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Name: forkman

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I purchased this kayak (Trophy 126) as a Father's day gift for myself several years ago to see if kayak angling was something I'd enjoy. I can honestly say it has proven to be one of the best Father's Day gifts of all time.

Most fishing Kayaks are sit on tops, but I was interested in the versatility of the sit in. This kayak was a good combination. It has 2 flush mount rod holders, and a yak catcher rod holder fits comfortably around the rim. Storage is pretty good for a short Yak and has been sufficient to hold all necessities for short kayak camping trips.

The kayak itself is incredibly stable. I can stand in it on flatwater, although I would not try to fight a fish that way. The maneuverability is far better than any of the sit on tops which help greatly when in shoals or rapids on a river. Tracking is pretty good. You would not want to enter any races in it as it is not a particularly fast boat.

The one downside to this yak is the seat. In extended sessions, your back and rear end may become fatigued. At the end of a 2 day paddle and camp of about 30 miles, I was definitely ready to get off the water.

Overall, I'd recommend this boat to new paddlers as it is very easy to use, the price is fantastic (usually about $300), and with a few fittings and a seat replacement, it will last a good long time.