Name: timfrick

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I absolutely love my Kalleq greenland paddle. It is very light yet very solid feeling. The ferrule system is rock solid and not noticeable when doing sliding strokes. The shape of the paddle and it’s thin edges slice into the water quietly and efficiently. The replaceable tip system and replaceable ferrule system will ensure that this paddle will last longer than me. The quality and workmanship are second to none. I have carved and used my own paddles for years and as much as I love the feel of cedar, the Kalleq is now my preferred paddle.

This kayak had been on my list to purchase but I didn't get a chance to either try it or buy it until now. I rented the Tempest from Paddle Toronto for the day and travelled across the busy Toronto harbour to Toronto Islands. Within about two minutes of battling the boat wake I instantly realized that this should have been the boat for me. Here is why:
It tracked really well and yet was responsive to edging. I didn't need the skeg at all even in sections where there was a 3/4 wind/wave combination.

The boat was comfortable with easily adjustable footpegs and seat back. The seat back was lower than I am used to, but was comfortable just the same. In fact it felt as if I had a greater range of motion in my torso. When crossing large boat wakes it rode the wave as opposed to diving through. i like this feature as it keeps you dryer.

Both primary and secondary stability were impressive and it always felt stable yet manoeuverable. Can't really comment on hatches but the deck rigging was ample. Lots of places to strap gear to the deck.

The only reason for a 9 would be that I couldn't test the boat loaded. Otherwise it was a delightful paddling experience and I will be on the lookout for a used one ASAP.

After a year of paddling the Venture Easky 17LV has proven to be a reliable performer in a variety of conditions.

Very good primary stability in that it handles waves from any direction predictably.
Seat and seat back are very comfortable, and the seat back is a tad higher than most. The seat back is also adjustable in terms of tension. No back problems whatsoever.
Foot pegs are adjustable easily and solid.
Thigh braces are adjustable.
Deck rigging is ample although I have added some bungees to suit my personal needs, but this was easy to do. Deck lines are solid.
Skeg works like a dream in wind and waves, and any combination thereof. I rarely use the skeg as it tracks very nicely.
Hatches keep things dry most of the time.
Secondary stability is a long way over.
Easy to do paddle float self rescues on due it's stability.
Enough room for a few days worth of gear and food.

Seems a tiny bit slower than the average 17 footer but that could be just me. It accelerates nicely when needed.
Turning isn't as sharp as some boats due to the hard chine and hull grooves. Since most of my trips are for distance, this is actually a non-factor.
The skeg pull is located behind the cockpit and is a bit tricky to operate since you can't see it.
The seat back has a function where it can be extended higher. I have not used it as it would interfere with the spray skirt. Might be good for lounging in mid channel.

A very stable and well built boat for beginners and intermediate paddlers. Handles all conditions well.