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Name: reed13206

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For what I use it for, this is a great 'yak. Pros- Very…

For what I use it for, this is a great 'yak.

Pros- Very stable, plenty of room on it, maneuvers well. I use it for fishing both on bigger lakes and ponds, as well as exploring creeks. It handles the waves from the speedboats well, and also has a low enough profile and is easy enough to move around to get into narrow, overgrown areas (and get back out). It also is very resilient. It's a nice, thick material that I'm not in the slightest bit concerned about damaging while using. Between it's color and composition, I refer to it as my "tank".

Cons - Heavy. Getting it on top of the van or SUV is a chore. Whenever I can, I slide it in the back window or put it on a trailer. Also does not have the most comfortable seat back. t's not nearly as bad as reviews I had read said, but it could use a higher back with a little more support. Lastly, it's slow. Compared to my buddy's boat, it can feel like I'm paddling at 3/4 speed. Since that's not what I'm using it for, though, makes no difference to me.

Overall, I made a few mods to better suit my fishing habits, but overall I love this thing. As far as I'm concerned, I don't think you'll find a sturdier recreational/fishing kayak anywhere near this price point.