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Taken while paddling on the Fox River. Mother Nature did not disappoint as there were great reflections in the water the entire trip.

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The Vibe Makana 100 has enhanced its versatility by accommodating two different pedal drives through a quick and easy pod swap. Paddlers can now purchase the 10-foot pedal kayak with an included fin drive or propeller drive, and now have the option of switching drives based on the adventure ahead.

Crafted with Vibe's unparalleled expertise, the Makana 100 stands out as the epitome of feature-packed 10-foot pedal kayaks, setting the standard for superior stability and maneuverability in its class. It has become a favorite amongst anglers due to its versatility and performance. As one enthusiast put it, “Having a light 10 ft kayak with a pedal drive that is ALSO stable and comfortable to sh out of is a massive deal. I've really found it excels in small water that would normally be a hassle with a bigger boat.”

The Vibe X-Drive is a n drive system, ideal for quickly covering long distances with minimal pedaling effort. It is less likely to catch on vegetation and underwater obstacles compared to the Impulse Drive, Vibe’s propeller drive system. However, the propeller drive provides the added advantage of instant reverse which helps positioning when fishing in deep open water.

Life Jackets only work when you’re wearing them. This might sound like the most obvious statement you’ve ever heard - and it is.

Before you get in the water, make sure you have the most important piece of safety gear - a Personal Flotation Device (PFD). Life jackets work only when you wear them, and the law requires you to have one for every person in every boat. Test your knowledge with the Life Jacket Quiz to be sure you know your basics!

Some must-visit islands in the Caribbean for paddling lovers include Turks And Caicos, Antigua and Barbuda, the Cayman Islands, and several islands within the British and United States Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico’s famous bioluminescence is one of the most popular paddling excursions in the region, as is the pristine Bight of Acklins in The Bahamas. Barbados, St. Lucia, Bonaire, Martinique, and Guadalupe are also incredible places to explore on a paddling vessel.

Torres Del Paine and El Chalten have incredible paddling options. The Perito Moreno glacier is an exceptional place to get close to one of the most active glaciers on the planet. There are also charming lake regions to explore on kayak or canoe, like Los Lagos in Chile and Bariloche in Argentina. A kayak trip in Tierra Del Fuego offers paddlers the chance to paddle at “the end of the world.”

The Lynx I has a proven sleek design that provides incredible stability and control. This all-around river runner rides up and over waves, plows through holes, and charges through eddy lines.

What makes the AIRE Lynx I Inatable Kayak special?

Nimble yet Stable: The AIRE Lynx I Inatable Kayak is 10’ 1.5” long and 37.5” wide which makes it nimble and maneuverable yet incredibly stable and controllable.

Low Prole Side Tubes: The lower prole side tubes (10.5′′ diameter) and at hull design makes the Lynx I easy to maneuver in technical rapids.

Comfortable Seat: The comfortable cheetah chair provides excellent back support and comes with a cargo pocket in the back for packing water, snacks, or extra layers.

Cargo Loops: Lash down your camping and other river gear using the 12 sets of cargo loops that come standard in the Lynx I for overnight river trips and expeditions.

When packing for a long day of paddling to multiple islands on a SUP board, you need to pack all safety essentials. This means bringing a PFD, ample water, a first aid kit, sun protection, and a phone or smartwatch for navigation and emergencies. Bring breathable clothing and a high-performance bathing suit. You should use extra rope or straps to properly secure your essentials.

When snorkeling from a kayak you must be extra cautious and take several safety precautions. Snorkel with a visible dive flag or surface marker, and make sure your equipment and anchor are tested and in great shape. Make a plan in advance and inform others of your route. Don’t venture far from the boat. Bring plenty of water, snacks, and sun protection. Whenever possible, snorkel and kayak with a buddy.

New England paddling destinations worthy of a bucket list include Maine’s Acadia National Park as well as Cape Cod, and Nantucket in Massachusetts. There are historically significant and beautiful areas to paddle in New England including Mystic, Connecticut, and Newport and Watch Hill, Rhode Island. New Hampshire has the Saco River, and Vermont has the famous Lake Champlain which is fantastic for kayaking, canoeing, and SUP boarding.

New Products

The Sawyer Freefall XD Whitewater Raft Paddle was designed with big water and waterfalls in mind.

The oval solid Ash shaft has incredible flex and feel while the large, straight blade has great power and bite. The ash blade is reinforced with carbon fiber for extra strength and power. Full perimeter Dynel ToughEdge and Pro-Tip round out these incredible features for a bomber whitewater paddle.

If you're looking for a paddle that can handle anything you can throw at it, this is it!

The Tomcat Solo & Tandem kayaks share the same durable construction and design features, but offers a different paddling options. The Solo comes standard with one inflatable seat and is known as a fun, stable kayak for paddlers just exploring the whitewater world. The Tandem comes standard with two inflatable seats to tackle whitewater with a friend or to paddle solo and use the extra load capacity to fill with overnight gear. Grab one of these custom color, Limited Edition Tomcat Kayaks before they are gone!

Product Review Spotlights

Sky 10

Eddyline Kayaks
My newest favorite! I have a Eddyline Rio, Eddyline Fathom LV and Riot Intrigue. The little sky 10 takes barely any effort to throw it on top of the…
Best PDF on the market and I have tried several different brands but NRS fits well and is more comfortable than any other. Love new colors and…

Deck Pod 2

Gearlab Outdoors

I really like the deckpod. It is easy to attach and keeps everything within reach. Best deck bag I’ve had.

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Trip Spotlight

With over 12,000 square miles of water, Florida has enough water to paddle for a lifetime! And with some of the most unique waterways in the US, you're sure to be impressed with the scenery Florida has to offer!

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Featured Articles

by Tom Gaffey

It’s always a good time to make the choice to bring stand up paddling into your life. If you have never surfed or stood on any sort of floating board, however, the idea of taking up SUP boarding as a hobby might feel a bit intimidating or even overwhelming. In order to get started, you just need to make sure you have all the right gear and learn a few basics. Then, before you know it you’ll be paddling out into the great unknown on your own two feet.

by Allyson Saunders

This past summer, I was on a 23-day trip on two northern rivers in the Northwest Territories. By the time I left my home in Ontario and returned, I took a total of eight flights, paddled nearly 500km, and learned so much from my peers, from the river and the land, and unavoidably from myself.

Four kayakers set out to descend the fierce waters of the Karnali, as part of an expedition to one of the country's most remote and extreme rivers, with the intention of learning and enjoying the hidden secrets of this sacred river, before the lack of human consciousness destroys them forever.

Featured Articles

by Adrian Meissner

Recently I have discovered SUP snorkeling. It happened by accident, while staying in Bahías de Huatulco in Oaxaca, Mexico. While in Huatulco, I quickly developed a love for snorkeling and after a couple weeks at the easy-access spots near the beach, we started to take the SUPs to explore new underwater terrain further afield. Here is what I learned...

by Jeffery Lee

When you love being on the water, winter can be a very long time, especially for those of us who live in the Great Lakes region of the northern U.S., where paddlers often cannot find open water for half the year. But with the proper safety gear and other precautions, we can indeed venture out into a snowy, icy, otherworldly place, where even our usual paddling environs seem fresh and exotic. Let's take a look at how to address some of the hazards of cold-water kayaking.

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When you store a paddle board, it is important to protect it from the elements so it does not lose its structural integrity. Shelter the board from UV light, moisture, and also extreme hot and cold temperatures. When storing a SUP board, store it off the ground and consider investing in a protective bag or cover to ensure it has an extra layer of protection.

by Luke Rovner (Kayak Hipster)

Flexibility is always a good topic of discussion when it comes to kayaking. Depending on our style of paddling, sometimes we might squeeze ourselves into the tightest of fits, or contort our bodies to have the maximum control possible over the kayak. But is this necessary for all types of paddling? Are there things we could do to help us along the way? Hopefully this will be an interesting discussion on the topic with a few possible takeaways on things to consider when it comes to flexibility.

Whether you have a winter offseason or not, proper boat storage is important when not in use. Fortunately, there are storage systems designed for every imaginable vertical or horizontal nook and cranny. Check out these 12 different storage ideas.

Product Review Spotlights

Boots do everything as expected and fit wide feet too!

keeps me warm and dry

Tarpon 140

Wilderness Systems

Excellent boat . Easy to track and great boat in all conditions if short or long paddle.

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Featured Articles

Stand Up Paddling is a great and fun way to explore the world on the water while getting a bit of exercise. Once you get the hang of it you might even think you can just grab your board and paddle and venture into the great unknown. While this sounds romantic, it is important you consider your safety before paddling out. After all, the weather and water can change in an instant, turning a beautiful day into a dangerous one.

by Allyson Saunders

Learning a new sport as an adult can be an intimidating thing. There are so many different types and particularities within canoeing, that it is hard to know where to start. You may be asking yourself questions like, “Do I buy all of the equipment, or do I rent?” and, “Do I take lessons, or try to figure it out on my own?” If you are just starting out, you may find some relevant information to help get you started.

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