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Kalleq Description

Kalleq - Gearlab's flagship paddle, Inuit name meaning Lightning. It is the lightest and strongest paddle in our line thanks to its seamless carbon fiber construction. Kalleq incorporates the best-available technology and latest design, offering the ultimate touring paddle experience.

Additional Attributes

  • Slice With The Sharpest - Meticulously engineered, the thinnest part is merely 1.1 mm. Results in smooth and silent slices through water, in perfect serenity.
  • Light & Strong - 220cm blade with 750 grams of seamless carbon fiber construction. No reinforcements, no joints, no nonsense.
  • Original ProTek Tip - Gearlab's signature ProTek tip design offers worry-free rock dings, multiple tip colors, and loom extensions options. This easy user replaceable parts provides convenience and peace of mind.
  • Ripstop Weave - Exclusive carbon fiber ripstop weave adds unique visual texture and depth only on the Kalleq.
  • Diamond Joint - Patent pending full carbon fiber spring joint design snaps firmly and securely at your fingertip. No protrusions, no tools required. Most importantly, no wiggle room.
  • Titanium - Only aerospace grade Titanium screws are used in Gearlab paddles. Sea water tested and rust proof. No details overlooked.
  • 2 Piece - All Gearlab paddles are 2 piece snap design. They are easy to travel with and makes a great backup on the deck too.

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Kalleq Reviews

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Light and amazing. My carpal…

Submitted by: pmshaffer on 9/26/2022

Light and amazing. My carpal tunnel no longer bothers me.


It is the lightest paddle…

Submitted by: paddler2317618 on 9/19/2022

It is the lightest paddle I've come across.


When I started kayaking I…

Submitted by: RobAar58 on 9/8/2022

When I started kayaking I bought myself a P&H Cetus MV and a Werner Corryvrecken straight carbon shaft fiberglass Euro blade paddle. A powerful paddle for sure. But since I have got my Gearlab Ooutdoors Kalleq paddle and used it now for a couple of months, I come to the conclusion that this Greenland paddle is much more comfortable in any condition. I have made the switch to the Kalleq. I will even use it for my 2023 challenge: Paddle for Egypt 2023, 1200 km in 30 days on the river Nile in Egypt for charity (SOS Children's Villages Egypt). www.paddleforegypt.nl


I love my two piece,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2022

I love my two piece, ultra-light Greenland style paddle from Gearlab! I was looking for a second paddle to complete my set, and knew I wanted a Greenland paddle. I was originally thinking of getting a wooden one, but the feature of breaking down for easier storage, transport, and versatility on the boat won me over.


Already impressed by the…

Submitted by: rayrik on 2/1/2022

Already impressed by the look, design, feel when I saw it at the Gearlab dealer. Even more impressed once on water- quick response, surface just right not slippery neither too rough, silent in catch but also free from “howling”( like Lettman and Grams).I love my Eastpole 210 for easy paddling but in surf and rough water it does not have enough surface, for that carbon is better anyway. Inuksuk is too thick, Lettman overpriced, too long and howls, Grams is the closest competitor. I like Lars Gram paddle but Kalleq is just better for what I need (surf, rough water). While I liked Grams a lot, Kalleq had the wow effect from very first strokes on water, I wanted 210 but with more surface than Grams. Overall is at the moment the best GP carbon paddle on the market.


Love it. Feels so natural,…

Submitted by: dswatters on 12/14/2021

Love it. Feels so natural, can paddle further, faster with same rate of effort. Regular paddle will be my ‘spare’ for the foreseeable future.


A beautiful Greenland paddle…

Submitted by: paddler1774706 on 10/26/2021

A beautiful Greenland paddle that is as great to use as it is to look at. Just a really neat piece of equipment.


I was a bit nervous about…

Submitted by: paddler1706039 on 9/8/2021

I was a bit nervous about whether I was doing the right thing or not, but after reading through a lot of reviews I felt like a Kalleq paddle would work for me, and decided to go for the plunge and pray it was not a very expensive mistake. I took myself out and did a one day wander with it the day after it arrived. As others had mentioned, it did take a bit of time to get the feel. But once you get the knack it is just a pleasure to use. Slips in so gracefully, and seems to have more power than my euro one. Because it's so so light, you can just paddle so comfortably and quickly without getting so tired.

It's easy to slip in tne deck rope if you need to free your hands quickly. Also I love the bag that you can order separately to store and carry the paddle in. Soo handy and useful.

Only two small points of criticism.

1) When I got it, I didn't realise the wax was to be used to join the two parts together. It was sooo tight it took me a very very long time to finally get it apart. No problems now though.

2) This is a HP issue but because there are no paddle rings, the water was constantly running down the blades and soaking my hands and spray skirt. Perhaps it's my paddling style that needs tweaking but anyway, I fixed it by wrapping some hair bobbles and neoprene velcro wraps around the shaft and it solved my problem.

To wrap up, I get no freebies for my comments, (offer ended Dec 2020 haha) this is just my honest review.

I love my paddle and I'm sure you will too.


I had a hard time parting…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/30/2021

I had a hard time parting with the dollars when I bought the Kalleq and finally I was able to use it. What an incredible paddle! Well worth the money. I have a NDK Greenlander Pro and the two were made for each other. I can paddle longer and faster than with the euro blade. First time out with the Kalleq I also took my euro blade just in case. I was worried that I would not have the power of the euro blade, it turned out that I actually have more and exert less effort. Its quiet, and slices cleanly in and out of the water. I just gave my euro blade away!


Kalleq paddle is worth every…

Submitted by: paddler1632617 on 8/9/2021

Kalleq paddle is worth every penny! The paddle is incredibly smooth to paddle with. With minimal effort you can essentially paddle with zero noise. I went for the longest (230 cm) paddle to ensure the power would be there if required and the Kalleq doesn’t disappoint.


Nice paddle, bought it as a…

Submitted by: northern on 7/8/2021

Nice paddle, bought it as a second paddle to complement my Lahnakoski Red Cedar 228cm paddle. I have the 230cm Kalleq. Compared to the Lahnakoski, the Kalleq naturally ends up held with a bit wider grip (mostly due to it not having clear shoulders on the blades), much slower cadence, and fairly long strokes. Rolls nicely. Now I usually I paddle with the Kalleq and the Lahnakoski ended up being the spare paddle.


Favorite paddle by far,…

Submitted by: JollyRoller on 6/30/2021

Favorite paddle by far, worth every penny. I'd give it five stars except for something I'll get to later. There's a bit of a learning curve coming from a European style paddle but it's not too bad. Once you figure out that the stroke is different (canted) then it becomes very powerful, even when bracing with the narrower blades. Super strong, super light, very easy to keep pace with (or outpace) people with Euro paddles. The blades are much thinner than any wooden paddle I've ever seen. I love the shoulderless design, there's enough of a change in the shape of the shaft that your hands still know where to go for a forward stroke but it's really easy to slide the paddle to one side or the other for a really powerful sweep stroke.

I've had my Kalleq for about 8 months and it has many miles on it now. It's what I reach for first (my other paddle is a fiberglass Werner Shuna and it's great too, just different) every time I go out; it's a great piece of gear. They even give you spare parts and tools to replace the tips should you need to. The pattern of the carbon fiber makes this thing look like a work of art once it's in the water and wet.

The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is because when I got my paddle it came with a little slip of paper encouraging me to give it a great review on a site such as this in exchange for free stuff. That left a bad taste in my mouth at the time, I questioned the quality of the paddle as well as the honesty of a lot of the reviews I was reading. I declined the free stuff as opposed to writing a review for something I'd spent minimal time with. So Gearlab, if y'all are reading this please note that you have an awesome product that you don't need to bribe people to speak highly of; the Kalleq speaks for itself and it's amazing.


Amazing paddle. Superlight…

Submitted by: paddler1579799 on 6/30/2021

Amazing paddle. Superlight and comfortable. Both tiles fit in each other like they were one piece. You can easily speed up with some strokes. Better than with every other greenland paddle I ever used.

I always thought there is nothing better than a wooden paddle. But Gearlab proved me wrong. Once you paddle it it will become your favorite tool 👌🏼


Worth every Dollar. Amazing…

Submitted by: paddler1579799 on 6/28/2021

Worth every Dollar. Amazing paddle. Very light and comfortable. You can easily speed up and have good grip all the time. I came from wooden greenland paddles by Eastpole and thought there is nothing better. But in fact... This Kalleq is better than any other paddle I used yet


Have had a older version of…

Submitted by: Andreqajaq on 6/28/2021

Have had a older version of this product with a shoulder model, and its time for an upgrade to a newer model

Superb quality as expected, excellent manufacturing, great service, superb support when issues arise, it feels like a very controllable blade, its resposinsive, Little to no flex on the blade, mine is a 210 blade, wich is short and great for control when paddling and rolling, its got a smooth finish and love the detail


I was concerned that there…

Submitted by: icetrekker on 6/3/2021

I was concerned that there would be a steep learning curve switching from Euro blade to a Greenland paddle. Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t switch over years ago. Gearlab’s Kalleq paddle is an absolute dream!! I’ve had 2 wrist surgeries and have dealt with frozen shoulders in both shoulders. Euro blades have stressed those respective joints, but not this paddle. This is the most incredibly lightweight and über easy to adjust to paddle I’ve ever used. Happy retirement to me!


I am a beginner to Greenland…

Submitted by: paddler1442180 on 5/4/2021

I am a beginner to Greenland paddling and sea kayaking in general. Having paddled for a year with a short cedar wooden paddle and built my own longer cedar/ash combo paddle (which is very heavy), I finally chose the Kalleq as my switch to Carbon.

As everyone says, the paddle really transforms your paddling. I immediately felt my bracing skills go through the roof and my paddling technique has improved tremendously and became completely silent. The "flat area" of the paddle is relatively small due to the continuous shaft, but still packs quite some power for such a short blade. When I apply slight paddle extensions in my forward stroke it even matches the power of my larger self-made paddle (which has a very long flat part) while remaining much more efficient.

However for this price I must say I cannot give it 5 stars, for one main reason: the weave pattern is pretty, but quickly scratches. If you split the paddle, be very careful of holding the two side against each other. Any grain of sand/salt in-between will create a scratch :( In my ocean cockpit I also rely a lot on the paddle to enter/exit the kayak and each time this creates new scratches, even when I'm applying minimal pressure. The scratches of course don't affect the excellent properties of the paddle, but I expected a more durable finish for a versatile tool like a Greenland paddle. After 3 sessions of paddling I'm counting more than 5 scratches already. I'm sure the innovative minds at Gearlab can do better than this :)

Other than, I'm sure I'm gonna keep using this paddle as my primary paddle for a long regardless of how many scratches it gets :D


Just picked up a new Kalleq…

Submitted by: BradFlanPNW on 4/15/2021

Just picked up a new Kalleq 220. I've been using a cedar greenland paddle for years, but this is my first trip into the world of carbon. This paddle is really cool. It's super light and comes with two replacement tips and a spare set screw, an allen wrench, and some ferrule wax. Unlike my wood paddles, this one breaks down for storage on deck or easy transport in the car. I'm looking forward to getting out on the salt and seeing how it handles the real world.


Love all my Gearlab outdoors…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/31/2021

Love all my Gearlab outdoors gear! Top notch kayaking equipment and the Kalleq is a prime example. This paddle has taken me around all sorts of beautiful sights in New Zealand and Norway.


Best kayaking equipment…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/31/2021

Best kayaking equipment ever! Love the quality and technology behind all Gearlab outdoor gear


After reading so many glowing…

Submitted by: paddler1395823 on 3/25/2021
After reading so many glowing reviews for the Kalleq paddle I decide to treat myself to one for my birthday . I've owned and love my trusty Akika paddle for three years now and couldn't see how the Kalleq could be so much better. Three paddles in and I'm a convert . Bracing ,rolling and steering with the kalleq is sharper and more confidence inspiring , BUT the real pleasant surprise for me was how its improved my abilities in the surf. I now have so much self confidence in the waves that I'm now venturing out of my usual estuary paddling into the ocean . Exploring my local coast line has really increased my paddling pleasure , and challenged me to develop new skills and capabilities . I can not recommend the Kalleq highly enough , Especially to people like myself who are sceptical about upgrading . In my opinion "it's a game changer" I feel I have moved to a higher level due to the increased self confidence the Kalleq has given me.

This is my second Gearlab…

Submitted by: SLively on 3/22/2021
This is my second Gearlab paddle, following on my success and delight with their Akiak paddle. The Kalleq is a little more forgiving a paddle than the Akiak. With the Akiak I have to be more focused on the precision of my catch and stroke, the Kalleq will accept a bit more inaccuracy and still provide a solid stroke. The slightly wider blade seems to give a bit more power to the stroke, which, I would think, will make it slightly more suited to surf and tight quarters in rocks and such. I am thoroughly pleased with my Kalleq, although I find myself using the Akiak a bit more so as not to get lazy with my technique.

I just love my Kalleq paddle.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/28/2021
I just love my Kalleq paddle. It goes in the water smoothly, it is silent during the stroke, it is so light... at first, i bought it for my spare paddle, but since i got it, it has been my daily paddle for all my trips.

I bought this paddle for a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/12/2021
I bought this paddle for a return to kayaking after a hiatus of almost 20 years, having previously been involved in sea kayaking, basic skills instructing and a little bit of white water. First impressions opening the box: quality! It’s a work or art, incredibly light weight, and zero movement at the join. So far I have only tested it once. This is my first experience with a Greenland paddle, and at first I felt as though it had no purchase on the water. It was so light with such little resistance, but I had no issues making good speed against the river current. It felt comfortable with both low and high angle strokes, and I could generate good power or move at a relaxed pace by switching between the two. I also experienced none of the flutter I heard Greenland paddles are famous for. I actually had to experiment with different blade angles to try to experience it, and even then it was extremely mild. The loom is longer than on some other models I considered, and for my grip this felt just right. The only possible negative I can see in the future comes from me having small hands - the blades are wider than on some models and gripping the blades around their width wouldn’t be as comfortable for me. This wouldn’t be a problem for most people though

Very happy with this. High…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/11/2021
Very happy with this. High quality construction and excellent sales support.

I absolutely love my Kalleq…

Submitted by: timfrick on 1/8/2021
I absolutely love my Kalleq greenland paddle. It is very light yet very solid feeling. The ferrule system is rock solid and not noticeable when doing sliding strokes. The shape of the paddle and it’s thin edges slice into the water quietly and efficiently. The replaceable tip system and replaceable ferrule system will ensure that this paddle will last longer than me. The quality and workmanship are second to none. I have carved and used my own paddles for years and as much as I love the feel of cedar, the Kalleq is now my preferred paddle.

The Gearlab Kalleq is…

Submitted by: BeauDog2 on 1/5/2021
The Gearlab Kalleq is lightweight and so easy to use. It is quiet and efficient. I can paddle my sea touring kayak greater distances with less effort. I am glad I made the investment in this Greenland-style paddle. I don't see myself going back to my euro-blade paddle.

Awesome paddle. Light,…

Submitted by: BeauDog on 1/5/2021
Awesome paddle. Light, strong, smooth and silent. I was skeptical at first, but it is now it is my go-to touring paddle. Hard to spend that much money on a paddle, but if it proves itself to be durable it will have been worth it.

I have been a wooden…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/23/2020
I have been a wooden Greenland paddler for years and when I tried this paddle I had to have one. Blade slices through the water with no effort and handles well. I will be getting a longer one before my weeklong expedition.

Beautifully constructed…

Submitted by: matted on 12/21/2020
Beautifully constructed paddle! It is light as a feather and with its buttery smooth entry I feel like I can paddle all day with it. This is my first Greenland paddle, but after trying a number of Euro blades and Greenland paddles at my outfitter, the second I dipped the Kalleq in the water I knew it was the paddle for me. Pricey, to be sure, but worth for me.

Awesome paddle! It feels like…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/16/2020
Awesome paddle! It feels like I'm paddling with a feather, but boy it goes.

I really love this paddle.…

Submitted by: 07lab07 on 12/15/2020
I really love this paddle. Like the slogan says, it slices the water.

Best paddle I ever have, this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/8/2020
Best paddle I ever have, this is a must have for serious kayaking. Light and super smooth

Great greenland paddle very…

Submitted by: Balticseapaddler on 12/4/2020
Great greenland paddle +very light +nicely shaped -very pricy

Beautiful carbon black with…

Submitted by: paddler903487 on 12/2/2020
Beautiful carbon black with full instructions on assembly and maintenance + instructional videos. Extra paddle tips and wax included. Significant but positive transition from Werner paddles.

I consider myself a novice at…

Submitted by: paddler398715 on 11/30/2020
I consider myself a novice at using Greenland Paddles but have dabbled for the past two years with wooden and the Gearlab Akiak paddles. Gearlab by far makes the nicest two piece carbon fiber paddles and I've enjoyed my Akiak model for over a year. Just purchased the Kalleq model and compared to the Akiak is much lighter, wider, sharper edged and just feels much better in the hands. Looking forward to many miles of paddling with this incredibly designed carbon fiber Greenland Paddle.

Great paddle

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/27/2020
Great paddle

An awesome essential. Having…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/25/2020
An awesome essential. Having used my own well made sticks for many years the kalleq has opened up new heights.

I was very afraid to order GP…

Submitted by: paddler899774 on 11/23/2020
I was very afraid to order GP paddel while i never tried it before. Mostly because it is described as forgiving and confortable paddel vs euro type and it was question of paddling stroke power. I was only twice on the watter (winter) and I can say only "toy and beast" in same tool. No problem with power if you need. Very satisfided and wating on good weather. Product is also of excelent design, production, packing and i got it from dealer in two days. Best regards, Igor

I have the Akiak and this…

Submitted by: paddler899185 on 11/21/2020
I have the Akiak and this paddle is much lighter and awesome to use.

What an impressive piece of…

Submitted by: paddler898495 on 11/18/2020

What an impressive piece of product and paddle. The look and feel, how lightweight and still high quality and stability. I have just started using inuit and Greenland paddle even though I started to paddle a sea kayak back in 1989. It feels easy to use this paddle but a life time to master the technique, which I love. Extreme simplicity in combination with high end materials and ancient history. I love that concept. I will use it to paddle through warm water but also winter and ice in Sweden.


Excellent build quality.…

Submitted by: joesephg on 11/13/2020
Excellent build quality. Paddle is very quiet during entry and exit from water. It is an adjustment after 20 years with a wing paddle, but so far the performance is first rate,

Fabulous paddle. Silent entry…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/13/2020
Fabulous paddle. Silent entry to water. Smoothie silent exit. Plenty of power yet easy to manage.

I just bought my first…

Submitted by: KerryMac on 11/13/2020
I just bought my first greenland paddle and I chose the Kalleq. I really love how light weight and efficient it is. I am paddling right along side my buddies who have euro paddles and I am less fatigued. I look forward to seeing how this beauty does in surf and rolling too!

Superb finish and…

Submitted by: paddler893089 on 10/28/2020
Superb finish and craftmanship in every single detail. The best greenland paddle by far!

I have been paddling 3 to 4…

Submitted by: 819312 on 10/26/2020
I have been paddling 3 to 4 times a week for 16 years. Distance and challenging waters are my thing. Years ago I made a cedar Greenland paddle and although I loved using it, carrying a spare was always an issue. Never thought I would go from cedar to carbon fibre, but I tried a friend's Kalleq when we were out paddling one day and was surprised at how much liked it. AND it comes apart into two pieces for easy storage and transportation. But it's not just that...it is a beautifully designed tool, and ultra lightweight, and now my favourite paddle.

This paddle for my Rebel…

Submitted by: Davey on 10/23/2020
This paddle for my Rebel Ilaga is like a custom fit glove for my hand

Purchased my first Kalleq…

Submitted by: rwgebs on 10/15/2020
Purchased my first Kalleq some time ago. At 220cm it was perfect for my narrow kayaks but a bit short for my wider solo canoe. The new 230cm Kalleq earns the same review I previously posted for the 220cm Kalleq. "The fusion of technology, artistry and functionality. Very simply, it doesn't get any better than the Kalleq."

I absolutely love this…

Submitted by: AnetaGVL on 10/9/2020
I absolutely love this paddle: much of an improvement over Akiak. Light, slices in the water like a knife, and a joy to use. Only one thing keeps me from giving this paddle 5 stars: during a rescue practice for solo re-entry, I rigged the paddle under my deck lines for support. The whole tip assembly started coming out: not just the tips that screw in, the whole plastic piece that is attached to the carbon. It happened multiple times, until I finally superglued it, and now it stays.

Completely differnt paddling…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/9/2020
Completely differnt paddling feel compared to Europaddle, but I love it - so fast, so easy so light!

I love this paddle. It is a…

Submitted by: paddler885025 on 10/6/2020
I love this paddle. It is a lite weight excellently made carbon fiber paddle with replaceable tips that is extremely comfortable in my hands and moves smoothly through the water without any flutter while paddling. I especially like the practically "shoulder less" transition form the loom to the blade area allowing my hands to move freely over it's entire length.

I've been using euro paddles…

Submitted by: Stephen1 on 10/1/2020
I've been using euro paddles for 25 plus years with last two being high end Werner high and low angle. They're Excellent paddles but short story long i had shoulder surgery and after rehab found myself fatigued much sooner and feeling strained especially with the high angle blade . Research led me to the Kalleq Greenland and found it to be much more forgiving to the body and just a more natural feel. Paddle is lightweight and find the two piece joinery solid so far . Very happy and excited to see where it takes me.

Paddle came earlier than…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/29/2020
Paddle came earlier than expected! Light, smooth, cuts through the water silently. Takes a slightly different cant than other Greenland paddles, but once you get it (it doesn’t take more than a few strokes), it’s smooth and effortless.

Well worth the money and a…

Submitted by: paddler879681 on 9/23/2020
Well worth the money and a dream to use

After paddling with my wing…

Submitted by: paddler879611 on 9/23/2020
After paddling with my wing and euro blade quite some times, I decide to try a greenland paddle. Luckily, before purchasing, I had a chance to have my hands on Kalleq at the dealer store. My Kalleq 210 cm. (Blitz edition) is such a work of craftsmanship, in particular the Blitz pattern looks really modern and flashy. It feels very solid, light and comfortable in my hands. However, it seems somewhat difficult to press on the paddle clip to take the paddle apart. Besides, while the paddle construction and joint is very well-built, I can hear some friction noises when softly twist the shaft (so I may need to contact the Gearlab customer service to see whether this is normal). All in all, Kalleq is an excellent greenland paddle that worth your money. Can't wait to paddle with it.

My new Kalleq paddle arrived…

Submitted by: paddler878841 on 9/22/2020
My new Kalleq paddle arrived today, and it's gorgeous. Beautifully made, great fit and finish. I have borrowed this paddle model in the past (it is a truly wonderful paddle) and have been waiting with great anticipation for my own paddle to arrive, at my dealer (Kayakers Go Coastal, Inc., in Tacoma, WA). I'll take it out for a spin tomorrow. Can't wait!

Length 190cmExcellent build…

Submitted by: paddlincwolfe on 9/15/2020
Length 190cm Excellent build quality. Solid fitting 2 piece nesting. Sharp refined angles. Pragmatic design with replacement tips. Shoulderless design which is new to me, takes a bit of getting use to but I am starting to like it. Loom slightly larger diameter than I make for myself. That obviously is personal preference. Entry into water is quiet. Balance is excellent. Build quality top notch. A bit heavier than my red cedar paddle but the utility of of a carbon fiber two piece paddle for both air travel or for storing on deck as second paddle is fantastic. I would highly recommend.

A beautifully design enhanced…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/14/2020
A beautifully design enhanced well crafted piece of ancient time tested functionality.

This paddle is super super…

Submitted by: JkayakJ on 9/11/2020
This paddle is super super amazing. Light, easy to paddle, thin, suuuuuper quiet on the water. and has all the specs to tour for 1000s of miles without strain, enough bite to handle any sea state, roll like a pro with this paddle. My only tip is be careful with the awesome idea of replaceable tips. I did an impromtu roll and accidentally grabbed the tip on my roll and it didn't feel strong enough to grab and bite the water with.

The fusion of technology,…

Submitted by: rwgebs on 9/9/2020
The fusion of technology, artistry and functionality. Very simply, it doesn't get any better than the Kalleq.

Stunning. In 15 years of…

Submitted by: paddler867533 on 9/2/2020

Stunning. In 15+ years of sea kayaking I have only used half a dozen paddles regularly, and played with a half dozen more, so I'm not an expert - but this is easily my favorite paddle ever. Most of my miles have been with either a carbon Werner Corryvreckan (an excellent choice for stronger paddlers, especially in conditions) or my trusty old cedar Greenland made for me by Tuktu Paddles (who I can't recommend highly enough if you're looking for a custom-made wood stick). But I wanted two Greenlands and I wanted both to fit on the deck, so I bought a carbon ferrule from Gearlab, sawed the Tuktu in half and reduced it to 210 cm, and have switched to the lighter, stronger, thinner 220cm Kalleq as my main paddle. It's so beautiful and such a pleasure to hold - a working work of art. It weighs 720 grams: when I hand it to people they go "Woah!" I was concerned about the more slippery surface, but quickly adjusted. I was also concerned about the no-shoulder design, but it took about 10 strokes to know I could always "feel" the subtle flare where the ferrule becomes the main blade. As for performance, it's like finding an extra gear on a bike. Silky. Precise. Zero flutter - and the join is so perfect that even in sprint mode it feels like a single piece of carbon. My congratulations to the Gearlab team on an awe-inspiring piece of craftsmanship.


A paddle that feels very well…

Submitted by: paddler866119 on 9/1/2020
A paddle that feels very well made. The joint is very firm and the finish is really smooth. Even with the really thin edges of the blade, the paddle feels comfortable to hold when using it in various technics. Maybe not the lightest carbon paddle but it feels sturdy enough to manage some beating. Really smooth in the water with good power and acceleration. After using a wood paddle the stiffness felt a bit strange but after a couple of hours I really enjoy the paddle and now appreciate the stiffness.

Great paddle! Smooth entry…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/1/2020
Great paddle! Smooth entry and provides a greater pull compared to previous models. Although the price is on the high side, this could very well be the only greenland paddle you ever need.

So light & so well balanced.…

Submitted by: Ruttledog on 9/1/2020
So light & so well balanced. My 2nd Gearlab paddle. Love them. Amazing how strong this thin blade is.

I am began kayaking after our…

Submitted by: paddler865439 on 8/31/2020
I am began kayaking after our friends took us out to kayak in Sitka Sound in Alaska. After that, my wife and I were hooked on both Sitka and kayaking. Since then we have tried quite a few kayaks and paddles. My wife surprised me last year with a greenland paddle she made from red cedar and this year she surprised me with a Gearlab Kalleq paddle. I enjoy both gifts but the Gearlab works best for me because as an older guy (75), the lightness and the ease of extending the paddle makes a difference. The paddle is so thin and light making it much easier for me to stay in the water longer on our paddles. Since it comes apart into 2 pieces, it will be much easier to take with us on our next trip to Sitka. Thanks for the gift, honey!

This is my first Greenland…

Submitted by: fredgoodman on 8/28/2020
This is my first Greenland paddle. I found it easy to adjust to using it. It's beautiful, very light, and easy to handle. One can get as much power in the stroke as one needs, but one can also paddle without strain. Possible difficulties: the flat black finish is beautiful, but I can imagine it making it impossible to find the paddle if you ever get separated from it. The edge is very thin; I don't have enough experience to know how much this improves performance, but possibly it makes the paddle less robust. So it's at least possible that the somewhat cheaper Akiak model in a bright color would actually be the better choice.

This is an amazing paddle! …

Submitted by: paddler864454 on 8/28/2020

This is an amazing paddle!

a pleasure to use and worth every penny i spent on it.

Great Job with design compliments to Gearlab staff.


It fits your hand perfectly…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/25/2020

It fits your hand perfectly and is beautiful!


This is my 2nd Gearlab…

Submitted by: paddler858547 on 8/21/2020
This is my 2nd Gearlab paddle. Oyashio is good but Kalleq feel even better. So light and the entry into the water is so smooth feel like a butter knife

My first Greenland paddle.…

Submitted by: THORPIN on 8/19/2020
My first Greenland paddle. Much nicer then others I have tried. Slices through the water very smoothly and quietly. Very, very light and comfortable. Easy to index and the Bliz colour scheme is great too!

Amazing quality! Kind of…

Submitted by: Padman on 8/14/2020
Amazing quality! Kind of artwork, it's a pleasure!

A very nice paddle with…

Submitted by: xpert1509 on 8/12/2020

A very nice paddle with which you can generate good propulsion.

The paddle is well made and makes a very good impression.


Going from a Europaddle to…

Submitted by: TheDemon on 8/7/2020
Going from a Europaddle to the Gearlab Kalleq was like a whole new world opening to me! It's quiet, light, easy on my shoulder and sharp as a knife :-) and so easy to get used to, that I can never go back to a Europaddle again. The fact that it looks damn good too is not a disadvantage. I'm considering buying one more as my spare paddle on sea cruises.

I bought a Kalleq 5 months…

Submitted by: ccoffman on 8/3/2020
I bought a Kalleq 5 months ago. It is my favorite paddle. Very well balanced and smooth in the water. You can easily vary the stroke intensity from easy on the joints to aggressive. It is now my wife’s favorite paddle. I may have to purchase a second one.

It is light and smooth. I…

Submitted by: paddler841435 on 8/2/2020
It is light and smooth. I love this paddle.

It is everything I had hoped…

Submitted by: paddler837363 on 7/31/2020
It is everything I had hoped for. It looks great and is very light. Has a nice non slippery finish. Entry is very quiet. I just received it and only paddled one time and did not have my GPS but felt like it is almost as fast as my wing paddle.

This is my third Gearlab…

Submitted by: paddler840402 on 7/31/2020
This is my third Gearlab paddle. I have another Kalleq and a Akiaq. The Kalleq is my favorite over the Akiaq because the Kalleq is lighter. The Kalleq is lightweight and strong. I paddle 2-3 times per week. 6-15 miles is my normal paddle. I also do a lot of maneuvers and rolling. The Kalleq is perfect for all of the above.

I have been paddling the…

Submitted by: paddler546804 on 7/25/2020
I have been paddling the Gearlab 230 cmKalleq paddle over the last 12 months 600+ miles and it has been sublime. The shape and flex are very comfortable letting me maintain a 4mph average over my typical 10-22 mile paddles on Lake Tahoe. On the lake or off the NorCal coast it has been my only choice leaving my euro paddles for somebody else to use.

I purchased the other one…

Submitted by: paddler582984 on 7/24/2020
I purchased the other one ...pretty nice paddle....

It is a very good looking…

Submitted by: paddler819648 on 7/10/2020
It is a very good looking black paddle with two red stripes. There is carbon fiber pattern. The paddle i am reviewing is very light compared to a wooden paddle. The paddle comes apart in two pieces. I️ have not used the paddle yet but i am certain that this will perform quite well.

This is by far the best…

Submitted by: DenFarligeHjort on 7/9/2020
This is by far the best paddel i have ever used. it slides through the water and it is easy to Roll with.

I was excited to finally get…

Submitted by: 2bmerlinking on 7/1/2020
I was excited to finally get my Kalleq but I have issues with it and I haven't even been in the water yet. The store only had 220's in stock so I "played" with one of those at the store and it went together fine and came apart OK; hard but I could get it apart. So the store owner ordered a 210 for me. The only way it will go all the way together is if it is tapped on the floor (the store owner had to do that as well while with the 220 I had previously looked at could be pushed together). I cannot get it apart. The store owner could with difficulty. The button pushes easily when it is apart but once it is together, it seems the button binds against the sides of the hole. I can use a flat blade screwdriver with a cloth over it to get the button to push and once it does, I can push it rest of the way with my finger. But then, I can't pull it apart. There is no wiggling between the two pieces which is great, but I need to be able to get it apart. I bought this particular paddle as I have problems with my hands and cannot put my thumbs around the shaft so I needed a round shaft and no shoulders on the blades and this paddle has a longer shaft than others in the Gearlab line. I really would love to give this paddle 5 stars and I'm sure I'm going to love using it, but until I can get it apart, I can't give it 5 starts. The construction looks superb, the finish is smooth. The store owner had a second 210 and it behaved the same way.

Well done - amazing quality.…

Submitted by: paddler803009 on 6/19/2020
Well done - amazing quality. Maximum grip!

I ordered this paddle last…

Submitted by: porkrind on 6/16/2020
I ordered this paddle last week and got it yesterday. Fast service even in these strange COVID times. I'll save an in-depth review for later, once I've had more experience, but for now here are my first impressions. The packaging: the box the paddle came in is quite robust. I think it's safe to say that if you order directly from Gearlab, the odds of any shipping damage happening are quite small. In the box: the paddle came with an extra set of tips in a contrasting red color (the ones on the paddle are black) along with the tool to change the tips and a spare set screw, just in case. There was also a small envelope with what I assumed was branded soap (strange, right?) but turned out to be a bar of wax for lubing the joining section of the shaft. Last but not least were some nice stickers. Can't argue with any of that. The paddle: what a nice piece of design and construction. I cannot find a flaw. The connected joint is absolutely without any rotational or axial slop. The paddle is light and feels great in the hands. I had some concerns that the thinnest part of the blade might feel sharp in the hand when gripping there doing an extended sweep or roll, but no, even though much thinner than a wooden paddle, it's nicely smooth and rounded. The loom and the transition to the blade feels great in the hand. Excited to get out on the water and come back with more detail!

Pricey, but so are any of the…

Submitted by: Fostyrob on 6/15/2020
Pricey, but so are any of the top end euro blades and with a few exceptions you get exactly what you pay for. The paddle is a work of art. So thin and light but impeccably strong. It slices the water and paddles without effort but provides fantastic support and power when needed. First outing was on a spring ebbing tide with 28kmph wind coming from the opposite direction. Water was decidedly bouncy but after a few minutes of getting to grips with the new paddle it felt secure and natural. I have used greenland paddles before but all have been chunky homemade jobs which whilst totally functional have never offered the same feeling of total security. Well done gearlab!

I ordered the paddle last…

Submitted by: paddler795907 on 6/10/2020
I ordered the paddle last week and it was already delivered at my door in the Netherlands two days ago. I couldn't wait to try it out. This is a real all-round paddle and I already know I'm going to use it for everything. Incredibly light and quiet, and this makes it a very relaxed paddle for touring. But you can also use it on the surf, and the paddle is also great to roll!

I bought the Kalleq…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/3/2020

I bought the Kalleq yesterday after a short test. The Kalleq convinced me immediately, so little resistance in the water, so easy. The processing is fantastic, almost, just too good to paddle.


The paddle arrived in the Uk…

Submitted by: paddler788412 on 6/1/2020
The paddle arrived in the Uk just 3 working days after ordering. Considering all the issues around Covid this is extraordinary. You could tell the care that had been taken in the packaging and presentation. And so far the paddle feels great. Thanks Gearlab.

Fantastic paddle, the…

Submitted by: nexxuz on 5/28/2020
Fantastic paddle, the buildquality is excelent.

I was going to make my own…

Submitted by: phiba on 5/21/2020

I was going to make my own Greenland paddle until I started looking for a suitable piece of clear quarter-sawn Western Red Cedar. Closest I could find was a 2x6 board at $12/BF, so an 8-ft piece was going to cost about $100. Add to that several hundred dollars for a decent set of planes, files, sandpaper, and varnish, plus many hours of labor, and then still the possibility of ending up with a with a misshaped hiking stick, makes the cost of the Kalleq a bargain. This paddle is beautiful to look at and to hold, feeling smooth, lightweight, stiff, and well-balanced in the hand. The ferrule joint is very high-precision. Customer service from Gearlab was excellent, helping me decide on the best length for my paddling style. I settled on 220cm, which was ideal by some measuring methods and just on the short side of others. Their stocking US dealer, Offshore Marine, shipped it with lightening-fast speed. I can't wait to get it wet.



Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/17/2020

This is the best Greenland…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/17/2020
This is the best Greenland paddle I have ever used! Very easy to control, good contact to water and light weight. I have used earlier several paddles but this was pure joy!

Excellent product ! High…

Submitted by: SlyBomb on 5/12/2020
Excellent product ! High quality !

The response from Gearlab was…

Submitted by: Blackpearl on 5/12/2020
The response from Gearlab was really exceptional; 8 days from order to first paddle with my Kalleq! I’ve paddled Greenland style exclusively for 6 years and mixed it up prior to that. Until now, I’ve always had a “shouldered” stix so I was a bit nervous investing in the Kalleq. The transition took two paddle outings but now I feel very comfortable with it; a band of tape on the shaft to index my grip solved this issue. The paddling experience was another story. The Kalleq blade has more surface area than my other stixs so more support for bracing and a faster ride. The thinner profile allows for very precise placement for manoeuvring strokes. The water here is still a bit too cold for a full-on rolling session but my one (very quick) trial roll was effortless. Can’t wait for more! In all, a great experience to date. I can hardly wait for my 15 day coastal trip late in the summer to see how it performs with extended paddling. Very highly recommended!

just got my Kalleq and love,…

Submitted by: jskye97 on 5/9/2020
just got my Kalleq and love, love, love it!!! ... smooth and powerful ... easy on my shoulders and wrists ... can't say enough good about paddlers's paddle!!!

light, sturdy, and effortless…

Submitted by: paddler772155 on 5/6/2020
light, sturdy, and effortless in the water

Purchased this new Greenland…

Submitted by: paddler563277 on 5/4/2020
Purchased this new Greenland Paddle from GearLab. I have always Paddled with a high end paddle, so was trepidatious about using a Greenland. It was a fantastic first paddle; easy to get used to, and most importantly, it was easy on my old, dilapidated Shoulders. Headed out again today with it; cannot wait.

After six long months of…

Submitted by: paddler770254 on 5/3/2020
After six long months of waiting for winter to be over so I could get in the water I finally got to take this paddle on it’s maiden voyage. It meets every expectation. During a 5 day kayaking expedition last year I was struggling with my euro paddle untill a fellow paddler loaned me his spare (SPARE!) gearlab paddle. I almost didn’t give it back. Now finally having one of my own I will never use a euro blade paddle again. I have used this paddle to surf with no issues and I absolutely love the power you feel with it. No flutter at all. Ten stars!

I cannot say enough about…

Submitted by: paddler563277 on 5/3/2020
I cannot say enough about this Paddle; I am an older Paddle Fart, with bad Shoulders; on my first long outing of the 2020 Season, I used my new Gearlab Kalleq; had an excellent long Paddle; but more importantly, for the first time in Years, the old shoulders did not hurt during the Paddle, nor ache afterwards. I am sold; Give this Paddle a 10 out of 5; EXCELLENT !!

I tried the Kalleq at a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/28/2020
I tried the Kalleq at a Greenland skills clinic where a rep had the full line of Gearlab paddles available for demo. I'd struggled with the Greenland paddle stroke using a wooden paddle; but the technique really came together for me with the Kalleq. It feels great on the hands and is a delight to paddle.