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The WS Tarpon 100 is a great kayak. I took off 2 points for weight and tracking, though neither of those are really faults of the kayak. At 10', it tracks very well for what it is. The seat is relatively comfortable---overall, the outfitting and possibility for add-ons is excellent. It's very stable because it's quite wide. This isn't a fast kayak, though it certainly can get you where you want to go. It's a heavy beast, but it's easy enough to cartop if you use a bath rug on the back of the car to slide the kayak onto the rack. Recommended!

Red Paddle Co makes some of the best inflatable boards. The quality is great (even better in the 2016 models), and they are really fun to paddle. The Surfer 10' wasn't difficult to pump up. The last few psi might require body weight to get the pump handle down, but it was very doable for this mid-fifties female. The board is lightweight and easy to cartop. The material is extremely tough and offers great grip for dogs and humans. Pros Weight, durability, very dog friendly. Easy to maneuver. Stable. Easy enough to inflate, and can be left inflated with no problems. Don't need to worry about rocks or dropping the board, as it's nearly indestructible. Cons As a 10' board, it doesn't track or go as fast as a longer, narrower board. Bought new, Red Boards are a bit expensive. Usage Surfing, wave play, lake and river recreational paddling.

I rode one of these when they were made by Liquid Logic. The board is big and heavy, but once on the water it seemed to paddle okay. I think it would be a great board for it's intended use, which is camping and fishing. Not recommended as a recreational paddle board for uses other than fishing. I guess it could be used for anything, but it does seem to be a board to be used almost like a sit-on-top kayak. Pros It paddles well enough. It has the sit-down option, which some people might find useful. Cons Very big, and VERY heavy. Not that maneuverable. Usage Fishing, camping, just tooling around.