Name: joco

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I have been in kayak fishing for the past 6 years now and still own many yaks... I am a big man (6 feet and 280 pound). My wife bought herself a Tarpon 100 2 years ago... the new edition... WOW, I simply love it. I have a Tarpon 140 (older version) and a Ocean Trident 15 SOT... but love more her Tarpon 100. I like it so much we just bought one more Tarpon 100 today... love those little tank... they go everywhere.

It's dry... drier then my Tarpon 140 and Trident... I simply love that small but effective Tarpon 100... by the way, the seat is very nice.

I bought my first Ultimate 14 in 2008...did about 140 yak outing with it mostly fishing ones. Then I bought another one in 2010. I love the ca-yak a a lot.

Love the space in them...way more then my sit on top kayaks I own. Love the stability... can't beat it. Love the way I can transport it... like a canoe... way better then my sit on top, very much harder to move around with them.

For the weight after your seat is out... just the hull is not bad at all. It's fast on water... stable. Tracks well. One little thing is hull flapping sound... when it's windy to to the hull shape... but it's minus... to all the good stuff you get. so i am very happy wit them.