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I put my hullavator on my vehicle, thinking this would be the most awesome solution for me when i paddle by myself. I am only 5'1", and i have an suv. HOWEVER, as the directions state, you're supposed to see how they work before loading your boat. When I lowered the front hullavator, it locked in the down position and would in no way disengage. I tried everything to get it to release, even called my dealer, but I ended up having to take the front hullavator off the car in the "stuck" position and ship it back to the dealer. I must say, I am very glad I checked it before loading my boat and getting stuck with it that way while I was out. This thing is also massive-looking on the vehicle. I have now gone to the Glide and set system and I use a stool to load and unload. Works just fine, and I don't have to worry about anything locking up on me. I, too, would hope that Yakima comes up with something like the hullavator - but with a better design.

I LOVE THIS KAYAK!! I have tried numerous sot kayaks and finally have found the perfect one. I almost went with the tarpon 120, but decided that 60 pounds might be a little much for me if I’m by myself. Glad I went with the 100. I can get up small creeks with this kayak, where the 120 would be too long. It tracks great, I can load and unload by myself (5'2", 160# female), and it has plenty of built in amenities. I talked to someone else who has a 100 and they've used it in surf and had loads of fun, so I’m looking forward to giving it a try. I kayak mostly small creeks and lakes. This kayak turns fine, and never has any hull slap. It’s very quiet - i like to sneak up on the wildlife. and the other extra special bonus is that i always have a dry butt when paddling on flat water. NOW THAT'S A REAL BONUS!! Nuff said. Great yak!!

I love this kayak. It is very balanced, easily carried overhead (and I’m only 5'2") and has lots of gear storage. The ride is usually dry, unlike other sot kayaks (unless you're in the surf). it turns easily and glides easily. it can be tippy if you carve too fast. It’s getting an 8 from me because the hull slap is incredibly annoying. If the water isn't like glass, you're going to get that slap noise. It’s ok as long as you're not going for that sneak shot of a bird, etc. if you paddle with someone else (which you should!!), it will make them crazy. Otherwise, very comfy seating and lots of room.

This pfd would be good for taller people. I used it 3 times. It had plenty of room for paddling, but kept riding up on me (I’m short). Once I had it cinched down, I practically had to be a contortionist to get out of it. It’s a class 5 pfd, so I think whitewater yakers would be happier with this. It was a little bulky in the midriff.

I bought the Hullraisers (2 sets) for our kayaks after a horrible experience with the Malone Stax. They were great, except for 1) the deterioration of the pads (which Yakima replaced for free) and 2) the tie downs always got stuck on the pads, and 3) it was impossible for me at 5'2" to load my boat by myself. When Yakima replaced the pads, their new pad design fixed the tie down issue. We kept one of the hullraiser sets to use on one vehicle, but now use the Thule 881 topdeck saddles. They can be used with Yakima, Thule, and factory racks, and they work great. Easy to load boat by myself, too!! If you have the Hullraiser and need to load by yourself, get the boat loader (or use a broomstick and put it inside your bar, for a cheap helper)!!

I have used many different setups now, and these are the best, in my opinion, for the $. They can be used on Yakima, Thule or factory racks. They are easily set for most boats, and they really grab the hulls. I can load/unload my boat without problems. I do put a towel on the rear saddles because once they've grabbed hold of the kayak, they don't like to let go. The towel lets the kayak slide easily on or off my rack. The only downside is that the attachment handles for tightening the saddles are small and hard to get a good grip on. If they were made like Yakima’s design, these would be getting a review of 10. I love them. They even work good on tri-hull kayaks if you load them with the hull up. Kudos to Thule for this product!!

This kayak is great for beginners. It will not give you a wet seat, unless you're in the river or surfing. Emotion changed the hull design for '05 and it is very stable now. No hull slap either. The only issue I had was that my feet could never get comfy in the molded footrests. Also, I’m short, so the footrests stuck out (not graduated) so they were uncomfortable if leaning your legs against them. Good boat for the dollars. Would give it a 9 if it weren't for the footrest issues.

This was my first kayak. I really love it. I can paddle all day and it goes thru chop with ease. It paddles very straight on flatwater and slow rivers. I did do some mods on the seat for comfort, this boat is extremely stable. I've actually stood up in it. My only complaint is that the plastic could be a little thicker. Easy to get in and out of. For a first kayak, I recommend it!!