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Purchased this new Greenland Paddle from GearLab. I have always Paddled with a high end paddle, so was trepidatious about using a Greenland. It was a fantastic first paddle; easy to get used to, and most importantly, it was easy on my old, dilapidated Shoulders. Headed out again today with it; cannot wait.

I cannot say enough about this Paddle; I am an older Paddle Fart, with bad Shoulders; on my first long outing of the 2020 Season, I used my new Gearlab Kalleq; had an excellent long Paddle; but more importantly, for the first time in Years, the old shoulders did not hurt during the Paddle, nor ache afterwards. I am sold; Give this Paddle a 10 out of 5; EXCELLENT !!

This is a well constructed Paddle Bag; It is easily adjustable length, by a strap. Note; I previously rated it a 4/5 Stars, because I did not know the Strap could be used to change Bag Length. Once I so how easy this worked, I needed to revise upwards my rating. All the gear was well packaged when it was shipped.

Well constructed; excellent quality; highly recommend this Paddle. i like the fact that You can replace the tips, should they become damaged.

Well made; well designed.