Name: rayrik

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Already impressed by the look, design, feel when I saw it at the Gearlab dealer. Even more impressed once on water- quick response, surface just right not slippery neither too rough, silent in catch but also free from “howling”( like Lettman and Grams).I love my Eastpole 210 for easy paddling but in surf and rough water it does not have enough surface, for that carbon is better anyway. Inuksuk is too thick, Lettman overpriced, too long and howls, Grams is the closest competitor. I like Lars Gram paddle but Kalleq is just better for what I need (surf, rough water). While I liked Grams a lot, Kalleq had the wow effect from very first strokes on water, I wanted 210 but with more surface than Grams. Overall is at the moment the best GP carbon paddle on the market.

Already have paddle bags, did not intend to buy another one but the Gearlab dealer send me test Kalleq in the bag- ordered it right away because it is better than all I have. Intelligently designed, solid material, fits perfectly. Nice surprise was how good it fits while cycling.