by Cliff Jacobson

In 1971, I outfitted and guided three wealthy Chicago men on a five day canoe trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of Minnesota. By the first portage, I saw the golden opportunity to teach these men some "wilderness values".

The difficulty in selecting a touring kayak in 2021 is narrowing it down to just one. You need to be careful in selecting a touring kayak that suits your size, planned distances, water types, and experience. From 12'6" all the way up to 18', here are 12 of the top-rated touring kayaks to check out.

Paddle boards come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and it's important to choose the right one, because not only will it let you get the most enjoyment for your time out on the water, but having the right board can also impact your safety on the water. That being said, narrowing down your options is actually pretty easy.

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I am interested in floating down a river not having livery service. I’m looking for advice of how to get back to the starting put-in where the car is at. I really don’t want to fight the current going back. Any suggestions or advice?

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by Wildcoast Adventures

[British Columbia, Canada] - Call of the Wild. Connect with the outdoors, wildlife (orcas and more), on a four day remote kayaking trip. The Canadian wilderness will leave you healthy, happy, and re-energized. Book Now.

Product Review Spotlights

Etain 17-7

Valley Sea Kayaks

As for the hull, I like it, immediately faster than my old Sirocco and Argonaut, but I've only been in the harbor and haven't gotten outside onto the ocean where I anticipate a little more twitchiness compared to...

Delta 12s

Delta Kayaks

I'm still learning correct paddling. I recently started edging and am fascinated by how responsive this boat is! I am really appreciating the dry storage and well thought design including adjustable foot pegs.


Kokopelli Packrafts
My background has been kayaks. Hardshell, inflatable, single, tandem, open deck, spray skirt, angler, foldable and the list goes on. A week ago my…

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by Ken Whiting

The way I like to think about paddling in busy waterways is that it's like swimming in shark-infested waters – with bigger, faster, and more powerful boats around, you're entering the water at the bottom of the food chain. In this video, I'm giving you my tips on how to safely paddle with boat traffic in multi-use waterways.

by Kayak Hipster

Can you use a Greenland Paddle in a Recreational Kayak? This is such a great question as it opens up the door to a larger conversation about different paddle types, different types of kayaks and high vs low angle paddling.

Ranging from 10' to 14', here are 11 of the best inflatable paddle boards from SUP brands like TAHE, Red Paddle Co, and Glide SUP. Read reviews from your fellow SUP enthusiasts who've been sharing their experience to help you uncover the best of the best!

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James Dinardi - Long Wharf/Jones River, Gloucester, MA

Each week a winning photo will be selected from the many pictures that have been submitted by paddlers around the world!

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by Chad Hoover

In this video I discuss the current plastic shortage and how I feel that it will impact fishing kayak availability and prices in 2021 and possibly beyond. If you're considering getting a fishing kayak and have the ability to do so, now is the time!

Inflatable fishing kayaks give you the rugged fishing kayak experience in a lightweight, packable, and compact kayak. Set up in minutes and go fish those hard-to-reach fishing spots you otherwise couldn't get to!

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Since there are always lots of questions on roof racks and car topping various types of watercraft, thought it might be handy to start a thread with pictures. Plus I got a good shot of my car and kayak today!
I own an Eddyline Fathom LV and recently discovered that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser takes every mark off the hull. A few weeks ago I tried my hardest to clean with soap and water...
I have an SUV and want to load the kayak from the rear and slide it up into the cradles that hold the boat with the hull down. Besides using a bath mat, what do you use, does it work, are you happy with your set up?

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If you've paddled, owned, or rented a canoe, you've experienced the importance of having a good, properly-fitted canoe paddle. If you haven't developed that appreciation, you must've spent more time capsized or portaging than paddling! Let's check out the community favorite canoe paddles for 2021.

by Chris Hopkinson

On September 26th, 2020 I became the 1st person to SUP all 200+ miles of the Chesapeake Bay. I had no dreams, goals or a bucket list ambition about paddling the Bay. In fact, I’m not even a great paddler. I decided soon after to bring the Bay Paddle back for 2021, only this time as an epic, 200+ mile team relay.

by Anna Levesque

One of the best things about kayaking is that it's a healthy and fun activity to share with your whole family. Not only is it a fun physical activity where everyone can expend excess energy, but it's also a wonderful way to connect with the natural world.

Product Review Spotlights

Bob Special 15

Nova Craft Canoe
I had my Kevlar Bob's Special for a few years as the culmination of a half dozen or so canoes previously owned. It was easily the best of the bunch,…

Dual Bend Manta Paddle

Sawyer Paddles and Oars
This is a fabulous paddle. Easy on the shoulders and wrists for miles. Catches well, releases well. Especially great stern paddle as it aligns…

Caribbean 12

Eddyline Kayaks

This is a great kayak! Very stable, tracks well, easy to manage at 45 pounds. The quality of these is unsurpassed.

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World Champion kayaker Dane Jackson is best known for launching into first descents of waterfalls, setting speed records in whitewater, and traveling the globe with his kayak in search of adventure. That search for new firsts brought the 27-year-old to the waters of Biscayne Bay to ride the wake of two yachts.

Whether you paddle calm water or white water, an inflatable kayak offers a lightweight, accessible boat that is easy to transfer and ready for adventure. Check out what your fellow paddlers have to say about the best solo and tandem inflatable kayaks of 2021.