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I was going to make my own Greenland paddle until I started looking for a suitable piece of clear quarter-sawn Western Red Cedar. Closest I could find was a 2x6 board at $12/BF, so an 8-ft piece was going to cost about $100. Add to that several hundred dollars for a decent set of planes, files, sandpaper, and varnish, plus many hours of labor, and then still the possibility of ending up with a with a misshaped hiking stick, makes the cost of the Kalleq a bargain. This paddle is beautiful to look at and to hold, feeling smooth, lightweight, stiff, and well-balanced in the hand. The ferrule joint is very high-precision. Customer service from Gearlab was excellent, helping me decide on the best length for my paddling style. I settled on 220cm, which was ideal by some measuring methods and just on the short side of others. Their stocking US dealer, Offshore Marine, shipped it with lightening-fast speed. I can't wait to get it wet.