Name: lxmeier

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Been paddling the Tarpon 100 for over a year now. It's still awesome. While it does not track quite as well as the Tarpon 140, it is soooo much easier to handle on Missouri Ozark streams. It still handles small lakes very well. Plan to take to Minnesota this summer and Florida later in the year. I think it would be fine on near shore ocean paddling.

Stability is great. Weight carrying capacity is above average for a 10 foot boat. It is easy to put on top of the truck, a big benefit over the older Tarpon 140. The wife paddles one also. We are very pleased with this little boat.

My brother bought two Ride 115 kayaks by Wilderness. I paddled one on the Gasconade River in Missouri a couple weeks ago. This is a great boat. Super stable.. Love the adjustable seat. My only complaint is the weight. At over 75 pounds it is hard to lift onto the top of a van or pickup by myself.

The boat tracks very well and has plenty of room. The seating position is high which is great for fishing, but probably catches more wind than my Tarpon.

The Tarpon 100 is a fantastic boat. I use it mostly on Midwestern lakes and Ozark streams. It has great primary and secondary stability, tracks very well for a short boat, and carries plenty of weight for day tripping. We carry two of these on our Honda CRV. they are light and easy to load.