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It is a very good kayak to paddle and very seaworthy. Not that stable to get into initially but you get used to it and it is great in the water. Good secondary stability but probably suit an intermediate level paddler rather than a beginner. This is NOT an easy boat to self-rescue if you wet exit as it, being a skin on frame, does not float that high in the water even with the buoyancy bags fully inflated. ( Keep checking and re-inflating in the water)!A sea sock can be purchased from Chill Cheater UK, directly, cheaper and usually in stock which helps somewhat

10 minute assembly time is somewhat optimistic. Count on 25mins plus. However, what really takes the time is the wash down of the skin frames and tubes after use in saltwater and drying of the skin. Never forget to re-oil it as well as this makes assembly the next time so much easier and, of course, limits corrosion. Not a boat for a casual single day trip unless you are extremely keen. It is a labour of love.

Be very careful when assembling and disassembling the boat. The ball sockets in the plastic bow and stern sections can dislocate and come out. I usually hold the plastic frame up above my head and let the shock cord pull the frame sections together, then grab all of them together so to limit the accidental movement that could cause dislocation. You are not going to be able to push it back in place and go paddling, even with the addition of WD40 or similar. The plastic female insert needs to be pushed out of the tube and the ball on aluminium tube inserted and the whole lot pushed back into the tube. This is a huge hassle if you do not carry a thin strong carbon fibre rod or equivalent with you to place inside the tube section and push out the female socket while pushing in its retaining lugs. Make sure you line it all up correctly when you push it all back again or there will be tears of frustration. Pliers, vice grips or screwdrivers applied to the plastic socket when trying to remove will only damage the plug, yourself and the aluminium tube.

However, the jacks are a weakness. You will definitely need to keep one as a spare, if you can get one. The plastic plugs in the frame that the tube ball joints clip into are also weak, and it is best to keep a few on hand. I have 3 D printed some replacements as I received no feedback from the company. The aluminium frame and coaming do cause damage and wear to the carbon frames. Keep an eye on this and apply export if required. The availability of spares from the company is distinctly worrying. I have wanted a spare jack for over a year and it is always in 'pre-order' state. The date from January two years ago has now moved to November 2022. I have no idea if the two year wait time for a new boat has improved but they keep on offering special colour editions so one would sincerely hope so, or this is going to be another maker going into the deep blue abyss leaving behind a very good product that does not deserve such a fate.

My first Greenland paddle. Much nicer then others I have tried. Slices through the water very smoothly and quietly. Very, very light and comfortable. Easy to index and the Bliz colour scheme is great too!

Bought this paddle for a 2 month, 1400km solo paddle through the French rivers and canals. Brilliant, strong and light paddle. Has been bashed around but still looks almost new. Only slight issue is a slightly loose joint. 'Cured' with some insulation / electrical tape but will try the 'dip in varnish trick' as suggested on their website.
Great paddle, the Gecko print rocks!