by Adrian Meissner

Recently I have discovered SUP snorkeling. It happened by accident, while staying in Bahías de Huatulco in Oaxaca, Mexico. While in Huatulco, I quickly developed a love for snorkeling and after a couple weeks at the easy-access spots near the beach, we started to take the SUPs to explore new underwater terrain further afield. Here is what I learned...

by Allyson Saunders

Travelling with a group on a canoe trip encourages a shared experience, but as rewarding as group travel is, it can be utterly exhausting too. Taking solo time on a trip can be difficult, and if you have introverted tendencies or prefer to recharge alone, prioritizing these moments daily is needed. From one wallflower to another, here are some personal tips on how to be alone every once in a while on an extended trip.

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, we’ve spent more time than ever before finding things that aren’t just good deals, but are worth having. Items that contribute to making your voyage safer, smoother, less painful or just more fun. Check out our top deal picks from all of your favorite brands and retailers - updated daily throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Looking for advice on a trolly. Can any one recommend one that folds and fits in hatch? I’ve seen a few online where the wheels can be removed , my concern is the metal frame not fitting in the hatch maybe due to an awkward shape.

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Deck Pod 2

Gearlab Outdoors
Nice design and storage. Can carry 3 liters of water (bladder bought separately), along with the pump and float in side pouches. Interior mesh pouch…


Eddyline Kayaks

Very nice kayak for recreational paddling - lightweight, straight tracking, and fairly quick. The only downsides are cost and availability.

Great glide and turning performance, on a well-made and very stable board. I appreciate the level of quality evident in each component, but the…

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[Douro River, Portugal] - Paddle with the experts. We are dedicated exclusively to Douro River tours. Our tours are considered gourmet food and wine for many of our clients. Immerse yourself in Portugal. Few places available.

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by Tom Gaffey

Paddling is an adventure no matter where you set out from. From the arctic circle to Antarctica, and the wondrous world of the Amazon to the blissful white sand of Pacific tropical archipelagos, here is our list of the ultimate paddling destinations around the world for those in pursuit of the most rewarding adventures that a paddle can take them.

by Tom Gaffey

If you are looking to purchase a canoe or kayak in order to quench your thirst for water sports and adventure, the boat options are endless. Many people looking for quality canoes and kayaks on a budget opt for a used boat. But as you start your search for a used canoe or kayak, there are some variables and shopping tips you should know while you embark on this quest.

by Tom Watson

Each type of water whether expansive oceans and lakes or meandering streams and rivers have their own unique hazards that challenge the paddler. Some are natural such as currents, rip tides, and rocks, while other hazards are man-made such as dams, weirs, and spillways. These can cause the flowing waters to act in ways that can be very dangerous to paddlers of all skill levels. Read on for an explanation of the different river hazards, basic prevention tips, and recovery techniques.

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Cathy Hathaway - National Park of Loreto, Mexico

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by Luke Rovner (Kayak Hipster)

Flexibility is always a good topic of discussion when it comes to kayaking. Depending on our style of paddling, sometimes we might squeeze ourselves into the tightest of fits, or contort our bodies to have the maximum control possible over the kayak. But is this necessary for all types of paddling? Are there things we could do to help us along the way? Hopefully this will be an interesting discussion on the topic with a few possible takeaways on things to consider when it comes to flexibility.

Whether you have a winter offseason or not, proper boat storage is important when not in use. Fortunately, there are storage systems designed for every imaginable vertical or horizontal nook and cranny. Check out these 12 different storage ideas.

by Allyson Saunders

If you are thinking about doing a “once-in-a-lifetime” trip in the next couple of years, get the ball rolling now. Gone are the days of just showing up at the park office and getting a campsite the day of. Now is the time to make your next trip actually happen by dreaming, planning, and saving for it.

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I’m thinking about replacing my 35 year old Seiko dive watch with the new Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar... Before I invest $600 in a complex piece of gear, I’d appreciate hearing about others’ experiences with ease of use, durability and customer service.
Well, apparently my time between swims was up. I hilariously flipped my Gemini in a flat calm river while trying to grab onto a floating barrier perpendicular to the current... It was definitely a good learning experience. I do need to practice wet exits more often - it’s one thing to do one on purpose, but very different when it happens unexpectedly...
The racks don’t fly into other vehicles if the boat is tied to the car as well as to the racks.
Attached news story: Driver killed when roof rack falls off passing car, crashes through windshield

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by Adrian Meissner

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it becomes harder to get out and paddle and easier to sink into the couch with a bag of potato chips. It is normal to feel a little rusty for the first few outings every spring, but not necessary to come home with sore muscles and a stiff back after taking the winter off. Here are a few things you can do to stay in shape, and even improve your paddling over the off-season in order to make the most of next year’s adventures.

by Adrian Meissner

The Dutch oven is the most versatile cooking pot imaginable. You can use it to roast, fry, boil, stew and bake. If you enjoy camp cooking, you will love camp baking your favorite casseroles, as well as breads and desserts. All it takes is a bit of prep and a simple set up. Here are some tips for perfecting the process and baking five-star meals and treats in your Dutch oven at your campsite.

by Tom Gaffey

While stand up paddling is fun and invigorating, amusement is not the only reason to pick up the paddle. SUP is also one of the best workouts around, and can benefit your health in all sorts of ways. From heart health to joint health and even a balanced mind, stand up paddling is loaded with opportunities for you to improve your well-being.

Product Review Spotlights

Lightweight and breathable PFD that allows for a full rage of motion while paddling. I barely notice that I have this on when I'm in a kayak or on a…


Kaku Kayak
at 6’5” and 265lbs I can say that of all the kayaks I’ve owned my Zulu was the end game for me. I’ve paddled, pedaled and powered my Zulu and it…

This suit is strong, sturdy, durable, well sealed and very functional in WW situations.

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by Allyson Saunders

Late fall and early spring are the perfect times to explore your local waterways. Water levels are typically higher, and the summer crowds have dispersed for the most part. Don’t let the threat of screaming barfies deter you from paddling in the shoulder seasons. With some intentional planning and gear, you too will be excited to paddle year-round.

Kayak Hipster demonstrates and shares 3 things to try next time you're working on your low brace. The low brace is a great way to keep your kayak upright.

by Adrian Meissner

Every year we do a family and friends canoe trip. This year, we decided to venture further from home. We wanted deep wilderness, continuous flow and mountain scenery. In order to make it affordable for our party of 10, we needed a river that did not require fly-in access. We did some research and discovered the Lower Stikine fit the bill. We learned a lot along the way…

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Have you ever been the last person to go to bed on a camping trip? As friends retire to their tents, the…

There are amazing opportunities all over the world to snorkel and enjoy exploring marine life,…

Paddling is an adventure no matter where you set out from. It’s the desire to know what’s around the…

If you are looking to purchase a canoe or kayak in order to quench your thirst for water sports and…