Tarpon 105 Description

Formerly known as the Tarpon 100, the new Tarpon 105 is the same sit-on-top legend but revitalized and refined. Retaining everything paddlers love from the celebrated original with improved comfort, stability, speed and paddler interface, the new Tarpon is easily the most versatile boat in the Wilderness Systems lineup that is equally at home on rivers, lakes or oceans. Every detail is carefully crafted and executed flawlessly to bring you boundless paddling perfection.

Tarpon 105 Specs and Features

  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • The premiere sit-on-top kayak is now even better and more comfortable
  • Fast, efficient and straight tracking
  • Excellent stability - great initial stability and solid secondary stability when the boat is leaned on edge
  • Dog-friendly - bring Fido along for the ride
  • The most comfortable and adjustable Phase 3® AirPro seating system featurs CoolTouch so your seat stays cool
  • Large rear storage well for crates, coolers, fishing equipment, scuba tanks & camping gear
  • Front storage hatch offers dry storage
  • Mesh cover for rear storage area to secure items - can be rolled back
  • Sectioned storage tray to organize smaller items like sunscreen, fishing lures and snacks
  • User-friendly paddler interface - new features including a water bottle strap and dry box are all within easy reach
  • MagnaTec magnetic water bottle strap system
  • DryTec removable dry box is perfect for storing wallets, phones, keys and other valuables
  • SlideTrax™ accessory rails so you can customize your kayak for fishing, filming or adding other accessories
  • Quick park paddle holder
  • Rigid carry handles for easy transport

Where to Buy the Tarpon 105

Wilderness Systems
Tarpon 105 Reviews

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I LOVE this kayak. It cuts…

Submitted by: imbecilia on 7/7/2020
I LOVE this kayak. It cuts thru the water like a breeze, has plenty of so far waterproof storage, is really stable and has a comfortable seat. I love having adjustable footpegs and having storage that is easily accessed. The groovy mod purple color is a plus also. I can't say anything bad about my Tarpon except that I have to have help putting it up on the roof rack. That's the only drawback, I wouldn't take it out in winter, but it's my go to for fun in the summer sun. It's also affordable.

Has the most comfortable seat…

Submitted by: paddler810852 on 7/1/2020
Has the most comfortable seat and storage lids are great at sealing out water and easy to open and close. Love this kayak

had a go sea kayak from new…

Submitted by: paddler774492 on 5/11/2020
had a go sea kayak from new and sold it within two days. then bought tarpon 100 and its like mini to rolls royce

Tracks very nicely, glides…

Submitted by: paddler770218 on 5/3/2020
Tracks very nicely, glides extremely well, agile, dry, stable and comfortable. At 55 lbs. very easy to load and unload from my truck. I am retired, on a fixed budget this is a great kayak for me. I fish for enjoyment and exercise. It holds my three rods and all my gear. I bought this kayak 14 months ago am very satisfied with my purchase.

I would give this kayak 5…

Submitted by: paddler582051 on 2/10/2020

I would give this kayak 5 stars except for the fact that they have changed the seats to the air pro 3 which does not fit in my kayak or my husbands which we bought about 5/6 years ago. Why are there no replacement seats for the older system? Makes no sense. So I have to buy a new kayak just to replace the seat? It is a great kayak we own 2 of them. Perfect for out on a lake or on the river in class I or II rapids. I love love it except for the seat issue. Very comfortable design but no way to replace


I have been mostly a sea…

Submitted by: Slasher-the-Elf on 2/4/2020

I have been mostly a sea kayaker - using an Old Town Nantucket. I recently bought a Tarpon 100 to use on the local rivers - which are mature, slow and shallow. i bought a demo model from the local backpacking shop for $550. Theres not much that is remarkable about this boat. Its size is handy. At 55 pounds its easy to drag up on top of the car - where i leave mine. The water tight compartments are useful as are all the bungy hold downs - especially on the sides. Its a great place to stow a line or secure your paddle.

I have a hard time call this thing a Kayak - its short, wide and has a chair type seat. I use mine often and feel like I got my $550 worth of boat. I would never take this on any river with white water or out any distance from shore - its more of a toy and near shore fishing platform....and not really a kayak - but that is exactly what Wilderness Systems sells it as.


I bought 6 two years ago and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/20/2019

I bought 6 two years ago and have 12 older (different brands) kayaks at my ranch on a river. The Tarpon 100's have lost most of their handles from rot and the seats are in various states of disrepair. Four of the 6 have severe leaks due to holes in the same place on each kayak. I use these in a river where there are infrequent, low level, rocky rapids. The scupper holes under the seats where they intersect the bottom are a weak point in the design and construction of these kayaks. Repairing this is almost impossible since the holes all occur where the bottom of the kayak turns up into the scupper hole.
None of the other kayaks have these problems. The Native Watercraft kayaks I have had on this river for 10 years and still using the same handles and have no leaks.


I've been very pleased with…

Submitted by: jptalley on 6/19/2018

I've been very pleased with this kayak. My previous kayak was a less expensive sit-inside. I wanted more stability and easier re-entry in case of capsizing. I thought a sit-on-top would feel more top heavy...but not the case with the Tarpon. It has been very steady...even in rough water. One of the best assets of this boat is the seat. It is very supportive and comfortable. The only thing I would consider different would be boat length. The longer boats are a little faster (which would be nice). But, the Tarpon 100 fits perfect inside my VW Vanagon.


I have had two since mid…

Submitted by: kitjones on 5/14/2018

I have had two since mid 2016. There are a couple of things. Weight...50 lbs is not a easy one to launch. Secondly, on a flat lake its a bit sluggish, some track left or right on their own. Straps and gadgets get in the way some, but have purpose. And for the complaint. The seats. The up and down backrest will fall over the stops if your a big person and push back in your seat. You can't fix it while your Yaking. I have replaced all the parts and still happens often, every trip out. Great concept, bad plastics used, too flexible.


3 years now, many fishing…

Submitted by: bamafound on 9/21/2016
3 years now, many fishing trips, hasn't let me down. Very stable, and sturdy. No signs of issues yet. Very happy I chose Wilderness systems.

I bought a Tarpon 100 in 2011…

Submitted by: ttorma on 9/3/2016
I bought a Tarpon 100 in 2011 as a second kayak. My first is a Mad River Synergy 12, really a canoe/kayak hybrid. I wanted a boat that was shorter and easier to maneuver in rapids and one that had scupper holes. My primary intended use was fishing and multi-day fishing and camping trips.

Overall, the Tarpon 100 is a great boat for the money. It weighs about 55 pounds and is listed as 30.5 inches wide. Hull is made of high-density polyethylene which has proven rugged and durable. It came with a comfortable seat, two flush-mounted rod holders behind the seat and slide trax on the gunwale in front of the cockpit and along the rear cargo area for mounting accessories(none included with boat). Slide trax are a great way to add rod holders or a go-pro mount (or whatever else you might want) without putting holes in the boat.

Also standard with the boat was a bungee system in the rear well to hold your cargo and two in-hull storage areas (one in the bow and one in the cockpit) with excellent locking lids. Hatch covers feature a hinged design and locking lever; to open hatch, simply slide lever to unlock cover and flip open to access gear. I have gone on multi-day solo camping trips in this boat with no problem stowing all of the gear I need.

The adjustable foot rests are much better than boats with molded in foot rests.

Now, for performance. It is very stable, even in light choppy water. Although it is not designed for white water, I use it in class II rapids and like the maneuverability as well as the self-bailing scuppers -- sometimes water comes over the bow or the gunwale in a steep drop or in roiling water, but it just drains right out.

It's short length brings pros and cons. In some circumstances, a shorter boat is helpful when trying to get into a fishing area with downed trees or other obstacles, and it is easier to turn than a longer boat. But when you are paddling to get somewhere on flat water, you work a lot harder than even a 12 foot boat. You have to paddle harder and when you stop, the glide does not last very long. Tracking is also an issue. I am not an expert paddler, but I have enough experience with my 12 foot boat to know there is a pretty big difference. In particular, my Tarpon 100 tends to drift to the right regardless of other variables. This my not be unique to the Tarpon 100, maybe all 10 foot yaks track poorly, but this is the only one I have experience with. That is why I rated it at 7 rather than higher.

Still, I would recommend it, especially for fishermen or newer paddlers. If I know I will have a long, flat paddle, I take my 12 foot boat. If I am going on a river trip with current to help do some of the work, I take the Tarpon 100. It is a good boat with great features for the money.


I just purchased two Tarpon…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/1/2016
I just purchased two Tarpon 100 Kayaks. These are amazing little kayaks, very stable, tracks very well for a shorter boat, very easy to paddle & control,very light to carry into the water, the stock seat wilderness uses on these Tarpons is fantastic,super comfortable, very wide & very adjustable including seat back height as well as seat bottom adjustments, the seating design also keeps your butt dry on flat water,the driest I've ever been with a sit on top kayak.

I am 6' tall @ 220 lbs and have no problems with this 10 footer at all.The four accessory tracks are ample & very versatile, this is standard on the Tarpon, so I opted not to buy the angler version, I'm going to add my personal favorite rod holders & accessories to customize as I see fit.My wife is 5'6" weight unknown by anyone & she also loves this kayak. This Wilderness tarpon will be a hard one to beat in this price range.
Thanks, I hope my 2 cents helps out.


I bought a newer second hand…

Submitted by: paddler236892 on 6/22/2016
I bought a newer second hand Tarpon 100 about 4 months ago, and I have lost count of how many times I have had out fishing on local rivers and lakes. It is an awesome fishing kayak. It tracks well for a short boat, it is super comfortable, and light enough for me to handle without help.

Extremely satisfied with this…

Submitted by: paddler236839 on 6/6/2016
Extremely satisfied with this purchase. The WS Tarpon 100 is perfect for my fishing needs. Tracks well, even while paddling in to the wind, very stable, easy to maneuver and the seat system is top notch (very comfortable). I spend any where between 8-14 hours on the water (ponds, rivers and lakes) for any given outing. This kayak surpassed all of my expectations and there is also plenty of dry storage. In closing, Wilderness Systems also thought of the small details, which are pleasant surprises you'll learn along your excursions, wherever they may be.

Very fast and agile boat with…

Submitted by: gerryalley on 5/19/2016
Very fast and agile boat with capabilities to maneuver in tight spaces unlike the larger sot yaks. Easy to paddle and move with a smaller paddler.

Good size for river or lake…

Submitted by: paddler236747 on 5/4/2016
Good size for river or lake areas. Easy to maneuver rapids and low streams. Stability is great. Adjustable foot pegs a must and help with distant travel and power stroking. Good lines that help kayak through water with ease. Handles on kayak deteriorate and need to be replaced after a few years. Easy to unscrew and screw new ones in place. Very satisfied with these kayaks. We have a blue and a green kayak Tarpon 100.

The WS Tarpon 100 is a great…

Submitted by: spirit4earth on 4/27/2016
The WS Tarpon 100 is a great kayak. I took off 2 points for weight and tracking, though neither of those are really faults of the kayak. At 10', it tracks very well for what it is. The seat is relatively comfortable---overall, the outfitting and possibility for add-ons is excellent. It's very stable because it's quite wide. This isn't a fast kayak, though it certainly can get you where you want to go. It's a heavy beast, but it's easy enough to cartop if you use a bath rug on the back of the car to slide the kayak onto the rack. Recommended!

I have had my Wilderness Tarpon 100 for 3 seasons. Pros:…

Submitted by: paddler236495 on 9/5/2015
I have had my Wilderness Tarpon 100 for 3 seasons.
Great accessibility to storage compartments. Stable ride. Adjustable foot rests. Overall a good seat with lumbar support. Sometimes I do need a log roll behind my back. Glides smoothly in minimal (very minimal) water. Durable.

Weight. Hard for a 115 lb female to put on top a car in a rack. Hence, bought a trailer, much easier to manage. Tracking. A friend has the same kayak but 120. I wish I had bought the 120. I did not as I thought the extra length would make it even harder to put car top. Now that I have a trailer, would not matter. The 120 tracks so much easier. I am a stronger paddler on the right so the kayak tends to shift to the left stopping the smooth forward glide.

I would definitely recommend the Wilderness System Kayak. Do not go smaller than 120 unless you are only planning to basically fish and tracking is not a big deal.
Last... a girl thing! LOVE THE LIME GREEN COLOR!!!


45 positive/perfect reviews…

Submitted by: Scraw_Knee on 8/25/2015
45 positive/perfect reviews of the Tarpon 100 have been added here since I first put in my review on 03-03-2011. That fact illustrates the exponentially growing popularity of this 10' SOT. I decided to add another review, now that I have enjoyed my Tarpon 100 over 150 "trips", spending many hours most times on it. My trips have stemmed from over 40 launch sites, many of which would not be approachable with a bigger heavier boat. The scope and diversity of my experiences on my Tarpon 100 have convinced me that anyone who gets going on a Tarpon 100 will be "SOThankful" for choosing it.

Bought one, then another,…

Submitted by: devoj on 8/19/2015
Bought one, then another, then another, then sold two fellow kayaker on them and they each bought one. We had all tried out several other yaks previously. The Tarpon 100 won hands down in all categories, which are:

The Tarpon 100 started out as…

Submitted by: SharpShooter on 7/31/2015
The Tarpon 100 started out as my husbands kayak. He allowed me to try it and I have not let him have it back. Out of the 5 kayaks we have I love this one the most. With its phase 3 seat I can sit in it for 10 plus hours without getting a sore bottom.

I love the fact I can carry my cooler and tackle box behind me. I use the scupper holes as my rod holders. And the locking storage areas are great for putting things that need to be kept drier and are easy to access while going down the river. The front storage area is harder to access but can be done while kayaking.

Overall I just love the comfort and storage of the Wilderness Tarpon 100. I am even thinking of having the flush mount rod holders installed in the areas that are already there for them.


This is by far, I believe,…

Submitted by: paddler236329 on 7/4/2015
This is by far, I believe, the best sit on top Kayak model. Period. I've done everything from class 3+ whitewater to fishing/camping trips in my yak. The storage design is fantastic. It has two hatches in front and midship for internal storage. I am able to keep an extra paddle inside, along with camping gear. The two side pockets with the Web cover is extremely convenient when juggling fishing supplies and tackle or whatever.

The new models have a phase 3 air pro seat with 3 levels of adjustment that make it a real comfortable ride. It tracks great, can take a beating if you run it hard and I'd never buy anything different.


Great yak, my first SOT.…

Submitted by: WaterWacker on 7/2/2015
Great yak, my first SOT. Rigged for fishing it serves well for short jaunts. I say this for the reason the shorter boat is a bit slower than the 120 if not for that I'd rate it a full 10. then again it is what it is. easy to load and a decent weight cap.

Been paddling the Tarpon 100…

Submitted by: lxmeier on 7/2/2015
Been paddling the Tarpon 100 for over a year now. It's still awesome. While it does not track quite as well as the Tarpon 140, it is soooo much easier to handle on Missouri Ozark streams. It still handles small lakes very well. Plan to take to Minnesota this summer and Florida later in the year. I think it would be fine on near shore ocean paddling.

Stability is great. Weight carrying capacity is above average for a 10 foot boat. It is easy to put on top of the truck, a big benefit over the older Tarpon 140. The wife paddles one also. We are very pleased with this little boat.


I bought my first Tarpon 100…

Submitted by: rddiehl0 on 7/1/2015
I bought my first Tarpon 100 back in May when all my buddies got kayaks and I absolutely love it! It has lots of room for storage, is really comfortable and the adjustable seat is amazing. I am a pretty tall and long armed guy so this is probably why I don't have issues with parts of the yak obstructing me while paddling. But for the money it's a great yak.

My wife and I have fished the…

Submitted by: paddler230939 on 4/16/2015
My wife and I have fished the bays of south Louisiana for well over a decade before yak fishing began to catch on in this part of the country. I have owned numerous other fishing yaks from OK, WS, Heritage and Perception Sport. As I am now getting a lot closer to 70 than 60, I find that I am willing to give up a bit of speed for lighter weight to load and launch.

I have recently acquired a new Tarpon 100 (my first Tarpon 100 was confiscated by my spouse who refuses to return it). Some observations and suggestions for all interested, but especially for older folks like me with serious back problems. I have ankylosing spondilitis with some significant curvature of the fused spine)... the factory seat in the newer Tarpons has some contour but not much paddling for my boney buttocks... so, first thing I do now is put a Skwoosh pad in the seat bottom... not much extra padding, but your butt will not go numb and the feeling is rather like riding on a cushions saddle. Second, I use electric wire bundle ties to afix a simple air cushion like hunters would sit on to the seat back of the new Tarpon seat.

I really do not like the new seatbacks that have a spring and rise up or down as you move in the seat, so I tighten the seat back down to the bottom with the ties as well. This arrangement turns out to be remarkable comfortable for hours at a time.

Next. WS did something to all of the smaller round hinged hatches, probably to lessen leakage. But they are nearly impossible to open new and don't get much better with use. Also, the metal clips that hold the wire brad in the hinge tends to pop out of them. So, brand new put marine silicon on the little wire hinge brads and they will stay in place. Then spray a lubricant all around friction surfaces of the hatch interior. this hels a great deal but they will still be quite tight.

Now for the good things: the little Tarpons handle a good sized body (I weigh 190 mostly muscle still) and will track exceptionally well for a ten foot yak. Take a small 12 quart hard sided ice chest and afix a dual plastic rod holder to the left side if you are right handed... then set the ice chest in the tank well where it open from the right as you are facing the bow. Thus, your rod holder will be on the left to reach back to and not obstruct your casting. Use the electrical ties to afix the bungee cords to the ice chest handle to keep the ice chest from migrating or whatever. This set up is very easy to launch and if you must carry it a little farther than desired get a C-tug yak cart. It fits like a glove and you can use two fingers to pull the Tarpon wherever you wish.

The Tarpon 100 is very stable even in rough chop, glides well for a sort yak, has zero hull slap, and is extremely rugged... Use scupper plugs if you like dry feet and gear... Compared with the price of today's modern sexy yaks with all kinds of accessories and heavy weight, the little Tarpon as modified above is affordable, very handy for fishing in salt or fresh water, and a pleasure to load up at the end of a long fishing day... and your butt and legs will not be numb or sore...

This is likely the last yak I will acquire as it does everything and more that I need and it does it very well indeed.


I like this kayak. Good for a…

Submitted by: ferdinandalsina on 11/5/2014
I like this kayak. Good for a beginner. Comfortable seat, lots of storage, tracks well. Very solid which makes the kayak heavier than others of same length. Don't care too much for the foot pedals. You have to lean forward to adjust. I seen others that have a handle so you can quickly adjust from your seat without having to lean forward. They seem a bit cheap as well. I do wish I had the 120 instead. My wife has a Venus 11 and tracks better. It still a good kayak though.

I don't like this kayak,…

Submitted by: paddler234213 on 9/24/2014
I don't like this kayak, which I just tried at the club where I go boating. I've had several Ocean Kayaks (Venus 11, Scrambler 11, Prowler 13) and liked every one of them better.

This boat has all kinds of straps and gewgaws which get in the way of the paddle stroke, and it's too wide, which causes me to bump the paddle against the boat unless I do a very wide, shallow stroke. I do like the adjustable footrests, which give lots of latitude as to length, but they are cheaply made plastic and will probably be the first thing to break on this boat. The boat is also slow. The side-mounted, non-recessed carry handles bump my hands as I paddle.

I suspect whoever designed this boat is not a serious kayaker, with all these added gewgaws, because simple is usually better, and Ocean Kayak, as a brand, designs that way with much better success.


The Tarpon 100 is a fantastic…

Submitted by: lxmeier on 8/29/2014
The Tarpon 100 is a fantastic boat. I use it mostly on Midwestern lakes and Ozark streams. It has great primary and secondary stability, tracks very well for a short boat, and carries plenty of weight for day tripping. We carry two of these on our Honda CRV. they are light and easy to load.

I've had my Tarpon 100 for a…

Submitted by: audie101 on 8/23/2014
I've had my Tarpon 100 for a year now with about 3 trips a month under my belt. Mostly in South Baldwin county Rivers and Mobile Bay in Alabama, but also includes 3 trips to the Gulf of Mexico. Handled great in the surf, cut through the incoming waves. Great for a 10 footer I thought. Very stable and durable. I got the angler package, but have also added a fish finder, lights, anchor system and decaled it out a bit. I always used to canoe in Canada, but I am Hooked on My Tarpon now. Highly recommended.

This is my first kayak so I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/23/2014
This is my first kayak so I cant compare it to anything but so far I love it! I was a little worried that maybe I should have purchased the tarpon 120 because I am 6'4 210 pounds but it is plenty stable. I am looking forward to bringing it to Anna Maria Island, FL in Sept. to test it out in the bays and ocean. Would strongly recommend this kayak.

After one year with this…

Submitted by: jkirbyd on 8/20/2014
After one year with this kayak I am quite pleased. My Tarpon has been on at least 20 trips and it is a very nimble vessel in tight areas on the Missouri streams that I float most often. I have noticed that it doesn't track as well as longer kayaks, but that is ok. I knew this when I selected a 10' instead of a 12'. It isn't a Ferrari wither but it holds it own with the other kayaks with a bit more paddling effort. Overall this was an excellent purchase and I would recommend this kayak to anyone interested in starting to kayak, or for anyone doing the winding streams of Missouri!

I just purchased the Tarpon…

Submitted by: harddriver62 on 8/11/2014
I just purchased the Tarpon 100 after a year of being in a box store sit in. What a huge difference. First off, ACK was incredible to do business with. From Start to finish, everything went smoothly. My Tarpon arrived 2 days sooner then planned, and it and all the accessories I had purchased were packed very well and not a scratch on the Yak.

The storage on this is great, under both hatches you'll find loops to clip off your bags or whatever, making access very easy, even on the water. The side pockets are great for the most reached for items. The seat is incredible, very adjustable, very dry. My first trip was over 5 hours and I had no issues at all.

Once you get use to it, the Tarpon is very stable. I was able to sit side saddle and hang my legs in the water after only an hour out. I can reach everything I have in the rear well area without issue. Leg room was fine, I'm 5'11, 220 lbs. It tracks better then a 10' yak should, and gets a fair amount of glide. You are not going to win any races with it, but you'll keep up just fine. My better half took it for a lap or two, and now I in the process of ordering another for her. ACK will of course get that business.


I have owned the Wilderness…

Submitted by: amimjs on 8/8/2014
I have owned the Wilderness 100 fishing kayak for a year. It has met all my expectations and exceed others. The seat is the most comfortable I have ever used. I can sit in is for several hours and be happy. The sit on is water tight and easy to handle.

The only draw back is the tracking. It tracks ok because it is only 10 foot and for a 10 foot kayak it tracks well. I would recommend it to anyone if they were limited to the 10 foot size.


Love my Tarpon 100. The seat…

Submitted by: bamafound on 7/18/2014
Love my Tarpon 100. The seat is great, and tracks so well. I have zero complaints. I am thinking of getting a Tarpon 120, and my wife can use the 100. Well worth the few extra bucks, looks like it will last for decades.

Recently, when my wife and I…

Submitted by: paddler235724 on 7/17/2014
Recently, when my wife and I got pumped up about getting back into kayaking, my initial attitude toward sit-on-top kayaks was that they were overgrown bathtub toys. (True, some are so poorly designed that calling them bathtub toys would probably be a step up.) But I could not have been farther wrong because there are also some absolutely sensational designs floating around (forgive the pun). We were fortunate to stumble across one of the best on our first stop -- and bought 'em without a second thought.

We opted for Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 (10 foot) model and we've been constantly delighted with our choice. One of the great features of sit-on-top yaks is that, if you should tip over or get swamped by a heavy wave, you don't have to reach for your bucket – the scuppers are self-bailing.

The roto-molded Tarpon is available in a number of configurations in lengths from 10 to 16 feet depending on what type of usage you have in mind – anything from day-tripping to fishing to back-country camping and what type of venue you prefer – flat water, rapids or saltwater bays and inlets.

We'd say they are an excellent selection for a beginner and an all-around perfect choice for a more experienced paddler. They are essentially for recreational use rather than serious white-water challenges or open ocean paddling. That said, we found that they performed flawlessly in class III whitewater. They are quite beamy which gives them remarkable stability and the hulls/keels are sharply defined which means they track well even without a skeg and carve nicely into turns. They have a large well in the after-deck with bungees for gear storage plus two water-tight hatches – one conveniently located right by your knees. On top of that, there are a bunch of high-quality extras such as adjustable footrests, a very comfortable and multi-adjustable seat, water bottle pockets, paddle keepers, tie-downs, beverage holders and so on.

At around $700, the Tarpons aren't the least expensive ten-footers on the market... but they are worth every penny!


I have only had the Tarpon…

Submitted by: Bama_Pride on 7/12/2014
I have only had the Tarpon 100 in the water three times but so far I am not disappointed. I customized mine for fishing and use it in small lakes. Only problem is staying focused at work instead of thinking about next trip.

I recently acquired a…

Submitted by: paddler235701 on 7/5/2014
I recently acquired a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 and am extremely pleased with it... I use the boat for river fishing in the Cheat River Valley of WV... It is an absolute joy on the water, easy to paddle, great storage capability and extremely stable... The track system is great and very versatile. I recommend this boat to anyone......

First ever kayaks. Researched…

Submitted by: Janw3 on 7/2/2014
First ever kayaks. Researched a lot before purchasing. Very stable, good for all around types of kayaking. Not too heavy to get in and out of truck. Great for fishing out of too. Can carry lots of gear, etc. So stable I take my $3,000 worth of camera gear out in it. Seats very comfortable (I have a bad back and arthritis). Tracks nice, but the only reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10, is probably because I am sure the skinnier kayaks track better but this one still tracks nicely unless your a real expert and want to race, but I like the stability we even had our sister who is in her late 60s go out in it and loved it, so easy to get in and out of..its an all around awesome kayak, I just wish we could have afforded 3 of them instead of two so my son could go out with us..

This kayak handles…

Submitted by: paddler235596 on 6/17/2014
This kayak handles wonderfully in the Atlantic. The seat is my favorite feature. Very stable boat. I take it through very rough ocean conditions. My rear stays pretty dry. The inner storage is spacious but water does get in. Dry bags are a must. Kayak is a bit heavy to lift on my own but I manage. I'm able to get enough of the boat in my sedan to transport it. I didn't want to do roof racks at this point. I've heard good things about the 120, but storage is an issue. My condo's shed is just over 10ft. This boat is worth the money. It was designed with the kayaker in mind. I would take it out everyday but my body needs time to for the sore muscles to heal.

been using my t100 in all…

Submitted by: paddler235515 on 6/4/2014
been using my t100 in all weather on big lakes and now on the sea. the stability is bomb proof. so much confidence with this yak. the build quality, and with the component parts justify the price. the air pro seat is a work of finesse. luv it.

rock solid construct that…

Submitted by: paddler235515 on 4/21/2014
rock solid construct that gives immediate confidence. rock solid on the chop. tracks great. loads of storage space. the seat may have been designed by NASA. quality quality quality. luv it.

Everything I hoped it would…

Submitted by: bamafound on 4/8/2014
Everything I hoped it would be an more. Tracks great, I have decked it out "supreme" for my angling needs, up to an including a fish finder. Highly recommended product.

A full month with this…

Submitted by: jkirbyd on 8/31/2013
A full month with this vessel! I LOVE it!!!! This last weekend I took it out in some better water. There was actually some CFS going on in the bends. The Tarpon 100 (I haven't named her yet) handled like a dream. I watched 2 canoes and one Ride 115 tip, my kayak went through flawlessly!!!! I didn't think that the 10' would be acceptable, but I was wrong. I cannot endorse this kayak enough. Sturdy, stout and can do the moves!!

I kinda looked down on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/24/2013
I kinda looked down on sit-on-top kayaks as overgrown bath tub toys but the Tarpon 100 changed my mind! We are not into running rapids or jumping waterfalls - we just enjoy being out on the water: lake, river, bay. The Tarpon 100 has the "feel" of a sit-in yak with all the advantages of a sit-on. It's slightly beamy which gives it added stability and it tracks well even with no skeg. Whoever designed it really spent time thinking about how people actually use a kayak - the things you want are right at fingertip.

Tracks well, very stable,…

Submitted by: Janw3 on 8/7/2013
Tracks well, very stable, most comfortable seat, lots of room, storage is great, railing systems is awesome to customize as needed for additional racks, fishing accessories, more tie downs, camera mounting... very easy to get in and out of, very comfortable, can be used for different situations like lake, river, ocean, not just a one situation kayak, easy to lift and put in truck or on racks, miss kayaking when haven't been in it for a while that's how much we love these kayaks!

Overall this is a very good…

Submitted by: howeld on 8/3/2013
Overall this is a very good kayak. It is stable and comfortable to paddle. It is very maneuverable. Its drawback is it is rather slow and when paddled fast there is a lot of water noise from bow wake. I would rather not have molded foot rests. It is a good boat for just messing around a lake or small river. I did have fun surfing this kayak in 1-2ft waves at the beach but wouldn't attempt in large waves without a lot of practice.

What an awesome kayak. I…

Submitted by: jkirbyd on 7/29/2013
What an awesome kayak. I purchased mine two weeks ago and have spent more time in the water in these last 14 days than the last year. I lost my 12 footer in a fire (long story). This vessel is truly sea worthy!! I have been on my local rivers and it handles so well. I can endorse this 100%, and the price point is perfect for the Ferrari of the river!

Ten stars says it all...this kayak does EVERYTHING. I live in St Pete…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/27/2013
Ten stars says it all...this kayak does EVERYTHING.
I live in St Pete Florida and kayak in a lot of different situations (bay, river, inlets, swamps, and the Gulf of Mexico). The T100 handles every condition really well. It has enough cargo space for a camping trip, but is small and light enough (around 50 pounds) to be easily hauled anywhere at a moments notice. I tend to be pretty abusive of the thing as well, and it takes everything I give it no problem.

Pros: Incredible adjustable seat (super comfy for hours), water bottle/gear holders on each side of the seat, perfect design and functionality in diverse conditions, light weight, ideal "all purpose" sit-upon kayak. Also, this thing is STABLE...I have tried tipping it and it's almost impossible under normal circumstances.

Cons: molded cupholder down by your feet (fairly useless for that purpose), that's really my only complaint.

I had the opportunity to try several brands of sit-upon kayaks, and the Tarpon design is just pure perfection. I have a LOT of hours in this boat and it never ceases to amaze me.


Being new to kayaks, I…

Submitted by: Janw3 on 7/25/2013
Being new to kayaks, I researched and researched... I wanted an "all around" kayak. I ended up choosing this one (would have gone one step higher if I could have afforded) as the seats looked and reviewed to be the best in comfort which was a high priority for me. The other was the stability just wide enough to be very stable. All the rest, adjustable feet rests, a system on the kayak to build and add on as needed, the tracking is very good and it can go in ocean, lake or river..which is fine with me.
I didn't want to get stuck with just a river runner or a long thin racer .....just an all around fun and convenient and comfortable kayak...which I fish from by the way too!! And I have back issues so this seat is awesome! Lots of storage too.

This is a fun play-boat! Easy…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/24/2013
This is a fun play-boat! Easy for anyone to handle in & out of the water. This boat offers stability for the novice, while offering great maneuverability for the more experienced paddler. This is a great boat for lakes/rivers, or in the shallows of the ocean.

My first experiment with…

Submitted by: redflash on 7/20/2013
My first experiment with Kayaks has been the SOT Wilderness Systems "Tarpon 100". This kayak has a 10 foot length and a 30.5 inch width. At 55 lbs it's little heavy for one person to carry without a cart. It is recommended for flat water, bays, lakes, ponds and surf. I have used it for all the above with addition of the Truckee river, and The American river. Those are light class I and II rivers.

My experience has been positive, and I would recommend this this kayak for beginners and intermediate riders. The flip-up "hard" seat is very comfortable; even on long trips. There are two storage compartments, one small for wallets, glasses and personal items. And a large compartment to store gear/ lunch, extra clothing etc. Bow and stern, and side handles make this kayak easy to move and transport.

Overall I would recommend this kayak. Although it's list price is at $699.00 You can usually find it around $550/599 at the end of season.


Purchased my Tarpon 100 over…

Submitted by: unigraphics217 on 7/17/2013
Purchased my Tarpon 100 over a year ago and still get excited to get into it every weekend. Not just a plastic tub like some other brands. A lot of thought went into the design of this boat. Bigger Coleman Party Stacker hard shell cooler fits perfectly in the back. Had small issue with a rubber net tearing. Called Wilderness Systems and had a free one within a week. Excellent company to deal with.

The boat has good glide and excellent stability. If you do flip it, some water will get in the hatches but not a lot. I highly recommend this boat for any experience level paddler.


A great little kayak that,…

Submitted by: paddler234931 on 3/23/2013
A great little kayak that, although a little slow, tracks well and is extremely stable. The seat gets maximum points.....highly adjustable and extended stints in the chair are no issue. In the surf the little boat tends to want to dive and broach on a swell and take water over the nose into a wave but all this is mostly eliminated with trimming of the kayak. It soon becomes obvious that keeping the weight bias well to the rear is the key in the surf. Plugging the rear scuppers and filling the well with water is a quick on-the-spot fix.

The real beauty of this 'yak is it's versatility. It's as capable in tight water as it is in the open. I've no hesitation going to sea on short range fishing sorties when weather permits and it really excels in creek and estuary exploration.

This boat is a lot of fun and quality is excellent. Would I buy again? Absolutely!


I suffer from arthritis and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/5/2012
I suffer from arthritis and found I could no longer get in and out of my sit-in kayak. Rather than give up kayaking with my husband, we purchased the Tarpon 100. I absolutely love it!!! Even when I have to push myself to get off of it, I find I can do so without tipping the kayak. Getting onto the top is even easier. I thought the bigger size would be harder to paddle around or less stable, but have no problem what so ever. So you arthritis sufferers out there, don't give up on kayaking. The Tarpon 100 has extended my ability to continue to enjoy paddling around.

I have a Tarpon 140, 120, and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/3/2012
I have a Tarpon 140, 120, and recently picked up a 100 for FW use. It is more manueverable and lighter than then 120 & 140, with a similar layout and relatively big stern tankwell which I like. My 4 1/2 y.o. Can sit comfortably in the stern tankwell and troll while I paddle. I highly recommend Yak Attack RAM mount screwballs vs. using the slidetrax plates if you plan on using RAM accessories. The 2009 and younger hulls are better due to the Phase 3 seating, scuppered seatwell, and slidetrax system.
Love my Tarpons!

This my very first kayak.…

Submitted by: paddler234591 on 6/15/2012
This my very first kayak. I've read many reviews about this and other boats. This boat met my needs as a fisherman. I only fish lakes in California. I don't carry to much equipment and my lake has a lot of trees, coves and it's not a large body of water. This boat is able to go between the trees, fit in tight spaces and rides smoothly. It tracks well and does not require much effort to handle. It's not fast but with proper paddling skills, you can get to a spot fast. I love the slidetrax on the boat. You can add accessories without drilling a hole. The seat is comfy and the foot pegs are adjustable. This is a kayak so you will get a little wet.

Overall, great boat and I'm hooked on Tarpon and WS.


I have been in kayak fishing…

Submitted by: joco on 3/12/2012
I have been in kayak fishing for the past 6 years now and still own many yaks... I am a big man (6 feet and 280 pound). My wife bought herself a Tarpon 100 2 years ago... the new edition... WOW, I simply love it. I have a Tarpon 140 (older version) and a Ocean Trident 15 SOT... but love more her Tarpon 100. I like it so much we just bought one more Tarpon 100 today... love those little tank... they go everywhere.

It's dry... drier then my Tarpon 140 and Trident... I simply love that small but effective Tarpon 100... by the way, the seat is very nice.


I have owned the Tarpon 100…

Submitted by: paddler234399 on 1/6/2012
I have owned the Tarpon 100 for 7 months now. I have been out paddling approximately 30 times, and although I am still not very good (balancing etc.) I have only fallen off once, which was my first time out. The 100 is a very stable boat. I'm 6'2" tall and 97 kg, but the 100 copes well. It's not the fastest boat but it does track well. The hatches are not water tight so you need to store things in dry bags. All attachments are well made and sturdy. Storage is good with enough space to carry enough camping gear for a couple of nights.

This S.O.T. is great fun and I highly recommend it. But if you have the storage space, I'd recommend the Tarpon 120


I just got the T-100 last…

Submitted by: paddler233476 on 10/26/2011
I just got the T-100 last weekend and I have been out only once but this thing is a tank. Its the perfect kayak for anything anyone would want to do

I bought this kayak in August…

Submitted by: paddler234219 on 10/12/2011
I bought this kayak in August and the more I use it the more I love it. It's stability truly amazes me. I feel confident taking this kayak into rougher water due to the fact that I have encountered several situations when I thought that it might flip over but did not. This Kayak is perfect for beginner kayakers!

I purchased two Tarpon 100's…

Submitted by: paddler234231 on 8/17/2011
I purchased two Tarpon 100's about 3 weeks ago from REI and my wife and I have taken them out several times now to local lakes. So far I am VERY happy with my purchase. I use a wheelchair and was looking for a stable yak that would be easy for me to get in and out of while being light enough for my wife and I to load and unload from our utility trailer. These boats worked out very well.

The boats are very maneuverable in tight places track well and make a pretty good platform for wildlife photography. I now feel confident taking my DSLR and associated gear out on the water with me. (in a pelican case when not in use of course....). I highly recommend the Tarpon 100.


I am a beginner Kayaker and I…

Submitted by: paddler234219 on 8/15/2011
I am a beginner Kayaker and I felt comfortable and confident taking this kayak down a river. This kayak is incredibly stable in rougher water and turns effortlessly. Seating is very comfortable.

This SOT is a smaller kayak,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/27/2011
This SOT is a smaller kayak, great for tall people. I am 6'4", 220 lbs and this thing fits me like a glove. With the foot pegs removed, I am able to extend my legs fully. Taking it out on the Bay, it tracks like a breeze. Though, I could see tracking being a problem in really choppy water.

If you are looking for a beginner SOT recreational kayak, this kayak is well worth the extra cash. It has many convenient features and with the dual rail system, room for expansion; great for the angler that wants to customize. Also, fits pretty well in the bed of my Ridgeline (tailgate down) with only a couple feet sticking out.

I am giving it a 9/10 because I haven't put it through the test of time. However, 10/10 for starting out.


My first 10' SOT, the…

Submitted by: Scraw_Knee on 3/3/2011
My first 10' SOT, the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 is way more costly than several other 10' SOTs such as the Elie Horizon 100 and Pelican Apex 100 but the Tarpon 100 (in absolute terms) is superior and I think it is the ultimate 10' SOT.

There are probably 100 or more reasons I love 10' SOTs (10 foot sit-on-top kayaks). Too many to list here but if you try one you'll wonder why you never did sooner. Don't let any more time slip by; go and get a 10' SOT and BE HAPPY.


I needed a light weight "grab…

Submitted by: paddler230939 on 11/5/2010
I needed a light weight "grab and go" yak for my fleet of fishing yaks. After having used the Redfish 10 and OK Prowler 11, I acquired a Tarpon 100. I have now fished it in some decent chop and wind in south Louisiana bays and it has become my favorite small yak to chase redfish and specks.

The Tarpon 100 tracks straighter than any other short yak I have paddled. The new seat lacks much padding, but it has so many adjustments that I found I could fish five or more hours without my butt going numb on me. The stability is very good; not a floating pier like my larger yaks, but very decent indeed. The speed will not set any records, but it is actually much faster that I expected for a short yak, about the same as my Prowler 13 when loaded with fishing gear. Short fishing rods (5'6") will fit in the hatch by the seat if pointed to the stern.

It is a dry yak with the scupper plugs in. It tracks exceptionally well and even has some decent glide to it which is rare for such a short yak. It did not weathervane in stronger winds. And it fits easily in the bed of my Tacoma truck. Easy to load and unload even in windy conditions. If you are looking for a shorter grab and go yak, the Tarpon 100 is very hard to beat. I am 6 feet tall and weight 190 pounds at 64 years of youth. I am pretty well fit for a fossil so more youthful or female paddlers will find the Tarpon 100 ideal for play or fishing. I previously had the older model of Tarpon 100 and the new one is considerably better in my opinion. Given its price and forgiving paddling characteristics, it is now very high on my list of very good fishing yaks.


Having looked at a number of…

Submitted by: paddler233839 on 10/11/2010
Having looked at a number of Kayaks I settled on this craft it is versatile, stability is outstanding I even fish by sitting off the side Also I have made a fitting for a trolling motor which is handy. Loads of room for stuff in the holds The only thing I found negative was the weight when dragging up the beach with the rear trolley, however I have made a trolley that fits the front as well and stores away in the hold problem solved.An all round nice Kayak well done Wilderness

Bought mine in 2007 and its…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/17/2010
Bought mine in 2007 and its been fantastic. used it on rivers and in the ocean and apart from a problem with bigger surf its been a man for all seasons. Does not surf well though just gets me in and out of the breakers. great for coastal touring and days away from a crowded beach. if you want a comfortable ride, the chance to fish from your boat and reliable flotation ...get on e.

I bought my tarpon 100 the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/24/2010
I bought my tarpon 100 the spring of 2009 and used in the summer of 2009 about 10 times. The reason I gave it 8 because my kayak has a manufacturers defect- it's nose is bent to one side a little and because of that it is drifting to the right a little. So I have to put more energy in my right hand all the time. My advice to a new buyer to flip it over and check if it is 100% symmetrical, and also if it does not have any shipping cuts underneath.

Other than that it is a very nice kayak, it is stable, the seat is the best of the other kayaks I have tried, I like the adjustable footrest. I have done everything with it, went fishing, surfing, paddled for a couple miles straight, took my 2 year daughter for a ride on my lap...it is a perfect all around kayak.

If it wasn't for the defect, I would have given it 10. I like it better than the sit-inside I also have, and I am planning to sell the sit-inside and buy a tarpon 120 as a second kayak.


I've chosen this little yak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/12/2010
I've chosen this little yak for 2 reasons: limited storage space (I live in a condo) and the amazing capacity for a 10 feet boat (I weigh 280 pounds). At first, I was reluctant to buy a SOT. I was looking to get a Pelican Sound. The salesperson at kayak shop warned me that an overloaded kayak may result in very poor performance and higher risk of instability in choppy waters. So, i finally chose the "B" plan and bought the T-100. And that was a good choice.

I've taken it on small rivers, lakes and even on the St-Laurence River. Its 2 closed hatches + open storage space in the back even allows for short camping trips. It is very stable in choppy waters. I never even got closed of turning over.

Pros and cons

  • Amazing capacity (325 pounds)
  • Easy access
  • Track well
  • Very stable in choppy waters
  • Comfortable seating
  • Lots of storage
  • Reasonable price
  • Can be stored in small sheds.


  • A little bit slow. You'll be disappointed if you expect same performances as a 15ft sea kayak.
  • Since it's a SOT, legs are exposed to sun, water and mosquitoes. You may want to get a wet suit for colder temperature.

The wife and I bought a pair…

Submitted by: paddler228667 on 11/19/2009
The wife and I bought a pair of 2009 Tarpon 100 in Lime Green and yellow after trying numerous friends kayaks, both sit-inside and SOT, in Jan 2009. We decided on the Tarpons because of the many good reviews on this site and because of adjustable seat, Orbix hatches, adjustable footbraces and tankwell size for a 10' boat compared to the 2008 model.

We have mostly used them in Canaveral National Seashore, but have also tossed them in the back of the truck and gone to other locals such as Cracker Creek, Rose Bay and Alexandria State Park. In all cases they have been very stable, give a dry ride and have been comfortable to paddle for hours on end. We use them as recreational kayaks, and are really out to enjoy nature and go for kayak rides with friends.

No they are not the fastest yaks out there. If you want speed, get something longer and narrower. But if you want a stable, comfortable, dry ride, I recommend you look at these small kayaks.


We needed another boat for…

Submitted by: paddler233041 on 5/26/2009
We needed another boat for visiting relatives so we bought a 2008 model Tarpon 100. A great boat made even better with the new extremely comfortable seat. Everything else seems to be pretty much the same as our 2005 yak: high quality workmanship ,wonderful stability, same straight tracking and the same ease of entry. I don't know about speed, it has little importance to us, but I've always enjoyed our original Tarpon 100 and look forward to many years of safe, comfortable kayaking with our 2009 model

I just bought a 2009…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/24/2009
I just bought a 2009 wilderness systems tarpon 100. I debated back and forth if I should get a kayak or a canoe. After doing some research on the tarpon 100 I decided it would be the best bet. It has two really nice storage hatches and plenty of room in the back for a couple of dry bags and a really comfortable seat. I have not been able to put it on the water yet, but plan to this weekend. But until then it looks really good sitting in my living room floor.

Just bought this one today…

Submitted by: paddler233043 on 3/16/2009
Just bought this one today after renting this model and 4 others... the Tarpon 100 is definitely the way to go for fishing in the Indian River area

I have been kayaking in…

Submitted by: paddler233041 on 3/11/2009
I have been kayaking in Central Florida for about 9 years, have owned 7 kayaks and the Tarpon 100 is by far my favorite boat. We take our boats in the ocean as well as the river and the Tarpon always proves itself to be stable, responsive and easy to paddle. I also like the size, fits almost everyone and light enough for me to load in a pick-up truck by myself. If I were going to buy another boat or own just one boat it would be the Wilderness Tarpon 100

I live on the Gulf of Mexico,…

Submitted by: paddler232916 on 10/8/2008
I live on the Gulf of Mexico, and when a hurricane is sneaking by I take my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 and hit the waves. This year we were surfing 6 to 8 ft waves, without those silly thigh straps. Bent the #%*& outta my paddle, but my Tarpon 100 came through smiling. For intercoastal, bay, or ocean, You just can`t top this Tarpon!!!

Just spent a few hours…

Submitted by: paddler232843 on 8/27/2008
Just spent a few hours yesterday on our new Tarpon 100's. Bought one for each of us, wife and I, a few weeks ago but just got out yesterday for a few hours. Have tried kayaking before on many borrowed kayaks including a tandem (don't do that!). Not really knowing what we were looking for, we decided on the features for price in comparing with others, got SO much mixed info when shopping, that we were totally confused.

I think these are great boats for what we do, just casual touring and sightseeing. We plan to carry on our boat with us, so when on the hook we can tour around the creeks and waterways. They are very stable, easy to paddle, keep us relatively dry and handle with ease. Have a couple of compartments and rack on back to carry things along. They are a little heavy for 10 footers, but may account for stability and tracking?

So far I would rate them a solid 10 for what we want.


I am new to yaking. I tried…

Submitted by: paddler232633 on 6/10/2008
I am new to yaking. I tried sit-in yak's and hated them, very unstable. I got this one to fish from and it is very stable. I can sit across it. I fish creeks but mostly the new river and have been through several class 2's and 3's with no problem. If you are looking for a cheaper fishing yak then look no more.

My wife and I purchased 2…

Submitted by: paddler232544 on 4/28/2008
My wife and I purchased 2 Tarpons at the end of the season last year. Great boats! Tough, rugged, great for multi-use paddling. We've had them on flat water, several rivers, and have used them as swim platforms. My wife is rather long-legged and would probably be better served with an adjustable foot support rather than the molded ones. If she puts her feet straight out, she can't get much paddling leverage. If she puts her feet on the next closest support, her knees get in the way of the paddle. It's best to do a thorough checkout before purchasing, but all in all, we're very satisfied.

this is my first SOT kayak. I…

Submitted by: paddler232521 on 4/7/2008
this is my first SOT kayak. I bought it because it was heavier then the rest that I saw. The hull is very strong, heavy...
High quality kayak! very stable in 2 meters seas, quite fast. tracks well. For a 10 foot kayak this is very good. As a boat owner, I see the hull shape and construction to be like a small offshore boat, deep, strong, stable.

It is a fast kayak for a SOT that is 3 meters long. Every boat or kayak has a maximum speed which depends on hull length, this kayak is 3 meters so the maximum speed is not like one that is 4 meters.

I love this kayak... by the way, it is very good looking as well.


My wife picked up a Tarpon…

Submitted by: Vertpaddler on 1/21/2008
My wife picked up a Tarpon 100 as her new boat last summer and loves it. I was not impressed. As you pick up speed, you hit the wall. The blasted thing just won't seem to go but so fast, and it sure wasn't fast enough for me. It also doesn't surf worth a crap in whitewater, another reason to leave this one at the canoe store and buy something else.

I picked up my Tarpon 100…

Submitted by: paddler232332 on 9/24/2007
I picked up my Tarpon 100 this morning,installed a pair of thigh straps and took it out on Lake Michigan. Conditions were: wind 15 mph and waves 1-2 feet. The boat is very stable, tracks well, and is very maneuverable. It is not the fastest boat on the lake, but I didn't expect it to be. I bought the boat primarily for days when the wave heights permit surfing, I think it will be a good all purpose boat for the type of kayaking I do. The molded footrests will take a bit of getting used to, and there is always a little bit of water in the very bottom of the footrest area. I give the boat 10 out of 10 because it met or exceeded my expectations.

I bought a T-100 about a…

Submitted by: paddler231715 on 7/31/2006
I bought a T-100 about a month ago and have used it on the James River in Richmond, VA and in the surf on Isle of Palms, SC. I agree with previous reviews of the tendency to nosedive in heavy surf. I loosened the seat back and leaned back when catching a wave and had many great rides in. As for fishing in the river, it's very stable and easy to fish from. I added a scotty rod holder in the center position and have purchased scupper plugs for fishing in the river. I love it and would recommend it highly.

Thought I would do a review…

Submitted by: paddler231654 on 6/28/2006
Thought I would do a review for anyone looking to buy this boat to surf. I'm 5'10" 190lbs. This is a great boat for riding waves! Gets up to speed and catches waves very well, and while its too big to really carve up the wave, it will turn and trim down the line nicely! Punches through really well going out, too. Super fun small wave boat up to about 5 feet.

After reading all the reviews…

Submitted by: paddler231610 on 6/8/2006
After reading all the reviews on this site, decided to go with the Tarpon 100. Got a red and a yellow one, very nice looking kayaks! Also opted for the 230 cm Carlisle Magic Glass paddles. Have used them mostly on lakes. Amazing performance, stability, maneuverability. Simply love them. The kids had a blast. With these amazing paddles they move easily without effort. After 2 hours of paddling with this combination felt no fatigue! Storage space is more than our needs. The other nice part is that the seat does not get wet even in 8-10 knot winds. Highly recommended.


Submitted by: unbridledv on 10/3/2005
I LOVE THIS KAYAK!! I have tried numerous sot kayaks and finally have found the perfect one. I almost went with the tarpon 120, but decided that 60 pounds might be a little much for me if I’m by myself. Glad I went with the 100. I can get up small creeks with this kayak, where the 120 would be too long. It tracks great, I can load and unload by myself (5'2", 160# female), and it has plenty of built in amenities. I talked to someone else who has a 100 and they've used it in surf and had loads of fun, so I’m looking forward to giving it a try. I kayak mostly small creeks and lakes. This kayak turns fine, and never has any hull slap. It’s very quiet - i like to sneak up on the wildlife. and the other extra special bonus is that i always have a dry butt when paddling on flat water. NOW THAT'S A REAL BONUS!! Nuff said. Great yak!!

I have been paddling for a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/21/2005
I have been paddling for a while, now. I own a Perception Sundance 9.5 which I really like. However, out on the ocean, I feel insecure in that little boat. I recently purchased a Tarpon 100 for my ocean excursions, and I am impressed with it's quality and durability. It's not as fast as the Perception, but fast enough and tracks well. I am about 6 feet and 200 lbs. and find it comfortable. Since I own a Mustang convertible, I have been limited to smaller kayaks that I can carry between the seats (and overhang off the trunk a bit). Took it off Dana Point last weekend in some pretty choppy surf and never once felt I might capsize. I felt so confident that I listened to my mp3 player the whole time without fear of getting wet. Fairly light, cool hatches, nice Yak.

I recently purchased an Ocean…

Submitted by: paddler231122 on 6/9/2005
I recently purchased an Ocean Kayak SideKick Which also reviewed here. I like that boat when I take out my grandson. I wanted something a bit smaller for quick after work paddles, I am 58 6' 240 lbs, I have been kayaking since 1989. I have had WS kayaks before, the quality is always great. This boat is a great all around kayak as others have mentioned. It tracks very well for a small yak and is quick enough. It is relatively dry even for someone my size. I love the color I got Mystic Blue. I have gotten several compliments :-). I kayak mostly on rivers and lakes around Austin TX. I also plan on taking both the Ocean Kayak Sidekick and this boat to the Gulf of Mexico next month. Ocean review to follow.

I got turned on to this kayak…

Submitted by: paddler230875 on 11/14/2004
I got turned on to this kayak by a knowledgeable and experienced sales person and went by his recommendation and my gut feeling. Several weeks of paddling have resulted in nothing but delight. I can find nothing wrong with this boat and am going to give it to my girlfriend and buy the Tarpon 120 for myself so we can do some mini expeditions. It's stable and relatively quick, tracks well and the quality is high in every aspect. I fitted a trolling motor to it as an experiment. The motor mount is three cedar 1x4s glued together and is attached to the boat using 1 1/4 dowels fitted into two scupper holes. The mount is light and simple. The boat performed well under power. I bought it for a photography platform but now plan to use it for fishing in Biscayne Bay as well. We both love her.

I am 58 y.o. and new this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/4/2004
I am 58 y.o. and new this year to kayaking. After looking at several boats, I puchased a Tarpon 100 (Wilderness Systems) for myself and a Venus (Ocean Kayak) for my wife. The tarpon 100 tracks well, moves well, is very stable, and looks great (red). I am 5'10' and weigh 175 pounds. With just me in the boat, it is completely dry. My wife (5'2' and 100 pounds) can sit comfortably in front of me. This works surprisingly well. This boat is a little heavy but there is a lot of boat here. We haul both boats in the back of our Bronco. I have yet to find anything about the Tarpon 100 that I don't like. I rate it a 10 and recommend it to anyone in search of a great multipurpose kayak. This boat is a lot of fun!

I bought two Tarpon 100's for…

Submitted by: paddler230650 on 6/28/2004
I bought two Tarpon 100's for my wife and I in Dec 03. I am 6'1" 235lbs and this little kayak handles my weight with no problem. In fact it is extremely stable for a person my size. I use it in the surf and this is the only time that I ever get fliped, but every kayak I have ever owned gets fliped in the surf. I have done class two rapids with it and it handled awsome for not being a whitewater kayak. I use it in the Chesepeake Bay for fishing With no concern of fliping . It can get mighty rough on the bay. It is fairly quick a tracks nice for a 10 foot boat. We are very very pleased with these kayaks. We have several other kayaks made by Wilderness System and the are all quality kayaks. Looking to purchase a Tarpon 140 this summer. This is one outstanding all around kayak and you can't go wrong buying one , especialy for the price.

The Tarpon 100 is a fantastic…

Submitted by: paddler230392 on 10/20/2003
The Tarpon 100 is a fantastic all-purpose kayak. I took it for long trips in the Florida marshes, in the Intercoastal river and, of course, in the ocean. This is a compromise boat, meaning that it is not the best for any *one* purpose: you will find faster river kayaks and better surf kayaks, but if you are interested in an all-in-one, that's it. It is short, reasonably light, very stable, but not sluggish at all, in handles well in the surf and it comes with two well-designed luggage compartments (total weight capacity is 325lbs.). One of its nicest features it the back rest which is fixed to the kayak itself. Not only is it cheaper (no need to by some backrest), but it is far more comfortable (I am a 6 feet 2, 220 pounds person with back problems - so this really matters to me). The kayak has well-designed and located straps (to hold on to or to stap a paddle). Finally, for the quality one gets, the boat is really cheap (about 450$). I have yet to find a flaw in this great little kayak.

Great 10' that tracks well in…

Submitted by: paddler230369 on 9/24/2003
Great 10' that tracks well in ocean or flat water. I am 5'10" 180lbs. Have skin dived in first reef line off beach (about 1/2 mile offshore) and fished intercoastal (rigged with swivel pole holder in front center - easy reach forward). Stable but not to stand. Reaching aft for cooler /live shrimp bucket is OK. Have had 3 kids paddle in calm water so very bouyant/ testimony to stability. Not very good as ocean surfer. Has tendancy to nose plow and flip on the break. Light 1-2'max surf fun. Tarpon 12' would be better for taller or heavier types. The 10' is lighter and very easy to load on Expedition roof rack or just slide in cabin w/ seats down. Would rate a 10 if front storage was easier to use(prefer a conatiner w/ cargo net similar to rear instead of covered storage since I am a 2-3 hr user and not planning on camping)

The Tarpon 100 SOT is a great…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/12/2003
The Tarpon 100 SOT is a great lil kayak. It is somewhat of a special purpose vehicle, however. It tracks well for a 10 foot boat. It tracks similarly to a Loon 111 and the speed is very similar to the Loon 111 as well, but the Loon is a tad faster. The kayak is extremely stable and makes for a great fishing platform. The boat is extremely maneuverable, which is a bit surprising, due to it tracking so well. The area behind the seat is almost perfectly flat, which makes a great place to mount recessed rod holders and/or anchor cleats. The rear tankwell accommadates a milk crate, which is very handy for stuffing with gear. My only complaint is that I wish the boat was a bit lighter. 50 pounds seems heavy for a 10 foot kayak.