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Name: lukethedrifter

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The Future Beach is a great kayak for beginners. It is extremely stable and can hold a line like a champ, I was able to easily pull in a 80 lb Black Lab in the boat with me and there was plenty of room for both of us. It is not a really fast boat but is extremely durable. I love my Future Beach Trophy 126. Great boat for the price.

I love the Otter! I have had several different boats since I started kayak. I found this Otter used for $200, it has been my favorite boat since the first time I got it on the water. Handles great can hold a line and is very comfortable. The only set back to The Otter is the lack of foot peddles (can be easily installed) and the behind the seat storage compartment is can be hard to access.
All things considered: I don't head towards the water, without the Otter.

I love my Trophy 126. I bought these for me and my wife and we both have taken them out on Kentucky Lake, in ponds and a number of rivers. I have a Lab that enjoys being in the boats with us. There is no trouble at all getting him in and out of the boat. Overall this is a great buy. You will not be disappointed.