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After reading so many glowing reviews for the Kalleq paddle I decide to treat myself to one for my birthday . I've owned and love my trusty Akika paddle for three years now and couldn't see how the Kalleq could be so much better. Three paddles in and I'm a convert . Bracing ,rolling and steering with the kalleq is sharper and more confidence inspiring , BUT the real pleasant surprise for me was how its improved my abilities in the surf. I now have so much self confidence in the waves that I'm now venturing out of my usual estuary paddling into the ocean . Exploring my local coast line has really increased my paddling pleasure , and challenged me to develop new skills and capabilities . I can not recommend the Kalleq highly enough , Especially to people like myself who are sceptical about upgrading . In my opinion "it's a game changer" I feel I have moved to a higher level due to the increased self confidence the Kalleq has given me.