Name: joejarman

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Absolutely great PFD. It is comfortable and the high back fits great with my kayak seat. The shoulders are open and it looks good. The only recommendation would be to stay away from the darker grey and go with the lighter one; it can get hot in the sun. Other than that I would recommend it to anyone and I have. I own 3

Buy It!! It's pretty much that simple. It is the best seat I have ever sat upon and it will upgrade any yak to the point where you will wish you always had it.

It's not a top tier kayak, but by all means its a good kayak. (especially for the price)

price - it's hard to beat when on sale
basics - it has all the basics for fishing and can handle decent waves and currents.
build - its not real heavy and balanced well

comfort - the seat is horrible and a must replace
center console - not a lot of uses adaptability

With all this said, it is a great starter for yak fishin, good ride and cheap. There are better, but there are definitely worse.

Not a bad kayak just middle of the road. The comfort is ok and the extras are minimum. I have fished from it with success, but stay away from waves. The back compartment is open to the whole yak and the front is unusable while in it. Its light and cheap. A good starter for most.

I absolutely love it. I am a prepper at heart; so I have tried this and many others. It has many adaptable uses; like connecting to bottles and straws and it comes with a collection bag. Its small and cheap. The only downside is that to get maximum use one needs to flush it out. It is an easy choice for any outdoorsman.