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C-Tug is my favorite trolly. I bought another cheap-o model at a major sporting goods store, but found it to be more trouble than it was worth. This season, I bought two C-Tugs (with solid wheels) and they are great. I use them individually when two of us paddle together AND, even devised a way to link them solidly together as a four wheel cart to transport my old Sunfish sailboat. That brainstorm has saved my tired old back from considerable strain. I'd be happy to share those simple plans with anyone looking to do the same.

As an update to my earlier review of the Kiwassa 13.2, I would like to add that Swift is the "most customer appreciative" company that I've ever heard of. When a minor problem was discovered in my boat - THEY REPLACED THE ENTIRE BOAT. I only asked for some assistance with the repair, but Bill Swift (Owner) contacted me personally and insisted on a full replacement. They duplicated all of my original specifications, seat, colors, etc. and to top it all off, Mr. Swift delivered the boat himself. Would General Motors or Toyota do that??? What a great company - what a great boat.

I think that the Trophy 126 is the best $300 play boat on the market. I have another, fairly expensive, touring kayak (Swift) and paid a hundred dollars more just for the paddle with that one. This little Trophy offers plenty of stability for beginners and it turns on a dime when in the hands of anyone with a bit more experience. I’ll agree that the seat isn’t the best in the industry, but it’s the best in the $300 kayak category. I did add a $10. auto seat cushion from Walmart, and the difference was amazing.

We paddle our Trophy on one of the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York and find it to be a good ride in light to moderate chop. On days with heavier winds, I pull out the sailboat.

If the early Swift Kiwassa models were made of thermoform plastic, it comes as a surprise to me. Today they are all fiberglass, kevlar or carbon fiber - and they are spectacular. I chose the 34 pound kevlar 13.2 model. The current seat is better than the desk chair that I spent a career in. My Kiwassa has a skeg, which adds tremendously to open water stability.
Thanks Swift.