Name: Janw3

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First ever kayaks. Researched a lot before purchasing. Very stable, good for all around types of kayaking. Not too heavy to get in and out of truck. Great for fishing out of too. Can carry lots of gear, etc. So stable I take my $3,000 worth of camera gear out in it. Seats very comfortable (I have a bad back and arthritis). Tracks nice, but the only reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10, is probably because I am sure the skinnier kayaks track better but this one still tracks nicely unless your a real expert and want to race, but I like the stability we even had our sister who is in her late 60s go out in it and loved it, so easy to get in and out of..its an all around awesome kayak, I just wish we could have afforded 3 of them instead of two so my son could go out with us..

Tracks well, very stable, most comfortable seat, lots of room, storage is great, railing systems is awesome to customize as needed for additional racks, fishing accessories, more tie downs, camera mounting... very easy to get in and out of, very comfortable, can be used for different situations like lake, river, ocean, not just a one situation kayak, easy to lift and put in truck or on racks, miss kayaking when haven't been in it for a while that's how much we love these kayaks!

Being new to kayaks, I researched and researched... I wanted an "all around" kayak. I ended up choosing this one (would have gone one step higher if I could have afforded) as the seats looked and reviewed to be the best in comfort which was a high priority for me. The other was the stability just wide enough to be very stable. All the rest, adjustable feet rests, a system on the kayak to build and add on as needed, the tracking is very good and it can go in ocean, lake or river..which is fine with me.
I didn't want to get stuck with just a river runner or a long thin racer .....just an all around fun and convenient and comfortable kayak...which I fish from by the way too!! And I have back issues so this seat is awesome! Lots of storage too.

ONE WORD: AWESOME! Love these kayaks, stable, roomy, everything where…

Love these kayaks, stable, roomy, everything where you would want it, and upgrade options, lots of storage, the most awesome seat ever so comfortable...and we got the package deal and they didn't scrimp on the paddle or vest, they are both very nice... and did I mention stable? Yes!! In our 50's and needed stable..tracking is fine..did my research and we are so happy...can't wait to take other places and explore, and I do photography so being stable for my digital dslr and lenses is a must!! And I got a dry bag to put it in just in case...kayaks are built nice in love!!!
Ps - don't tell my husband that....