the line you pick through a rapid will take you around the holes, but sometimes this just isn't an option. We're going to take a quick look at what your best options are when an encounter with a hole is inevitable.

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Mike Giosa - Lake Nockamixon, Bucks County, PA

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by Kevin Callan

You'd think choosing a canoe pack, since it's only generally used for carrying a large volume of gear for a short period of time, would be quite simplistic. It's the complete opposite, however. Here's a general breakdown.

Curious what the most popular kayaks of 2020 have been? Now that the year is wrapping up, we can finally tally it up and share our findings. Here are the most popular, most viewed kayaks by the largest paddlesports community for 2020.

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I’ve been researching paddlers clothing and have decided a semi-dry suit best suits my needs. I really don’t want a full dry suit as I’m worried the latex neck gasket will be too uncomfortable...
Aging gracefully behind the paddle. I was on a hike in the North Cascades in early November and had a conversation with a fellow 62-year-old. We were discussing aging gracefully and how our minds thought...
Hi: Looking for advice about a lightweight kayaks. I am a 64 year old woman, have kayaked for about 15 years- mostly lakes and rivers but some ocean, occasional camping out of kayaks...

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"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me..."

Check out the Christmas spirit, superb taste in paddlesports products, and lyrical genius with this rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas.

by Anne Desjardins

I have been exploring all sorts of recipes in order to come up with original easy-to-make treats that will keep for at least one month. This kind of gift is especially nice for paddlers because on a kayak or canoe trip, good food is usually something one really craves.

If as an adult you have never been on a bicycle, you can’t get on it and know how to ride it. But people think they can buy a canoe or kayak and know what to do. Here are 12 tips to be aware of before you hit the water.

Product Review Spotlights

Best pedal drive fishing kayak on the market hands down!

Stellar 18' Touring Kayak (S18)

Stellar Kayaks and Surfskis
I am managing a kayak club with 30+ kayaks. The Stellar S18 kayak is the best kayak in our fleet of sea kayaks. Even paddlers who prefer British…
I absolutely love my Kalleq greenland paddle. It is very light yet very solid feeling. The ferrule system is rock solid and not noticeable when doing…

Delta 15s

Delta Kayaks
After paddling a Delta 12S for several years, I decided to upgrade to a 15S for the added cargo capacity and speed and what a delight it's been. Like…

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by Moulton Avery
The purpose of cold water gear is to keep you warm while paddling, but more importantly, to protect you from cold shock, incapacitation, and hypothermia in the event of a capsize. Learn the essentials to cold water gear.

With a variety of sizes ranging from 5L to 55L, these dry bags will keep your contents safe, protected, and arid. And with price topping out at $40, they make for an excellent Christmas gift (or replacement stocking), too!