Name: harddriver62

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I just purchased the Tarpon 100 after a year of being in a box store sit in. What a huge difference. First off, ACK was incredible to do business with. From Start to finish, everything went smoothly. My Tarpon arrived 2 days sooner then planned, and it and all the accessories I had purchased were packed very well and not a scratch on the Yak.

The storage on this is great, under both hatches you'll find loops to clip off your bags or whatever, making access very easy, even on the water. The side pockets are great for the most reached for items. The seat is incredible, very adjustable, very dry. My first trip was over 5 hours and I had no issues at all.

Once you get use to it, the Tarpon is very stable. I was able to sit side saddle and hang my legs in the water after only an hour out. I can reach everything I have in the rear well area without issue. Leg room was fine, I'm 5'11, 220 lbs. It tracks better then a 10' yak should, and gets a fair amount of glide. You are not going to win any races with it, but you'll keep up just fine. My better half took it for a lap or two, and now I in the process of ordering another for her. ACK will of course get that business.

I bought this Kayak the end of June. It was a demo unit so I was able to get it for reduced price. I wanted an entry level fishing yak and after adding a few things to it, I have exactly that. It is very stable, tracks well, and is easy to paddle and turn. The 2 compartments are nice, although since there is no bulkhead, the rear compartment is not watertight. The seat is not very comfortable for long periods. I plan to add a better seat soon. The cockpit is ok for me, although I wish for a bit more foot room.

I am only using this on flat, calm water, and so far it has proved well. I am 5'11 and 225lbs, and with my gear I still sit well in the water. It is not a fast yak, but that's not what I wanted.