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I was excited to finally get my Kalleq but I have issues with it and I haven't even been in the water yet. The store only had 220's in stock so I "played" with one of those at the store and it went together fine and came apart OK; hard but I could get it apart. So the store owner ordered a 210 for me. The only way it will go all the way together is if it is tapped on the floor (the store owner had to do that as well while with the 220 I had previously looked at could be pushed together). I cannot get it apart. The store owner could with difficulty. The button pushes easily when it is apart but once it is together, it seems the button binds against the sides of the hole. I can use a flat blade screwdriver with a cloth over it to get the button to push and once it does, I can push it rest of the way with my finger. But then, I can't pull it apart. There is no wiggling between the two pieces which is great, but I need to be able to get it apart. I bought this particular paddle as I have problems with my hands and cannot put my thumbs around the shaft so I needed a round shaft and no shoulders on the blades and this paddle has a longer shaft than others in the Gearlab line. I really would love to give this paddle 5 stars and I'm sure I'm going to love using it, but until I can get it apart, I can't give it 5 starts. The construction looks superb, the finish is smooth. The store owner had a second 210 and it behaved the same way.