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Name: SGM97B

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Good River Fishing Kayak

It is sold as an Angling Kayak but really the only thing it has is two rod holders. I generally like it. I bought it on sale, over $130 off. The kayak handles pretty well and tracks true while you are paddling but if you stop and just drift forward my kayak always starts curving to the right or left, which is annoying. I weigh 210 lbs and I usually have about 25 pounds of gear with me on the boat yet it still floats in five inches of water. 

The lure box that came with the kayak is junk, I don't use it any more, but the three trays in the dash area are nice and I use them all the time. I find the seat to be comfortable enough, many others complain about it, but I wish it could be moved and wasn't a permanent part of the hull. There is a lot of storage space behind the seat but you can only access it through the hatch. That limits what you can get into the space. Also, smaller objects can slide under the seat to disappear in the rear hull area. That then requires a trip to shore so you can dig it out. I use the integrated bottle holder to hold my bailing cup and a large sponge. That is a convenient spot for that and I'm able to get rid of excess water from the floor easily. I added the much needed anchor trolley system (home-made for about three dollars), that really should be included if you want to call it an Angling Kayak. I also had to modify the two rod holders because they don't work if you used a push button closed reel. The rod holder pushes the button and releases your line. I added a tow line for dragging my kayak up rapids and across shallow water areas, the kayak is light and drags very easily. Shooting rapids will get you wet and flood the kayak; water comes right over the front and runs into the hull. That might be a problem with all kayaks, I don't know. I only found out that the front hatch was a water tight compartment at the end of the season when I was cleaning the boat. I will make use of that. 

I wish the cockpit was about 6-8 inches longer. My knees jam up against the dash when I get in and out and I cannot flex my legs at all once I am seated. I am 6'1" and 210 pounds but I am athletic, not fat. It is a tight fit. I am pretty happy with it though and would recommend the kayak to any beginner or infrequent angler.