13' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Ride 135 Description

Takes everything that made the Ride series so popular and optimizes it for maximum performance and capacity from flat to surf to small water. The Ride 135 is optimized for maximum performance and capacity from flat to surf to small water, while adding the latest Wilderness Systems innovations paddlers, hunters, anglers and other hobbyists demand. The tool-less SlideTrax accessory system. Ultra-comfortable sliding, removable Phase 3 Freedom Elite Seating System. It comes fully loaded and is ready to be loaded up even more.

Ride 135 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Wilderness Systems
Ride 135 Reviews

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Very fast .Very nimble. Low…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/6/2024

Very fast .Very nimble. Low center of gravity. Wind deflection is good. Mine has the slider seat and is extremely comfortable. Tracks good without the rudder. Accelerates quick. Hatch seals stink tho. Oh well. I can move this boat as fast or faster than any pedal drive I've seen. No lie. I have a recon 120 hd and a native slayer, and honestly, this boat trumps them in speed and maneuverability. Time is distance fishing tampa bay. I'll take the speed over anything else.

Bought this boat for beach launched tarpon fishing. Definitely love it! Tarpon aren't so glad.


It's a very stable, nice…

Submitted by: paddler1604547 on 7/21/2021

It's a very stable, nice paddling kayak BUT. The scuppers leak. Whenever you pull it out you have to open the drain and drain all of the water out of it. PITA. Dealer would do noting so I thought about it and fixed it myself. I got a tube of Flex Seal Sealant and sealed around the top of each scupper hole. That seams to have cured the problem for this year. No big deal if it has to be done yearly. HOWEVER. For a boat this expensive, it shouldn't have that design defect. Very disappointed. I have a cheap Pelican kayak that is dry as a bone. Fix the problem Wilderness.


I love the system I just need…

Submitted by: paddler808866 on 6/29/2020
I love the system I just need a new CI travel through a lot of rivers and backwaters vision and the see system has been lost

Took out one trip 3 hrs on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/30/2020

Took out one trip 3 hrs on the water that is flat water no wind got home with the kayak pull out of my truck open the hatch and about a gallon of water in the yak so I took it to the dealer and soon as they pulled the kayak out they saw what the problem was in the tank well they said the scuppers hole were blowed out Iam glad I didn’t stay out all day probably would of sunk I have over the past 10 years bought 14 kayaks and never had this problem


The Ride 135 is a stable,…

Submitted by: jerrypapousek on 6/19/2018

The Ride 135 is a stable, open and very fishable kayak that provides total comfort with adjustable foot pads and a removable, breathable seat. Side rails for Scotty accessories make it simple to add rod holders and electronics. A recessed rear deck is readily accessible from the seated position but standing and casting from the mid deck is very stable with the double tunnel hull. As a predominantly fly fisherman, I highly recommend this well designed craft. Jerrypapousek@gmail.com


Very stable fishing platform.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/10/2016
Very stable fishing platform. I have the original seat and purchased the rising seat later. I like the added height for fishing. Very comfortable and easy to stand in. Tracking isn't always good I would recommend a rudder to help keep straight while fishing. Plenty of storage for overnight camping and fishing gear. A lot of nice accessories to add for comfort and fishing. Just be aware this is a heavy boat. Very difficult for one person to lift on top of SUV or car.

Great Boat very stable. (Wilderness Systems Ride 135 max) In follow up to…

Submitted by: paddler236889 on 6/27/2016

Great Boat very stable. (Wilderness Systems Ride 135 max)

In follow up to my previous review I have had my kayak out several times and am still in love with this boat.

First let me say it is comfortable I fished 6 hours and did not even feel it.(other than the paddling part)

Second conditions were terrible 10-15 mph winds 2-3 foot chop and still a stable ride. I felt very confident even in those conditions that I was safe. The boat tracked well even in the wind and wasn't terribly hard to paddle against the wind.

Third very stable I jumped out in 5 foot of water and got back in the first try without baptizing all my gear. Even in the rough water.

I am very happy with this boat as I said before I am 6 foot and 300+ pounds.

So from this big guy and for all the others that like to kayak thank you Wilderness Systems for providing a stable fishing platform for us big kayakers


I received my 2015 ride 135…

Submitted by: paddler236889 on 6/22/2016

I received my 2015 ride 135 today. I must say it is a beast, but it is easier to handle than I expected. I took it out right away taking only an anchor life vest and a paddle, oh and a friend. I preceded to test the tipping points and the stability. I must say I am impressed. I'm 6' 310 lbs and the cockpit does not fill with water so to my delight no need for plugs. I took in out in windy conditions 1-2 foot swells in shallow water. It tracked well even in the wind. I turned sideways to the waves and rolled over them just fine. I even stood up in that rough water. But only for a short time till a wave threw me. I purposely tipped the kayak several times getting back in from the water was easy enough considering my size. I then padded to calm water where I stood up and paddled for a while. even standing on one foot once I got my balance. So very stable boat looking forward to taking it fishing.

As for the seat I got the max and I think I could live in that thing very comfortable. Overall great boat a little on the pricey side ( for my budget anyway) but does not disappoint. I would recommend to anyone in my weight class.


I was very disappointed with…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/11/2016
I was very disappointed with the 2015 Wilderness Ride 135 after a day paddling it. I'm 6' tall and 200 lbs for reference.

This kayak is very heavy and hard to handle and transport to and from the water. It feels much heavier than the listed weight. It wasn't particularly good at anything. It has two pretty comfortable seating options in the regular high seat and the Max seat (this is its best feature IMO).

It paddles like a barge getting up to speed and had a tendency to snake but as soon as you stopped paddling it wouldn't track very straight and would turn in circles. The stability wasn't terrible but its initial stability felt below average for a wide fishing kayak. It's listed at 31.5"" wide but I measured it at 33" wide (250 cm paddle is needed to paddle comfortably) The front two sets of scuppers are very noisy and shoot up water like geysers when paddling (scupper plugs are a must) Both orbix hatches leaked water (these are supposed to be the new improved hatches btw)

The deck flexed very easily and unacceptably underfoot IMO. This is supposed to be a stand and fish easy kayak. For the high price and timeframe this kayak has been around to make improvements on the design

I'm left very underwhelmed and highly disappointed given it's mostly positive reviews. It's shortcomings overshadow it's strengths which are few. If you are looking for a good fishing kayak pick something else, anything else.


She's a beast but wonderful…

Submitted by: aaelliott on 8/25/2015
She's a beast but wonderful to go out in. I like the extra space and stability . I'm giving her a 9 because I thought it would be more stable when standing and it is heavy. It's a chore loading and unloading it off the car.

Updated review - Original Review 4/17/2008 My wife and I have had our…

Submitted by: meretricious on 7/28/2015
Updated review - Original Review 4/17/2008
My wife and I have had our Rides for 8 years now, and I have a couple more comments for anyone looking at buying a First generation Ride 135. Two major issues have stood out over the years:

The seats cannot be changed out, as they're built into the yak, and they dig into your tailbone during a long paddle. You really need a PFD's thickness between you and the seat for it not to happen, and it's still not that comfortable.

More importantly, however, is the failure of the small "hatch" between your legs. I mean, in particular, the model with the small round hatch with the fabric bag inside that is right between your legs. If the kayak is loaded, and that can mean simply a heavy person using it, the kayak scupper holes admit water - of course. However, the small hatch is very low in the boat, and does not seal well. It's lower than any other hatch, and even lower than the seat itself. Water gets into the hatch, and into the yak, making it ride lower, which lets in more water, and it rides lower still, etc. it is a serious design flaw, which is probably why you won't find it on the newer models.

If you're looking at buying a used, 1st generation Ride 135, please be warned. If you keep it light, you may not have the problem, but we've seen that hatch cover get looser over the years, so that may exacerbate the problem.

Other than that, it's still one of the smoothest riding kayaks I've had the pleasure to paddle. See my earlier review [4/17/2008] for other comments.


The Ride 135 is rock solid.…

Submitted by: paddler236347 on 7/10/2015
The Ride 135 is rock solid. At 6'2" and 350# this kayak handle myself and my gear. Plenty of room for storage and movement. The adjustable seat makes it comfortable for fishing all day.

This is a very strait…

Submitted by: jlopopolo on 7/1/2015
This is a very strait tracking boat. I am 240 lbs and this boat carries me with stability. The trade off is that it does not turn as well as most of the other kayaks I have used. Happy with purchase!

The Wilderness Ride 135 has…

Submitted by: dwmhunter63 on 7/1/2015
The Wilderness Ride 135 has been the best boat that I have ever owned. I trout fish below the dam while generation is taking place and it holds great. Very stable and really easy to use. I have caught a lot of fish in the kayak. Plenty of storage space and very comfortable.

the kayak takes on water from…

Submitted by: paddler236046 on 10/27/2014
the kayak takes on water from the front hatch. It leaks water when kayaking in the ocean when covered by a wave. could be dangerous.

I recently purchased the Ride…

Submitted by: paddler236036 on 10/15/2014
I recently purchased the Ride 135 Advanced (taller - wider seat). I echo what some of the bigger guys have said. Great for a bigger person (6"8" 330lb) Feels a little tippy at first, but 5 minutes in and you're a daredevil. I fish every free moment and it's the most ergonomically friendly kayak I've found. (highly suggest purchasing!)

This is my first kayak and…

Submitted by: kmora626 on 10/3/2014
This is my first kayak and couldn't be more thrilled with my purchase. I'm am 6'2" and 245 lbs and never feel like my kayak is unstable. I paddle and fish from it and it has all the accessories I need. The tracks have allowed me to add even more bells and whistles! I have not stood in it yet but will in the future.
I recommend this Kayak to all!

I purchased the Ride 135…

Submitted by: kmora626 on 9/16/2014
I purchased the Ride 135 after renting many types of kayaks. After I used I purchased one the same day. It is stable and tracks beautifully. I'm 6-2 240 lbs and I never feel unstable. I would highly recommend!

Went to a Demo Day at Pack &…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/21/2014
Went to a Demo Day at Pack & Paddle in Lafayette La. Tested at least 15 different models and found the Ride 135 to be the best model for fishing. I purchased my Ride 135 a few weeks back and have it on Layway expect to pick it up at the end of next month and bring it to Perdido Key Fla. for a month long vacation

I have owned 4 kayaks. A…

Submitted by: paddler228115 on 8/20/2014
I have owned 4 kayaks. A Necky, a Hobie, and two Perceptions, and this is by far the best kayak I have owned. I bought it used, and unfortunately it is a 2011 (one year from being able to change out the seat to the newest upgraded air pro)..

You can stand and fish and the design allows for all types of people to almost effortlessly stand. Very impressed. being able to throw my paddles in the front hatch is also a major plus! Thanks Wilderness Systems!!


Bought a Ride 135 used about…

Submitted by: paddler235812 on 8/6/2014
Bought a Ride 135 used about 6 months ago and couldn't be happier. I'm 6'3" and 330 lbs. This is the best kayak I found for big guys. The primary stability of the 135 feels a little bit tippy but you quickly learn to trust the secondary stability which is rock solid.
Can't wait to get the new Air Pro Max seat even though the current seat is great.

As a big guy 6'2" 350 lbs, I…

Submitted by: paddler235793 on 7/29/2014
As a big guy 6'2" 350 lbs, I love this boat. I have the phase two seat which is comfortable for all day fishing. I am really looking fwd to the air pro max seat that will make standing even easier. This boat is stable medium speed and a great big mans boat!

Love this kayak! I upgraded…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/10/2014
Love this kayak! I upgraded from a big box store kayak and it was the best decision ever. The pontoon style bottom makes the Ride 135 is so stable. I was out in some serious weather recently (high winds and waves) and never had a worry and on top of that I stand and fish whenever I get the chance.

I highly recommend this boat for anyone that does a lot of casting while fishing. I fish mostly bass and pike and the Ride is perfect.


The best boat we own for the…

Submitted by: paddler235670 on 7/3/2014
The best boat we own for the many uses. Can haul an amazing amount of gear, while tracking the water like a knife. A very fast boat for 13 feet long. Love the ease of use hatches. Awesome on multi-day trips.

This is the best Kayak I have…

Submitted by: paddler235639 on 7/2/2014
This is the best Kayak I have found for shallow stream fly fishing. I am a big guy. When the water is low I want something that keeps me high on the surface but feels like I still have control. The Ride 135 does that. It is a joy to spend a day on the river with this kayak.

I just purchased a Wilderness…

Submitted by: koradogger on 4/2/2014
I just purchased a Wilderness Systems Ride 135. I bought is used and it is several years old, so it doesn't have the high/low seat that the newer version has. I upgraded from a Pelican Castaway. This kayak is very comfortable and stable.

One of the main features I wanted was lots of dry storage, which this kayak has. There is a large compartment in the bow that is easy to access while on the kayak. There is also a small hatch in front of the seat and another one behind the seat. I haven't done much fishing out of it yet, but I expect I will love all the room that I have in this kayak. It is stable enough to stand on as well.

I believe this model weighs approx. 70 lbs. I am a 45 year old woman and am able to load it on my SUV by myself. (However it is a bit easier if someone is there to help.) This kayak maneuvers well and moves quickly once you get it going. After about 3 strokes it starts to really glide. I am very happy with this kayak.


As a complete beginner and a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/4/2014
As a complete beginner and a large guy (5'11" 250lbs), I got into my very first kayak last week.. a Ride 135. I was honestly stunned how stable it was, and so easy to paddle. I was using a 230 cm paddle, but really needed a 240 cm. But even w/ the short paddle for such a wide kayak (32 inches wide), it flew through the water. And remember, I have never been on a kayak before that.

I fully expected to get wet, both from splash and tipping over. The only water that touched me was drip from a cheap paddle's drip guards not working. Obviously, I am not an expert so my opinion is extremely limited. But I loved the stability and maneuverability so much, that I bought one for myself that afternoon.

Very impressed with this "ride"... pun intended. Fish, look out.


Many people love this kayak…

Submitted by: paddler235256 on 8/6/2013
Many people love this kayak and I know why. It is a long, wide, stable monster of a kayak that is great for fishing. I love fishing from this kayak but that's about as far as I can endorse it. The main reason isn’t because it's not a great kayak but because I'm not a huge person at 5'7" and 140 lbs. so this kayak is very hard for me to load, unload, carry and store. If I were a big guy I would definitely like this kayak as it is comfortable, easy to stand in and can carry tons of equipment.

If you are interested in this kayak I would go check it out and see if you are able to move it around with ease or not. Even though I love this kayak on the water I wasn't able to utilize it like I would have liked to because of the difficulty of loading, unloading and storing it. Please remember, a lot of what is good about a kayak comes from personal preference so please try one out whenever possible before making a decision.


I bought this kayak in 2010…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/22/2013
I bought this kayak in 2010 after much research, and am not disappointed. I mainly use this kayak for fishing but it is great just for paddling and exploring. It is also very stable even for someone like me who is 6'3" and around 280lbs. The quality is also excellent, I have had no problems at all. It also has plenty of storage, which is great for all my fishing gear. If I ever buy another kayak it will most likely be a Wilderness System SOT kayak.

I've had the Ride for a few…

Submitted by: paddler235017 on 5/24/2013
I've had the Ride for a few months now, and I feel adequate enough to give a proper review.

This yak weighs in about 100 pounds. I'm a big guy and its challenging for me to load up on my car alone. It would be easier for me if I had a pick up truck or trailer. With this size, Ride 135 holds up to 500 pounds. I've had my girlfriend's dog in the back storage area, my dog in between my legs, and my girlfriend seating on the bow of the yak facing me. It held up to the weight of us, but I wouldn't recommend kayaking far like this. I did it just to test the weight limits. This means you can hold a lot of gear. Great for day trips and overnights. My next challenge is a 2-3 trip and a week one after that.

Despite the weight of the yak, she moves. It does take a few paddles but moves swiftly after that. Turning can be challenging but that's due to the length. A rudder would help with turns.

My Ride 135 is the 2012 model and comes with the new hatches. A flip of the two levers and the hatches pop open. Plenty of room in the bow. The other hatch is located between your legs for easy convenience. Plenty of room in the rear of the yak. I can slide my seat up and put even more gear in that space. I'm often the mule and get to carry everyone's gear.

The Seat:
The seat is adjustable and a big selling point for me. As I stated before, you can adjust the seat if you want. You would want to do this to balance your yak depending on your gear. Other perks, slide the seat all the way back and you have a standing platform. The seat works better than most but after a few hours you will start to cramp. I stand up and paddle like a Stand Up Paddle board. Standing helps you cast your fishing pole and increase your field of vision. sliding the seat all the way forward gives you room between the seat and the rear compartment. storage area. The seat does get uncomfortable after a few hours but that is expected. The newer models have different seats that should be more comfortable.

After many months I am still satisfied with my Ride. I can't wait until I take her out again.


Big boat! My son calls it…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/26/2013
Big boat! My son calls it "the barge". It is heavy. It's March in Michigan and we took it on the river. I weigh 280 pounds and the water comes up into the drain holes just below the surface of the storage areas. Wade into knee deep water sit on the edge and swing my feet into the boat. I love the stability! Wore waders etc. for cold weather, got tangled in overhanging brush and fell out. Walk to the boat, it doesn't need to be emptied of water. Sit on the edge and swing my feet in. I am back on the river cruising.

I love this barge. Heavy, stable, only complaint? Cup holder hard to reach. Had a steaming beverage just out of reach. I am new to kayaking but I like this design over the sit in.


Love Love LOVE my Ride! Very…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/28/2012
Love Love LOVE my Ride! Very stable, fast enough, turns and tracks well. I am only 5 ft 2 and thought the 135 might b ea bit much for me. Not at all....only a bit much for me to load and unload by myself. Think I will just buy a trailer to get it more on my level. I did a lot of research before buying a kayak and am glad I did. I feel like I hit the jackpot for a first kayak and have no desire to ever buy anything else except maybe another Ride!

What a fantastic kayak. Had…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/28/2012
What a fantastic kayak. Had mine for 4 years with rudder and it is everyone's all-arounder - plenty of storage area; standing is no problem. I love my 135 who needs a bass boat when the Ride does it all for a lot less moola, virtually no maintenance and is the leader of the pack when it comes to durability and just plain fun.
Trust me when it comes to kayaks there is none better. Thanks Wilderness!

A family-owned Columbus…

Submitted by: WetSandyFeet on 7/18/2011
A family-owned Columbus camping and boating dealer strongly (to put it mildly) recommended the Ride 135 to me. Previously I'd had a Pungo 140 (which got totaled). In the water the Ride 135 seemed just fine, I didn't notice any difference in handling. Getting in and out of it with my being handicapped was a joy by comparison. The back and seat were I need a longer paddle but mine will do. The weight of it concerns me, but I can usually tip someone to help me. The Ride 135 didn't ride well in J bars at high speeds on I-94. I brought it back laying flat on the VW rack where it road smoothly and my MPG improved by five miles to the gallon.

Great boat all I use it for…

Submitted by: paddler234085 on 6/27/2011
Great boat all I use it for is fishing. Stand and fish with easy after a few times out practicing. Love the boat really easy to mount fish finder. Mounted 3 Scotty rod holds that work perfect

I just bought a new 2008…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/27/2010
I just bought a new 2008 model Ride 135 with factory rudder on closeout at a dealer. The boat is super. It handles really well with or without the rudder. Since it is wide, the Ride takes a couple of strokes to get going, but then the kayak's glide makes up for the slow start.

The Ride is super stable, so I thought it would be super slow. To me the yak does not feel slow at all. It is not close to being as fast as my wife's Pungo 140, but seems fast enough. With rubber golf balls in the scuppers, I had a perfectly dry ride.

I agree that the seat bottom needs more padding. After a few hours out I started to get a bit uncomfortable, so I pulled a cushion out of the dry hatch and solved the problem for the rest of the day. The height adjustment on the backrest slipped a couple of times. I might be ordering one of those 2010 replacement backrests. We will see.

The Ride 135 is perfect for fishing. It has a huge capacity and lots of room for coolers, crates, tackle boxes, etc. I like the grooves in the bow to place your rod tip while rigging the line. Another nice touch is the wealth of bungees located in strategic places.

Wilderness Systems quality is evident in the fit and finish of this yak. My good friend has two Ride 135s and swears by them. I am glad that I listened to his advice.


I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: paddler232724 on 12/16/2009
I recently purchased the Ride, but right after buying, took it on a 7-day trip down the Rio Grando Lower Canyons. Paddled it for 84 miles. You could say we're acquainted.

Very stable platform for standing to sight cast or scout river hazards. Lots of storage space and storage options. Orbix hatches are easy to operate and have a solid closure. Seat back gives good support. Tracks well in flat water and tends to coast once you get it up to speed. Hull material stands up to rocks. Scupper holes are well protected inside the tri-hull design. Shallow drafting.

Hard to turn. Not the best kayak for a novice in class 2+ water. Not the fastest kayak on the water. Tends to slap and punch through waves rather than ride over top. Seat bottom could use a little more padding. No scupper holes near the seat. Water will collect there.

Overall, it is a very good boat, but there are trade offs. You give up maneuverability for stability. What sold me is its durability. Ask the guys at Austin Kayak which boats in their rental fleet stand up to abuse.


The Ride was our first boat…

Submitted by: paddler233041 on 3/11/2009
The Ride was our first boat and when and if it ever wears out we are going to buy another one. We have used this boat in most conditions on lakes, rivers and in the ocean and it has never let us down. Anyone can paddle the Ride and we always use it for the "first timers" I don't know what you would have to do to get this boat over but my husband who is 275 stands up in it to get in and out ( bad knees) This is just a nice big comfortable work horse of a boat, not fast but ultra sturdy and safe, if I fished I would paddle the Ride and give my husband my Tarpon 100.

I purchased the Ride from a…

Submitted by: paddler232818 on 12/1/2008
I purchased the Ride from a guy who only had it a year and used it only a few times. So first off I am pleased with the price I paid at $400. I absolutely love this kayak for one sole purpose, you can stand and sightcast fish on the flats without having to add any flotation devices whatsoever. Now I don't have the Ride 135 I have the Ride with the smaller tankwell and different setup. I like to carry as little as possible with me such as 2 rods a wading belt and an anchor. I just don't like dealing with so much stuff at once and its easier to stand up without losing or getting tangled with anything. Overall a great kayak for saltwater flats fishing and highly recommend it for any purpose. Happy trails!!!

Awesome yak!! Can easily…

Submitted by: paddler232818 on 10/10/2008
Awesome yak!! Can easily stand and sightcast reds on the Texas flats without adding any additions. Absolutely no complaints. Great speed, tracking, and stability. WS makes a great product

this is one awesome boat. It…

Submitted by: paddler232900 on 10/2/2008
this is one awesome boat. It can really move compared to its width and length. Handles rough choppy sea nicely, is the ideal first fishing yak. Stable, fast enough, turns nicely, tracks well and has lots of loading capacity. genius pontoon hull design. WS please make us a 16 footer with the same total weight...

I purchased my 2008 Ride 135…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2008
I purchased my 2008 Ride 135 on 6-14-08. I am 6'3" and about 275 pounds. In addition to this boat, I have a 13.5' Perception America and a 11' America. I went to a big demo day and tried out similar boats by all the other manufacturers. I felt the Ride tracked pretty good and had good speed. My America is slightly better in these categories. When I plug the holes, the water stays out, otherwise, at my weight, there is about an inch of water in the boat. It comes up just below the seat. If you get water in the seat, it doesn’t have a way to drain out. I don’t mind it at all in the summer. In the winter, you can plug the holes. The small hatch in the cockpit collects a little too much water.

I agree about the footpegs; they didn’t work great at the demo. I am considering reinforcing them in the center. My calves also rest directly on the plastic, which hurts after a few hours. The boat is wide so you will need a longer paddle. It is also very heavy. Limitations aside, I bought this because I can move all around it, which is impossible in a sit-inside. You can swing your legs off the side to reach items behind you, you can slip into the water to cool off and easily reenter the boat. I can even turn myself around and lay down on my back in the footwell, if I need to try and catch some rays.

It has tons of storage space, and is great for fishing. The boat is super stable and is surprisingly agile. Some sit-on-tops feel like a barge. This one can perform. It is also much easier to get in and out of, as compared to a sit-in boat. Overall, I am completely satisfied. The complaints I have cannot compare to the benefits of this type of boat.


My girlfriend and I purchased…

Submitted by: meretricious on 4/17/2008
My girlfriend and I purchased a couple of Ride 135's last summer, and overall we're very happy with our purchase. The yak has good speed and maneuverability in addition to the advertised stability, a great testament to the hull design.

Less well designed, however are the cheap footpegs. The tracks for the pegs are only screwed in at the ends, causing the middle to bow out and twist over time. The seat is bothering the both of us, as well. The hinge where the back meets the seatpad at the boat sticks out, denting my butt after about a half hour's ride.

It's a wide boat; which can be good and bad. It holds a lot of stuff, but it's darn heavy - 65lbs. It takes the both of us to get each boat onto the truck. The width also makes it harder to paddle; my girlfriend keeps banging her hands against the side handles. We had to purchase longer paddles than we'd originally thought - 240cm's for the two of us.

Those nitpicks aside, however, it's a great boat; a pleasure to paddle. Its stability makes it easy to get back in after jumping out for a dip in the middle of a lake in the summer. It tracks well. The spacious tankwell fits a cooler easily. The seat's up a bit high, even for a SOT, and I like that, as my arms are long - and my butt stays pretty dry, considering.

As stated in an earlier review, the mango color scheme is beautiful - and safer, let's face it.


Without trying other kayaks,…

Submitted by: RouseD on 11/19/2007
Without trying other kayaks, except for a one hour trip on a Heritage Redfish 12, and a few very short tryouts on about 4 others, I give my Ride 135 a 10. I am almost 61yo and weigh about 185 lbs. I am 5' 7 1/2 ".

The Heritage Redfish is a very good yak, but I preferred the 135. I did not try the Heritage 14 because I didn't like the front hatch on it. I have stood and fished from my 135 and have pulled over some flooded marshes and have thrown a cast net while standing also.

The maneuverability of the Ride 135 is good. I tried it out the first time in fresh water creek here in eastern NC. One of my concerns was that I needed my kayak to be maneuverable because of the tight situations you can get into in some of our creeks. To look at the bottom of the hull, you wouldn't think the maneuverability would be good, but it will surprise you.

I have an ofice crate behind my seat and a 28 quart ice chest on the very back. I will usually carry about 4 rods and other fishing gear with me, as well as my cast net. I am loving fishing in it.


I'm 5'5" and 270 lbs and the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/9/2007
I'm 5'5" and 270 lbs and the Ride fits me great! Without any scupper plugs I stayed fairly dry - even with swells from power boats and pwc's buzzing about. This 'yak isn't a speed demon, but it's not slow either, and it's very easy to turn. I just wish I would've gotten it sooner.

My husband and I purchased…

Submitted by: paddler231572 on 7/16/2007
My husband and I purchased the Ride 135 and a Perception Search 13 on July 4th. We are new to the kayak sport, being canoe owners. We wanted something more nimble for day trips down our local Central Texas rivers. We took them out last weekend for a 7 mile trip down the Llano, and both had very strong opinions about which kayak was "ours" after it was over.

The Ride is very stable, has tons of space for storage. My husband loved this kayak, while I was not crazy about it. He is 6'3 and I am 5'5, and the Ride was very comfortable for him, but felt clumsy for me. It is extremely stable and rode the rapids very well; he didn't have any trouble navigating around the rocks but I did. Sitting on top and letting your legs hang on the side was absolutely stable. Our boys took it for fishing and said it was great. Plenty of room for a small cooler in the roomy front storage area. Lots of neat features and places to store stuff. We didn't take in any water at all in this kayak, which is the primary reason for the SOT decision. Very sturdy and well built kayak.

We were considering the Tarpon 120 but our kayak dealer recommended this one as being a lot more responsive. We have the beautiful Mango color! My husband loves it, and so do my two college age sons. If you are smaller, you might try something different.


Incredibly stable in flat…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/26/2006
Incredibly stable in flat moderately choppy water due to pontoon style hull. When the hull gets sideways, however, in heavy surf the pontoons actually seem to work against you, there is definately a point of no return.

The boat is very easy to turn, but does not track tremendously well. The low profile keeps it out of the wind.

The unique hull design is not as much of a speed detriment as one would think and the boat is capable of comfortably making trips of 10 miles or more. When sprinting the flat hull between the sponsons actually planes a bit.

Some unexpected drawbacks are that anyone over about 140-150 pds will be sitting in water. Also, the deck around the scupper raises due to flex in the plastic trapping water in the deck. Other wise the scupper will completely and efficiently drain the cockpit when the boat is moving.

(A tennis ball makes a perfect plug for the oversized scupper.)

The manufacturers capacity estimates are , if anything conservative. I have had 400 pounds in it with out any problem.


I had been looking around for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/1/2006
I had been looking around for a roomy/reliable kayak that could support my 6ft 2inch frame. Now I am not petite little guy (230lbs), so investing money within something that could handle my weight and size was essential. After researching on-line and speaking with many different local kayak outfitters I had narrowed it down to the WS "The Ride" and the Ocean Kayak "Prowler 13". Fortunately I was able to find a WS Ride for sale here on the Paddling.net (classifieds) site and went ahead and purchased it. Well this past weekend I tried my new toy out on the Jacks Fork River down around Eminence, MO and it was a blast. The upper portion from Bay Creek to Ally Spring was low but I had limited portage issues. Basically I was the envy of my fellow friends in there heavy aluminum canoes. The overall experience was just downright awesome. Except for when a steady breeze would hit (would blow me off track) the control, tracking, agility and speed were far better than anything I had expected. With this particular kayak coming in at over 13 plus feet long, it handled like it were more like 6ft long. Any sharp bends in the river that looked intimidating just melted away with the way the entire kayak handled. I never tried to stand-up in it (had no reason too and had a few cold drinks in my system) but I would not suggest it unless you are a lot shorter and more stable. For anyone whom is looking for a highly enjoyable SOT kayak that offers room and plenty of storage area, on-top of great handling, this is a great investment to make. Plus this kayak was extremely light for me to load-up and handle all by myself. Chances are is that I will go ahead and purchase a Prowler 13 (Angler Edition) by next summer so that I have a SOT kayak for my fishing or floating trips, but "The Ride" has definitely made a positive impression on me. If you get a chance try out "The Ride" by WS and just have some fun.

I've had my Ride for a year…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/28/2006
I've had my Ride for a year now and I'm happy with it for the most part. I agree it's got shortcomings, like the wet seat and lack of a decent place to mount a Scotty front of you, but it is as fast as my other SOT, a Tarpon 140. It also seems to have a lower profile which helps in the wind. I bought this kayak secondhand (a 2004 model) and customer service was nonexistent. The rudder bracket was manufactured canted to the right and no one at Confluence/Wilderness would sell me a new bracket. I think my next SOT is going to be a LiquidLogic. At least you can get parts for it without having to buy the whole #&*%! rudder system. I would recommend this kayak to anyone looking for a good SOT, just make sure you QC it real well before you drive away.

Also just purchased a Ride,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2006
Also just purchased a Ride, had it out twice. I disagree with the last review - the first day I had trouble standing, but the second time out with a little getting used to it I was standing all afternoon, sight casting and flyfishing without a problem even in deeper water. Just do it until you get used to it - very stable, not bad a paddling, but a little slow in the wind. I'm looking forward to flycasting for some carp. I'll get another faster sit on top when I can for speed. I had a Tourer and the Ride is not a Tourer, but it serves its purpose as a stable ride, dependable fishing boat.

I've had my Ride for several…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/19/2006
I've had my Ride for several years. Yes it is stable, but I don't feel comfortable standing. Even a little wind will blow you all over the place. The rear deck shape makes it wasted space. The seat is always wet. The rear hatch is too small for anything larger than a wallet.

Fred, 240lb, and I, 220lb,…

Submitted by: paddler231323 on 9/19/2005
Fred, 240lb, and I, 220lb, tested many kayaks yesterday. Current was in the opposite direction of the wind.

Fred disliked the Tarpon 120 a lot. The Tarpon 160 didn't seem especially fast to either of us but was very difficult to turn. The Drifter and Prowler 13 both dumped me unexpectedly during paddle strokes. Both almost dumped me several times, perhaps the center bottoms had been deformed by stacking or by hauling in and out with people in them.

The Ride was just fantastic. Very stable even leaning out over the side. It was easy to move around in and easy to turn. The Ride kept up with the Tarpon 160 unless Fred paddled really hard in the 160. Acceleration was much better in the Ride than in the other boats. Tracking without rudder was good in the wind and current. We both thought the Ride was far superior to the other single seaters.

Then we both tested a used Malibu 2, paddling solo. The Malibu 2 is also a superb kayak. Solo from the rear seat left the nose very high, solo from the center seat was excellent. The Malibu 2 was almost as stable as the Ride and seemed to be about as fast. Tracking without a rudder was the best of any of the boats tested and turning from a stop was also the best. This Malibu 2 did not have any hatches so there is no possibility of flooding the interior. All storage would be on deck on the front and rear seat positions and there is a lot of storage area. The Malibu 2 can carry two people but it is heavier than the Ride. Seating is dry in the Malibu 2.

In summary, both the Ride and the Malibu 2 are excellent boats. They don't look alike but do perform alike in many ways. They were pretty much tied for the best kayak we paddled yesterday and they were vastly superior to the other boats.


I purchased The Ride three…

Submitted by: paddler230989 on 3/16/2005
I purchased The Ride three years ago for my 40th Birthday. It was a gift from my wife. I use this kayak to fish from Long Island waters. I use it in lakes, ponds, back bays, rivers, harbors, and even the ocean at Montalk PT. I can’t say enough about how much I love this kayak. It is very stable and has plenty of space for my tackle. Since I’ve owned it I have installed rod holders and even a GPS/Fishfinder. I get to go fishing all the time now. It’s on top of my Jeep and I'm ready to go in less than 5 minutes. I feel the speed is not an issue, plenty fast for me! The stability is great and I feel that it tracks well also. I demoed quite a few kayaks before making my decision on The Ride. I suggest that you do the same before you actually buy a kayak. Just keep in mind what you will be using it for. I highly recommend The Ride.

I bought a used Ride from a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/13/2005
I bought a used Ride from a guy in Burbank back in January and finally got a chance to take it out on the water today. I'll have to admit that while it has a rather strange looking bottom profile, it handles very well. Mine did not come with a rudder that I gather is available, and as such, I find that it doesn't track so great with a little bit of breeze. This boat has a higher out of water profile than many other SOTs and as such is easier to get influenced by the wind/breeze. I'll be definitely looking for the rudder option soon. Needless to say, we had a great time with my 3yo son sitting between my legs (he weighs about 35lbs) and the boat handled great and is VERY stable. Even when my son decided to stand up, no change in stability at all.

Just to give you an idea of my size, I'm about 6' 2" and weigh in at around 285 (yeah yeah -- trying to get rid of a bit of that now!).

I'd also like to add that this kayak, while it's not the lightest thing in the world, is fairly easy to move around with the nice handles on the sides. Much easier than my brothers Aquaterra he's got. (8->


Just bought The Ride, yellow,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/20/2004
Just bought The Ride, yellow, used. I tried it out in our canals here on siesta key, florida, and it handled and tracked very well. It has a rudder of course and I used and epic carbon paddle, which made a big difference. the boat handles well and maneuverability is really great on this kayak and it is extremely stable, more so than my tarpon. I am very pleased with it and would buy it again. We now have four kayaks, and my husband built a rack for them. the ride is made from a hard plastic and so far no dents or dings in it. We are pleased with kayaking so far and the ride is a great purchase as it has 13'6" of room, it has a reasonable amount of space, but have not gone on more than a half day trip so far. Would purchase it again.

Love the Ride! I was a Store…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/19/2004
Love the Ride! I was a Store Manager of a outdoor shop in Santa Barbara and this is what we used in the rental program. One of the best for stability and tracking. Lots of room to get a good range of motion when paddling, and tons of stowage. People always inquire about my boat when I have it out, and am always happy to rave about it!

Extremely stable,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/5/2004
Extremely stable, maneuverable, comfortable. Have fished from mine, it easily accommodates gear, various activities, motions without worry. Easy paddling, also easy to transport. Great kayak.

This kayak is a flats fishing…

Submitted by: paddler230425 on 12/1/2003
This kayak is a flats fishing machine. I have use my Ride primarily to fish the flats in Mosquito Lagoon and Tampa Bay for red fish and trout and snook. This boat is so stable I was able to fight and land a 4 foot hammerhead standing up. It paddles and tracks well. Hull slap is noticeable only in wind chop conditions but being able to stand up and to spot reds in shallow water is well worth the trade off. Mine is set up with 2 flush mount rod holders and 2 Scotty adjustable rod holders. I have also rigged an anchor system that can be set fore and aft from the cockpit. There is ample storage room in the front hatch for day trips and the tankwell can hold a five gallon bait bucket and tackle with no problems. Plugging the scupper hole keeps the boat very dry in calm conditions and is a must if you plan on doing a lot of standing. Paddle through chop and your going to get wet as the hull design pushes water out as opposed to knifing through. I have tried other kayaks and all have their advantages and disadvantages but for fishing the flats I'll keep my Ride.

Tried a few kayaks before…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/19/2003
Tried a few kayaks before this one and decided to go for stability instead of speed. I don't go too far (less than 2 miles) so speed wasn't a concern. I just didn't want to get wet! This has got to be one of the most stable yaks because of the hull design. I love fishing with both my legs hanging from the side of the kayak. Hull slap hasn't been a problem. I get within 10 feet of fish without them even noticing it. Plenty of storage. Lots of "real estate" for you to put things on top of the kayak as well and to land fish. I even adapted a cooler with an air pump to carry live bait along behind the seat. A bit on the heavy side but it's a keeper for the sport of fishing!

I know this is my second post…

Submitted by: paddler229677 on 4/4/2003
I know this is my second post but I just wanted to let people know that the hull slap is not a problem to chase spooky fish. The hull slap is commensurate to the water's chop and thus, the ride remains unnoticeable to even the spookiest fish such as permits and bones.

The ride is so stable that I put a 2' poling platform on it and I pole it more than I paddle it. I am planning to add a sail and two outriggers at the front to be able to extend the poling platform to 3 or 4 feet. The highest you are, the easiest, you will be able to spot fish in fairly deep water with a sun not at its zenithal position.

The ride is the best kayak ever made for fly fishing and the flat deck is really important as it allows the fly fisherman to store his fly line easily.

The ratio stability/speed is the best one can have. Off course, it will be slower than a scupper pro or another kayak with slick curves that does not allow you to stand. So, if speed is your concern, this is not the kayak to chose. On a flat, you want to move slowly and look around carefully for any shadow that might be a fish. I paddle the yak 5 km an hour and this is enough.

This kayak is primarily good to fish the shallows while standing on it for a better sight fishing. You guys will love it for that specific purpose.


I've had my Ride for 3 years…

Submitted by: paddler230047 on 2/10/2003
I've had my Ride for 3 years now with 1 full year of standing up and poling the flats of Tx. Would not trade this boat for nothing!

I have to mention at first…

Submitted by: paddler230027 on 1/13/2003
I have to mention at first that The Ride is my first yak. I've bought it because it promised versatility and lots of fun. And it did just that. This is a SOT that brings a smile on your face. It is very stable (i have no problem standing on it), easy to turn and well built. Allthough it is not very fast (with a bit of an effort i could manage 5 miles on a lake just under an hour) you won't feel sluggish. It tracks well. I have ridden it on rough seas and shallow rivers with a few easy rapids and on lakes and i must say it i could enjoy The Ride every time. The only downside is the weight - it is not easy for one person to carry it more than a few hundret feet.

I just purchased a ride and I…

Submitted by: paddler229863 on 8/6/2002
I just purchased a ride and I love it, a great boat for fishing with plenty of storage for over night trips. I use mine in the bay and on flats. I highly recomened the ride.

Plenty of space for all…

Submitted by: paddler229780 on 7/3/2002
Plenty of space for all necessary camping/fishing gear for overnighters on sierra lakes. Excellent boat, on a fishing trip to Baja the boat was excellent in beach surf entry, excellent in the kelp fields, caught sand bass & sheepshead while paddling with the dolphins & sea lions 3 miles offshore outside the kelp. What a trip, what a boat.

My husband and I went out in…

Submitted by: paddler229778 on 7/1/2002
My husband and I went out in our Rides for the first time today and had a blast. I was a little worried that it might be a little too much yak for me (I'm only 5'3"), but my husband really thought I could handle it. He was right. I had no trouble at all. The only trouble would involve me loading and unloading it by myself. However, I know that it is unlikely that I will go without him, so that wasn't really a concern. We both were able to stand up in the yak without falling out or flipping them. Climbing back in after a little swim was also a breeze. We read about every yak on the market before buying these. The first time we sat in them at the boat shop we both knew they were the ones. Don't let my size disuade you if you are a large guy because my husband is 6'tall, 210 lbs. and he had plenty of room. So, obviously I am more than pleased with our Rides - I'd recommend them for just about anyone - any size - any level of expertise.

I labored over what brand and…

Submitted by: paddler229691 on 5/14/2002
I labored over what brand and model kayak to purchase for several months and finally chose to purchase The Ride. Even though I am a veteran of the water,sailing, and boating, this was my first venture in to kayaking.

I am extremely pleased with the stability, ease of paddling, and comfort of The Ride. I do not have a rudder and find the boat to track very well in light to moderate chop. The boats handles easily and is much dryer than I would expected from a sit-on-top kayak. Everyone of my friends who have tried it out are hooked. I look forward to the years to come and cannot imagine replacing it anytime soon. I highly recommend The Ride.


Best all around kayak to…

Submitted by: paddler229677 on 5/7/2002
Best all around kayak to flyfish the flats. Very stable, roomy, quite fast on the water, very easy to paddle, highly maneuvrable. You do not really need a rudder, I have one though and use it in rough conditions. I caught bones (up to 14 pounds), tarpons (up to 80 pounds), cudas, jacks, ladyfish etc... Highly recommended.

Loads of primary stability…

Submitted by: paddler229669 on 5/6/2002
Loads of primary stability but a little slow in the speed department. Standing up in it is a little dangerous around oyster bars and it would take someone with great balance to fish out of it that way. You can fit a fly rod inside the kayak thru the front hatch. Great to pull around behind you while wading the flats.I put a 34 QT cooler on the back with five rod holders attached. It handles the days catch quite well. If it was only was faster.

Nice boat for extended trips…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/8/2001
Nice boat for extended trips and fishing. If you are used to smaller boats or lightweight craft you may be diapointed. Boat can be hard to handle loading and unloading if you are by yourself. Overall really nice and easy to paddle.

I have my RIDE since April…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/8/2001
I have my RIDE since April 99. I also own a canoe, a rec. kayak, a touring kayak, a poke boat, and even a row boat; the RIDE is the best of all boats wrapped into one. You can fish, travel, play and even beat it off the rocks in the river. It's so easy to get on and off when the river gets shallow in August; unlike a regular kayak. I tried to sell it when my wife complained about the price of my last boat. It didn't sell right away, and I didn't try again. It's not the fastest, roomyist, or even the most stable in my shed. But it is FUN and even easy for teaching rookies on this boat. I can't wait untill my Daughter steals it and calls it her own; right now it's only talk.

Fantastic stable fly fishing…

Submitted by: paddler229251 on 5/25/2001
Fantastic stable fly fishing platform able to negotiate a varity of waters! Plenty of room for big guys or gals. Adequate storage space for equipment. Liked it so much I bought a second one.

Very stable, dry but slow. I…

Submitted by: paddler228993 on 11/7/2000
Very stable, dry but slow. I get left behind by Dawn Trakers and Scupper Pro's.

Have had my Ride 2 months. It…

Submitted by: paddler228931 on 9/26/2000
Have had my Ride 2 months. It is great, stable as all get out. I can stand and flyfish from it. It is a little slower then some other siton top but most likely not noticable. Lots of room for me (6'4" 285lbs) and my fishing/camping gear. There is some hull slap and as said before a little wetness when into wind/waves.

Have had my "ride"…

Submitted by: paddler228872 on 8/31/2000
Have had my "ride" for 2 yrs - use it for lakes, rivers, ocean (bays). Only problem is tracking in rough water. Am adding a rudder. Should be great. Super ride for a big (6'-260lbs person).

I like my "Ride".…

Submitted by: paddler228498 on 3/20/2000
I like my "Ride". It is close to perfect for fishing the shallow marsh and small bays.There is enough cockpit that I can stand up and drift fish for redfish, even in 15-20mph winds. There is some hull slap and paddling up/cross wind can get a little wet. It met my expectations and some.

Very stable, lots of room to…

Submitted by: paddler228476 on 3/7/2000
Very stable, lots of room to store stuff in the hull. An important consideration here in S. Texas is that this boat will float me and all my gear in only a few inches of water.

Stability, storage,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/6/2000
Stability, storage, manuverability, the Ride has it all for anglers....but be warned, there are quieter options on the market. The hull slap can be annoying when trying to sneak up on shy fish.

Use mine for fishing. Great…

Submitted by: paddler228375 on 12/4/1999
Use mine for fishing. Great fishing platform. Have had 3 manatees try to turn it over with no sucess. Have landed several large fish with it and love it. Lots of room for carrying whatever gear I need to fish with.

I bought my Ride to fish both…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/3/1999
I bought my Ride to fish both flats and off the beach. Not dissapointed as it performs all of my needs very well. Has a considerable amount of hull slap due to design, but I am willing to trade the noise for the stability. Is the most stable kyak I have ever paddled and allows for quick and easy exits. Adequate storage for equipment with the addition of paddle clips and rod holders this makes a very fishable yak.

The kayak really hurts when…

Submitted by: paddler228183 on 7/14/1999
The kayak really hurts when it rams your head as you go off an ocean beach landing with wave breaks larger than one meter. Otherwise, an excellent small sea bay craft.

Love it! I couldn't ask for a…

Submitted by: paddler228094 on 5/20/1999
Love it! I couldn't ask for a better boat for the money. I use mine to flyfish out of. It's stable enough to stand up on and fish.

Purchased "The Ride" last…

Submitted by: paddler228067 on 4/17/1999
Purchased "The Ride" last fall and have enjoyed paddling on a lake dozens of times. This one has the optional rudder. It tracks straight, is very stable, fairly fast, and is simply fun to use- particularly on a sunny, warm afternoon.