Name: dswatters

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Love it. I find I’m paddling further now that I don’t have to save some for the lift onto the roof on return. Expensive, but worth it, my back and shoulders thank you……l

An amazing piece of engineering brilliance. Been paddling it since April and my other boats haven’t seen the water. Convenience in assembly, storage. Great tracking, water stays where it’s supposed to be.
Amazing sales and after sales service from the small team at

I travel a lot and it’s so nice to be able to have a hard shell 14’2” kayak secure in the back of the car. Only a few minutes to assemble - true, but allow yourself ten minutes or more to answer all the questions from the crowd you will inevitably draw.

Love it. Feels so natural, can paddle further, faster with same rate of effort. Regular paddle will be my ‘spare’ for the foreseeable future.

Great design, neat on deck storage of rescue gear with room for extras