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Expedition Plus Description

Expeditionary paddlers who need endurance, power, and control in their canoe paddle will love the Expedition Plus’ power T-grip and its Rockgard® edge protection that extends all the way from the blade tip to 6 inches up the shaft. This paddle’s 4 oz. fiberglass blade wrap further protects the red alder, basswood, and roasted basswood blade for maximum durability. Made of closed grain, light weight, durable hardwoods, the Expedition Plus is both attractive and versatile for paddlers who take their time on the water more seriously.

Expedition Plus Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Blade: Red Alder, Basswood and Roasted Basswood, 18 Laminate Basswood Shaft

Additional Attributes

  • Ultimate T-Grip

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Expedition Plus Reviews

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This paddle changed my…

Submitted by: Clangrid23902 on 5/28/2020
This paddle changed my paddling experience. It’s lightweight but durable construction and incredible responsiveness let’s me go further distance, with less effort. It’s a dream in rapids, as the responsiveness easily maneuvers my boat, a 16ft old town canoe, through the chutes. I don’t know that I’ll ever paddle anything else.

This paddle is unbelievably…

Submitted by: paddler785181 on 5/28/2020
This paddle is unbelievably responsive, and beautiful to boot. I can paddle longer and with less fatigue. It is so comfortable to use, very responsive, and makes my trips all the more pleasant. I paddle a 16ft Old Town canoe, and I often paddle it solo. It’s been very durable over the last 2 years and continues to get the job done. I would recommend this investment to anyone and will soon be getting my girlfriend an expedition plus of her own.

I have had two of these…

Submitted by: paddler779189 on 5/21/2020
I have had two of these paddles for a few years now and this model is my go to for running rivers that are deep and not overly rocky. It’s very comfortable, has just the right amount of flex, and has a thin but substantial enough blade to prevent fluttering. It’s only the middle of May and I’ve already gotten over 150 river miles with this paddle.

I bought one three years…

Submitted by: paddler236278 on 7/30/2019

I bought one three years ago. I travel with multiple paddles in case of loss or breakage, but the Expedition Plus has been on now,, 3,000 miles of trips? That paddle alone has been used for about one thousand miles,, and a fair bit of that white water. It looks and feels like new. The durability is astounding. I have BB Arrow paddles that have been refinished multiple times. (I love Arrow paddles), however the Expedition Plus has never needed a touch. Yes,, it has a few marks in and on it,, but I have three week old paddles that don't look as good as the three year old Expedition.

Laughing,, would I buy it again,, absolutely, no question. But I may never have to.


After breaking a few lesser…

Submitted by: MORiverPaddler on 10/31/2017

After breaking a few lesser paddles while paddling upstream on various stretches of the Missouri River, including tributaries and rock-strewn chutes, along with moderate whitewater on various smaller streams, I took Bending Branches’ advice and ordered a new Expedition Plus to use as my go-to paddle under conditions that would tax the carbon shaft bent paddles that I had been using 90% of the time. I have not been disappointed. This paddle is indeed a workhorse, with features like the power T-grip and the Rockgard® protection all the way from the blade tip to 6 inches up the shaft. Additional protection includes 4 oz. fiberglass wrap on the blade (most paddles have only 2 oz). Bottom line, this paddle will not only take all of the hard use that I can give it, but excels in efficiency for a straight shaft paddle. I have used it in up to Class II+ whitewater and it performed more than adequately. I believe that every serious canoeist, especially ones that paddle in a wide variety of conditions, should have an Expedition Plus in their boat.


This is a great flatwater /…

Submitted by: billcanoes on 7/18/2013
This is a great flatwater / mild-river paddle. The rock guard is nice to prevent wear on the end of the blade. The blade is about an inch more narrow than a white water blade which means less catch, which is a nice feature for extended trips

Great paddles. Just did Black…

Submitted by: paddler210485 on 10/2/2004
Great paddles. Just did Black Canyon of the Colorado River. Paddled 8 miles up stream and 8 miles back with a good quartering headwind on the way back. I was in a 17 ft Nova Craft Prospector. This was flat water in current but no white water. The paddles did great and were able to maneuver the canoe anyway I wanted. I tried lots of different stokes. Sculling draws were powerful whether going sideways backwards or forwards and put the boat just where I wanted. Good paddles and beautifully made.

I have paddled with BB…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/19/2004
I have paddled with BB Specials for over six years (mostly on flat water). This past weekend a friend let me use his Expedition Plus for a whitewater trip. It was great! It is now on the top of my "must buy" list.