Name: Slasher-the-Elf

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I have been mostly a sea kayaker - using an Old Town Nantucket. I recently bought a Tarpon 100 to use on the local rivers - which are mature, slow and shallow. i bought a demo model from the local backpacking shop for $550. Theres not much that is remarkable about this boat. Its size is handy. At 55 pounds its easy to drag up on top of the car - where i leave mine. The water tight compartments are useful as are all the bungy hold downs - especially on the sides. Its a great place to stow a line or secure your paddle.

I have a hard time call this thing a Kayak - its short, wide and has a chair type seat. I use mine often and feel like I got my $550 worth of boat. I would never take this on any river with white water or out any distance from shore - its more of a toy and near shore fishing platform....and not really a kayak - but that is exactly what Wilderness Systems sells it as.