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Last year (late in the year) I purchased this stove because of the versatility in the descriptions. After a summer of use I can honestly say this is one of the best stoves on the market. I have owned Coleman stoves and I have had alcohol stoves, the Multi Fuel is a beast. It will boil water quickly and efficiently. I know some people do not like the noise it makes while full open, but you do not have to have it on as long as the other alternatives to achieve a good boil for water purification or making water for dehydrated meals.

The only reason I gave it a 9 is the packability. It comes with a great case for backpacking, but for kayaking you need to get a dray bag for it. It fits fine in my Tarpon 120's smaller hatch. I rigged a grab line around the zipper so it doesn't 'migrate' to the rear of my kayak in transit.

If you overnight kayak this is a must have on any list!!!

I have an eTREX 20 and have used it on 3 day trips. I am not an expert at using a GPS unit and was a bit concerned if this was a wise investment. It turns out that I was concerned for no reason. After a day or so of watching tutorial on YouTube, and some experimenting around my house and neighborhood I found this to be a great little unit. I did purchase the topo maps from Garmin ($30.00) and discovered that this was another great investment.

The first trip I went on I did not have the topo maps on my unit. The tracking worked as expected as well as the timing devices. The screen is not as big as a smart phone but it didn't take long to adjust to this size. After I downloaded the topo maps and learned the BaseCamp software, I planned the next trip on the GPS unit.

That trip and the trip afterwards were even more fun with the GPS unit. The accuracy of the unit isn't the best on the market, but for my uses the tracking was incredible. The other benefits of having the topos is being able to identify landmarks and features to help pinpoint your location. I often kayak with people new to the sport and the areas, so I am constantly bombarded with the "where are we?" and "how much further?" This helps me quiet those folks down!!

The final point that makes this such a great value is that it tracks moving time as well as total time. It has speed tracking as well. These features are helping me get a more efficient paddle stroke and it also helps me plan for longer trips with more efficiency.

In conclusion this is a high value low cost necessity for my kayak and I would recommend this to every one that owns a kayak or a canoe!!!!!

I just upgraded to the Tarpon 120. I was paddling the Tarpon 100 for the last 2 years. I have had the 120 out 3 times in the last week and I am quite happy with the kayak. The 120 is quite a bit faster than the 100 and it also has more storage.

I did notice a slight difference in the handling of the 120 vs the 100. This is due to the additional 2'3". I use my kayak primarily on the streams and rivers in Missouri. The 100 was quite agile in tight areas and could be turned "on a dime". The 120 is still nimble, but a little bit more effort is required, nothing substantial though.
I am sure that I will be heading out again in the next few days!!!

After one year with this kayak I am quite pleased. My Tarpon has been on at least 20 trips and it is a very nimble vessel in tight areas on the Missouri streams that I float most often. I have noticed that it doesn't track as well as longer kayaks, but that is ok. I knew this when I selected a 10' instead of a 12'. It isn't a Ferrari wither but it holds it own with the other kayaks with a bit more paddling effort. Overall this was an excellent purchase and I would recommend this kayak to anyone interested in starting to kayak, or for anyone doing the winding streams of Missouri!

A full month with this vessel! I LOVE it!!!! This last weekend I took it out in some better water. There was actually some CFS going on in the bends. The Tarpon 100 (I haven't named her yet) handled like a dream. I watched 2 canoes and one Ride 115 tip, my kayak went through flawlessly!!!! I didn't think that the 10' would be acceptable, but I was wrong. I cannot endorse this kayak enough. Sturdy, stout and can do the moves!!

I like this vest. It is ideal for fly fishing because of the tip down table when you unzip the second level of zippers. I did not give it a 10 because of the amount of zippers. The quality is excellent, the access to all the compartments is great when paddling. However, on the small streams that I fish, I frequently get out of my kayak and fish from the shore. cumbersome to unzip 2 levels, I know I am nit-picking, but I am the original PIA on fly fishing.

This is a great vest, other than my silly complaints. It will float a 189 lbs. man in Class II/III water. I tested it. Also, Stearns is a time tested manufacturer of great products. I would say this is a great product and would definitely recommend this for a purchase!!!

I have to admit, I like the Hully Rollers. They do have their faults. The 'flopping' was an issue at first for me, but I have a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100. It is not a long kayak, and it is also a SOT. The bottom has the channels that most SOT's have. I have the Mako paddles on the front of my SUV rack, and when I position the rollers on the channels of the bottom of my kayak they do not tend to flop. I also use the straps for the bow and the stern. That eliminated the issue. I think bow and stern straps should be listed as a must have. I don't mind the extra few minutes to make sure my investment-in-fun is secured!!!

Great Kayak. Just got back from a 6 mile float with it. I know that doesn't sound long, but it was on a crowded float stream. There were a ton of rafts with drunks everywhere. Unfortunately there was no fishing, but the Ride 115 handled like a dream. It took to the water with a nice glide and exceptional mobility considering its girth. I carried the provisions for the other two people that were rafting. Obviously they couldn't keep up with me, so I did a lot of upstream paddling to meet up with them. The Ride was excellent. I didn't give it a 10 because it was so crowded at the bends and turns (rafts bottlenecking) that I could not really run it through the full paces. I would highly suggest a serious look at this kayak!!!!

What an awesome kayak. I purchased mine two weeks ago and have spent more time in the water in these last 14 days than the last year. I lost my 12 footer in a fire (long story). This vessel is truly sea worthy!! I have been on my local rivers and it handles so well. I can endorse this 100%, and the price point is perfect for the Ferrari of the river!