Name: Davey

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This deck pod fit nicely, just forweard of the cockpit without getting in the way. Nice pouch access to store phone and GoPro. I had a 3 Ltr hydration pouch and still had room for a couple of coldies. My bilge pump and paddle float make everything easily accessible and compact. I am highly impressed and would recommend this product to anyone.

This fit nicely on the forward deck of my Rebel Ilaga, without getting in the way of paddling. I bought a 3 Ltr pouch for water and still had room for a couple of coldies for those days you just want to kick back and hang in the mangroves. I also had nice access to my phhone and GoPro camera.

This paddle for my Rebel Ilaga is like a custom fit glove for my hand

I bought the Astral V-Eight PFD specifically with my Rebel Ilaga in mind, which has a low seat-back and low flat aft deck. I wanted a vest that would not restrict arm movement or present any obstacles for rolling. I am also using this during Florida's hot summer months so I was looking for a mesh back for coolness. This vest scores 5 stars on all of these points. In addition, the shoulder straps, chest strap, and dual side straps, on each side, can be individually adjusted, keeping the vest snug and comfortable. I have had no feeling of the vest riding up on me nor have I experienced any arm restrictions during advanced paddle techniques. I like the zipper access on the pockets making a cross arm retrieval of my phone a quick and easy process. The pockets are not deep if you like to carry a lot of gear, but I don't carry a lot of gear on my vest. I feel safe and secure in the V-Eight which is what a PFD comes down to. I am 5'9", 172 lbs with a 41" chest and like to take long walks on the beach (LOL... couldn't resist). I selected the Medium/Large. This is a perfect fit with plenty of room on the straps. Astral also makes a woman's version, which is less bulky in the chest.

I recently bought this Werner Kalliste carbon bent-shaft 220 cm paddle from Native Water Sports in Jensen Beach, FL--it is the nicest Euro blade I have ever used. The super light weight (712 g) and bent shaft takes the pressure off your wrists— you will never feel the fatigue in your arms. The blade is meant for low angle and perfect for Florida cruising along the Intracoastal and in the mangroves, but when you need the power in ocean swells, it’s right there. Granted, torso height is a more weighted component of paddle length, but paddle style is also a major consideration. A torso height of up to 28” and a low angle paddling style fits a 220 cm just fine, especially the Kalliste which is meant for low angle paddling. I chose this paddle for the habitats I most frequent, which is shallow water and usually exploring the mangroves of the Intracoastal. With my Rebel Ilaga at only 19.25”W and super low volume, the Kalliste is a perfect paddle for what I do and where I go....

Effortlessly strokes through the water and wind. I have recently purchased this paddle for my 18’ McNulty Sea Hunter (1986) and what a difference this paddle has made. I no longer need to concentrate on my stroke. I have tried all the articulating positions and have settled on the 45 degree as my default state. The bent shaft is easy on the wrists and hands. Of course the lightness seems impossible. I like the length and slimness of the blade for distance trips, giving me just enough grab without feeling any resistance. Fits together so nicely and feels like a solid shaft. Awesome. Simply awesome.