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This is a nicely-made, well thought out item that solves several problems for me. I like that I can store my pump and paddle float securely without wedging them under the deck bungees, yet still access both easily. I've found it to be more difficult than I'd like getting the pump back under the bungees in a pinch while still paddling for stability. This solves that problem. I also like having my hydration bladder, snacks and other small items at the ready without jamming my PFD pockets so full of stuff that I look like a lumpy version of the Michelin man.

I ordered this paddle last week and got it yesterday. Fast service even in these strange COVID times. I'll save an in-depth review for later, once I've had more experience, but for now here are my first impressions. The packaging: the box the paddle came in is quite robust. I think it's safe to say that if you order directly from Gearlab, the odds of any shipping damage happening are quite small. In the box: the paddle came with an extra set of tips in a contrasting red color (the ones on the paddle are black) along with the tool to change the tips and a spare set screw, just in case. There was also a small envelope with what I assumed was branded soap (strange, right?) but turned out to be a bar of wax for lubing the joining section of the shaft. Last but not least were some nice stickers. Can't argue with any of that. The paddle: what a nice piece of design and construction. I cannot find a flaw. The connected joint is absolutely without any rotational or axial slop. The paddle is light and feels great in the hands. I had some concerns that the thinnest part of the blade might feel sharp in the hand when gripping there doing an extended sweep or roll, but no, even though much thinner than a wooden paddle, it's nicely smooth and rounded. The loom and the transition to the blade feels great in the hand. Excited to get out on the water and come back with more detail!

I can't tell you what the difference is between this new style of bag and the old, but I can say this is a very nice, well thought out bag. The fit is snug so there's no flapping material or extra space taken up, and the end folds over with a strap and a clip to accommodate the various lengths of paddle. Three best features... 1. The strap is actually useful and well balanced for shoulder or hand carry 2. The padding in the middle really protects the paddle from marring due to rubbing between the halves. 3. I didn't know this when I ordered, but the paddle tip end has a hard cap to protect the business end of the paddle from impact. Well worth the price.