Name: SLively

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This is my second Gearlab paddle, following on my success and delight with their Akiak paddle. The Kalleq is a little more forgiving a paddle than the Akiak. With the Akiak I have to be more focused on the precision of my catch and stroke, the Kalleq will accept a bit more inaccuracy and still provide a solid stroke. The slightly wider blade seems to give a bit more power to the stroke, which, I would think, will make it slightly more suited to surf and tight quarters in rocks and such. I am thoroughly pleased with my Kalleq, although I find myself using the Akiak a bit more so as not to get lazy with my technique.

I just received my Deck Pod a few days ago and used it for the first time yesterday. An excellent product! It's very well made, installs on my foredeck easily and stays put. I have a handheld gps mounted 6-8 inches in front of my cockpit and place the Deck Pod just forward of that. It holds my bilge pump and paddle float securely and the zipper for the central pocket is easily reached. I haven't had it out in heavy weather or high waves, but it seems solid enough to handle them. I highly recommend it.