Name: WaterWacker

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I have been using Grumman canoes for 55 yrs. I get jabbed at for my metal bath tubs, but I've yet seen a canoe that will take the daily use and abuse rocky rivers hand out like the Grumman's do/ I had a shue keel 15 ' for 30 yrs best buy I ever made. Still have a 17' shue keel and a 17 ' sq stern. With minimal care these will last generations. If by some insane way you do crack one a weld shop can make it like new. Plastic welds ?? not so much. No UV worry ,just turn'em over on some saw horses. any doubts on durability . rent "Deliverance" and watch one in action

Great yak, my first SOT. Rigged for fishing it serves well for short jaunts. I say this for the reason the shorter boat is a bit slower than the 120 if not for that I'd rate it a full 10. then again it is what it is. easy to load and a decent weight cap.

Probably my favorite Yak for fishing. I fully rigged mine with all the goodies I'd need for river fishing. This is the same boat as the older Tarpon 120 @ a lower cost. I give me the edge over my Tarpon 100 with the increase in speed. Very easy to paddle and stable. I'm a 64 yr old fat guy fly fishing out of these and it's suiting me just fine. I bought mine as a left over discounted and never regretted a singe min of use. Room to take your dog along

Pescador 12, I got mine last summer, I was looking for a bigger version of the Tarpon 100 I had and this fit the bill well. All the reviews were good, and a call to the company verified it was a old version of the tarpon model, very stable, med fast, tracks well. How DW fell off his twice in one day on a lake I have no idea, I can all but stand up on mine.

My Swifty was my first yak. I now have a Pamlico 120 also. I will grab the Swifty just as soon or sooner than the Pam. Mine tracks fine and I have it rigged for fishing with no problems. I took my young nephews out two weeks ago 7 & 10 yrs .NEVER been in a yak and they both paddled the Swifty with no problems - the 10 yr old was 100 yds out in the Susky having a ball.

Where the Pamlico 120 cuts into the water the Swifty don't. and allows easier turns. I would recommend this model to anyone beginner or advanced for an inexpensive do-all rec./fishing yak. My outlook is that it would be hard to buy a better SIK for the money on the market today.

I'm looking for a SOT next, but if I'd run into a Swifty Cheap used I'd buy another just for the fun of it. I have over $400 in mine with the rigging I did to it and I wouldn't sell it for that. This is an unbiased write, my opinion is not for sale. Anyone who can't paddle a Swifty straight needs practice - it's not the boats fault.