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Name: Yaking-Preacher

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Preacher loves his Trophy 126

Have owned my Trophy 126 Yak for 2 full summers now and love it. Stability and tracking are incredible. Family and friends say they love to watch it glide through the water.

I did a lot of comparison research before buying and looked closely at the pros and cons of sit-on-tops (SOT) vs. sit-in (SIK).

For me, the sit-in (SIK), made more sense. I have plenty of room and feel like I have more control by being closer to the water.

At 6' and 260 lbs. (former weightlifter turning soft around the middle), I needed some way to exercise and relax at the same time.

I took the original seat off and replaced it with the Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech seat. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

I use a 230 Carlisle 2-piece aluminum shaft paddle.

Also added a DIY anchor trolley, DIY hand-weight anchor, DIY perimeter deck lines for bow and stern, DIY safety flag and 360 white light combo, bow red / green navigation light, deck compass, cockpit rod holder, Sea to Summit foam paddle float, DIY paddle keeper, DIY paddle leash, Anchor cleat, Bow and stern tie lines and NRS rescue throw bag.

Would buy another Future Beach product in a minute (was looking at a sit-on-top for the wife, as she has been borrowing our son's Future Beach Discovery 104. She ended up with a multi-color Vibe Skipjack because of visibility on the water…oh well)