by Genna Dauphinee

Fathers play such a large role in our lives, they support us through the ups and downs, teach us skills like how to ride our bike or change a tire, and while my father did teach me those things, more importantly, he taught me how to kayak.

Every year, Amazon takes a day (or two) to make some exclusive deals available to Amazon Prime members. This year, there's even some deals for paddlers, including lightning deals that only last for a short time.

by Anna Levesque

As kayakers we have the unique ability to spend a lot of time close to water and observe the qualities and energies of her currents firsthand. That's why I like to call what I've learned from water 'The Yoga of Kayaking.'

In a perfect world, your new kayak would glide through the years without a scratch or dent. But we all know that, in reality, things happen, boats take a beating, and even in the best of circumstances some occasional maintenance is necessary.

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I took my seakayak to Puget Sound, one time, and paddled some protected bays. Saw lots of things I’d never get to see paddling on lakes. Sea otters, seals, giant jellyfish, starfish, etc... Any of you do any salt water canoeing like that?

Trip Spotlight

by Pertribe135

[Sequim, WA] - Launched from Cline Spit County Park into Dungeness Harbor with a couple friends. Paddled around the end of Cline Spit and Graveyard Spit (named from an intertribal battle that took place in 1868) into Dungeness Bay. A really beautiful place we’ve paddled many times over the years.

Product Review Spotlights

Ray Special

Fishell Paddles
I received my Fishell Walnut oil finished paddle. The skill and craftsmanship that Greg possesses is obvious in the design, balance, and feel of…

Delta 12.10

Delta Kayaks
I purchased the 12.10 almost 10 years ago to the day. I paddle mostly twisty rivers but also wanted something that I would feel comfortable taking…


Placid Boatworks
Recently received my Placid Shadow in the Ultra Lightweight construction. The hull finish inside and out is the best I've seen on a canoe. The boat…

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by Jeff Moag

A cell phone in a waterproof pouch might have made the difference. Or if he’d chosen his paddleboard that day, rather than the sit-inside kayak that filled with water when capsized. Perhaps if the wind had been calm or the current hadn’t been running so strongly, David Schink would have come home cheerful and energized, as he did almost every day after paddling.

by Doug Wipper

When it comes to canoes, it's important that the shape suits the use. Learn how hull shape, rocker, and bow shape can help you select the right shaped canoe for you.

Proper storage for your SUP is critical in protecting it when not in use. You'd be surprised at how many different ideas and options you have for SUP storage. From freestanding racks to hoister systems to wall racks or protective covers, you're sure to find an option or two that work for your storage needs!

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Jeff Norberg - Jim Lake and Jim Creek Palmer, Alaska

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Fishing Articles

by Chad Hoover

Fishing success if often defined by how many fish you catch. I recommend that you adjust your thought process and approach to defining fishing success so that you can treat fishing as a process and journey that is ongoing.

Spoiler alert: There aren’t any kayakers in this video. But it does feature an amazing annual natural phenomenon that only takes place at our favorite local kayaking spot.

Especially when we are talking about pedal kayaks, price is relative. Generally, pedal kayaks are more pricey than a comparable paddle kayak but that doesn't mean you can't find a great option to match your needs.

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…or not a switch necessarily but, started canoeing after lots of years and experience with kayaks. I’ve been kayaking (sea) for 35 years or so. For several reasons, I am considering taking up canoeing in the next few years.
I am a big dude with lots of upper body at 6’1 and 225. I’ve been trying to increase my skill and spend most of my time in boats with a 23-24” beam. I’m talking large touring sea kayaks... Anyone else built like me have wisdom to impart?
So my question is: are there any out of production kayak models you really enjoyed “back in the day” that you would consider to be as good as today’s boats, and why? You don’t have to go back far in time; just any boat that is no longer in production, that you wished still was.

Featured Articles

GoPro Awards recipient Matthias Weger embarks on a trip with his friends to kayak the Indus River in Pakistan. Get a taste for the beauty of the Indus River and witness the joy that these kayakers had running it!

by Kayak Hipster

If you are wanting to branch out and explore kayaking destinations farther than a car ride away, here are a couple of logistical and gear considerations that might help you to travel and kayak far away from home.

Roll your kayak effortlessly with the use of a kayak cart. Once you have one, you'll wonder how you ever managed without! Especially if you are rolling a fully loaded kayak or fishing kayak with all your gear. These carts are stable with plenty of ground clearance if you need it!

Product Review Spotlights


Kaku Kayak
First and foremost, this kayak was designed and engineered to be a fishing machine. It is big and somewhat heavy, but it is superior in stability. I…

Intrepid LV SILV

Stellar Kayaks and Surfskis
This kayak is a dream. I'd say it's slightly more advanced than intermediate due to the narrow beam and hard chines. The narrow beam also limits the…

Sirona 16-4

Valley Sea Kayaks
I've had the Sirona for 3 month now, and have a little more than 250km in it. Sea and lake, various winds, waves and flat water. Compared to my…

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Featured Articles

Watch in awe as Spanish kayaker Aniol Serrasolses descends more than 25 kilometers by kayak from Chile's snowy Volcano summit in the Araucanía region, through a forest culminating into a lake where he also manages to pull off the world’s first world’s first double kickflip on a kayak!

Tandem kayaks, or doubles, are a great way for two people to get out on the water together. Watch or read on to learn more about tandem kayaks and how to practice paddling, navigating, and turning a tandem kayak!

by Cliff Jacobson

“One can never have too much information about a river!” And yet there we were, battered and bruised on the Berens River in Manitoba because I refused to follow my own advice.

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This is a favorite topic of mine- linking strokes and how you combine movements, maneuvers, and strokes.…

Every year, Amazon takes a day (or two) to make some exclusive deals available to Amazon Prime members.…

by Genna Dauphinee of Lendal Paddles Fathers play such a large role in our lives, they support us…

Fishing success if often defined by how many fish you catch. I recommend that you adjust your thought…