New York City is an extraordinary place to paddle, but like any busy urban waterway, paddling there also requires important safety measures. Learn how to avoid a dangerous situation like this incident.

by: Paul Clark
Once you get on moving water it's hard to go back to flat water paddle boarding. This is what I always tell people who question why I run rivers on a paddle board. And it's true.

There are more than a few people interested in solo canoes these days. And with interest, comes options. Fortunately, your loyal comrades have been submitting solo canoe reviews for longer than you've known they existed! So here are the short lists of the best solo canoes broken up by length.

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I am a moderately experienced kayaker and have used both plastic and fiberglass kayaks...

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It is rare to find the combination of mountains and beaches that California has to offer, and the variety of paddling adventures is just as enticing! Find kayaking trips in California for every level of kayaker.

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by Hobie

"I did pretty well and easily kept up to my friends in the Pelican Odessy 100x..."


by Vibe Kayaks

"Outstanding fishing kayak. Very stable. Lots of extras for the price..."


by Placid Boatworks

"Excellent solo canoe. It handles everything well from the..."


by Pelican International
"I love my kayak. It’s easy to use. I bought a kayak cart which makes moving my..."


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by: Kayak Hipster
What is the main difference between a dry suit and a semi-dry suit? Why is there such a big difference in price?

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Peter Patershuk - Grande Prairie, Alta, Canada

Each week a winning photo will be selected from the many pictures that have been submitted by paddlers around the world!

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Who says kayaking has to take place above water? Meet Squirt Boating. Explore how a low volume boat, hand paddles, and finding the right current produce the mysterious result of kayaking underwater.

Escape the sun with our UPF 30+ wide-brim hat. Equipped with Fly Zone® insect repellant, a concealable sun flap, and a floating brim, this hat can help you stay cool and safe even in the extreme heat.

When kayak touring alone, it is important to know how to self rescue if you capsize. World Champion kayaker Ken Whiting examines some of the most popular techniques in this episode of PaddleTV.

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I want something a little longer and narrower but is still shallow depth...

Does anyone have any insight on the typical strength of carry handles at the bow and stern of a kayak?...

I have so many questions. I owned a sit-in kayak when I was younger and thoroughly enjoyed taking it out on our local river. Now, I’m a...

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by: Kayak Hipster
If you're thinking of getting into kayaking, whether you want to explore faraway places or just hang out all day on the water, here are three topics that will be helpful for new kayakers.

We're gonna have a look at two strokes that can be used in a variety of ways that are essential for both the stern and bow paddlers in tandem as well as solo paddlers.

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by Pau Hana Surf Supply
"It is a beautiful board which tracks straight, handles the waves well and..."


by Advanced Elements
"Perhaps the lightest weight, four-piece paddle out there, the Advanced..."


by Body Glove
"Incredible for taking my yoga practice to a whole new level. Consider this board if..."


by Aquaglide
"...loved how it handled in the river—straight, sturdy, fabulous!"


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by: Cliff Jacobson
For nearly 40 years, I canoed one or more Canadian or Alaskan rivers each summer. Injuries? Some minor cuts and sprains and two mild cases of hypothermia, that's all. Canoes damaged beyond repair or lost in rapids? None. Mistakes? Plenty! Here are some costly mistakes you won't want to make.

Shopping for a tandem fishing kayak can be a daunting task, especially when you see the price tags. Fortunately, you're smart enough to know to do your homework before making a purchase.