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I have both the Rio and the Fathom LV. I love them both but I find the Fathom's seat design to be way more comfortable for longer paddles. I have a ruptured disc and after about a hour in the Rio's seat I'm in agony. Not in my Fathom, my back still feels okay after a couple of hours. So while I'll never part with my Rio which is so easy to load on top of my car and is such a nimble little Kayak, Whenever I know I'll be out for a few hours, I always take the Fathom. Plus it's a little speedster.

OMG! What a game changer. This is the GREATEST paddle ever made! At least for a little 110 60 female. You can paddle all day long without getting tired. It's also a beautiful paddle. If you are smaller, older or just tired of getting tired, get this paddle, you won't regret it.

I love this paddle. It's like a feather. You can paddle all day. It also has a groovy design. Love it.

This ride is the hotrod of kayaks. I leave the hubby in the dust (or water). Not ony does it glide thru the water with little effort, for a little old 60 year like myself, I can get it on and off the car roof by myself. It's comfortable, the cockpit is a great size and the foot pegs are in the perfect place for me. Plenty of storage with bungees up front. I love my Eddyline. I'll still use my infalatables for shallow lakes with obstructions since I want to keep my Rio as beautiful for as long as possible but I'm hooked. Can't wait for the next outing. It's great for the petite girl like myself. If you are too, get yourself one, you'll love it.

Just added it to my little fleet of inflatables. Love it. It's a beautiful red, the cockpit is roomy and comfortable with plenty of storage in back and up front although anything you put behind the seat better be something you don't need to access while on the water. There's Bungee storage on both front and back of the boat. The boat is high pressure and that makes for both a stiff bow and stern which cuts through the water quite well. I feel it performs as well as my Wilderness Syestems Tarpon. I'm not sure how it stacks up next to a touring kayak, but it handled well on the lake and I'm very happy with it's performance. It has a coaming that is compatable with a spray skirt and comes with it's own spray skirt which is the prime reason I bought it so I can do a little cool weather kayaking and neither my Advanced Elements Ultralite or my Firefly have the coaming for a spray skirt. It does have a couple of cons. It's pretty long up front and the comapny provides a foot brace that is a joke. It's the size of a sponge. I used a inflatable kayak seat to stuff in the bow which made it comfy. Also it doesn't come with a storage bag like most inflatable companies provide. I had to buy one myself. Although it's not a real big issue, I find the front and back zippers useless. I'm not even sure what they are there for. The back one doesn't help in acccessing the storage area very well, It's just easier to reach behind the seat. Other then those somewhat insignificent issues, I really love my new Innova as much all my Advanced Elements kayaks and I really love those. It was a great buy as I got it on sale but even not on sale, I'd really recommend it. I'd had given it a 5 star rating if the company had provided a storage bag.

I really wanted to like it. It is so darned cute, little and convenient. First of all, I am NOT going to criticize it's performance. If you inflate it properly, it has a stiff bow and cuts thru the water admirably. I've read many reviews saying it was slow. Yes, if you compare it to a Eddyline hardshell, I guess it is. But as stated previously, if you inflate it right, it really goes at a pretty good clip for a little inflateable. Now here's the criticism. It's really UNCOMFORTABLE. It's supposedly designed for a smaller adult. I'm 5 ft. and 125 lbs. A little chubby but far from clinically obese. I could barely fit in the cockpit. I did use a inflateable seat, but it wasn't that big. You could stretch your legs out, but you couldn't bend then in any way as the coaming was in the way. Also the weird little pad that the company provides for a seat is just that, a little pad, There was no support for your back which is why I used a inflateable seat. At $250 it's a great deal if you are a very small skinny person, I think it would be best for a kid. It is a very safe stable craft, It would take a lot to tip it. It's also very durable construction, I would assume it will have a long life. So all in all, a bad buy for a larger person, but would be great one for a smaller person or a child. Had it been comfortable like my Advanced Elements Ultralite, I would have given it 5 stars.

I LOVE this kayak. It cuts thru the water like a breeze, has plenty of so far waterproof storage, is really stable and has a comfortable seat. I love having adjustable footpegs and having storage that is easily accessed. The groovy mod purple color is a plus also. I can't say anything bad about my Tarpon except that I have to have help putting it up on the roof rack. That's the only drawback, I wouldn't take it out in winter, but it's my go to for fun in the summer sun. It's also affordable.

When I first used the Ultralight I was really dissapointed and wanted to send it back. I went out with a group and I didn't want to hold them up and I couldn't figure out how to put the seat in right, I didn't see where it buckled, I couldn't figure out how to set up the frame parts and I under inflated it. I was really unhappy. Then I decided to give it a second chance. I set it up in my living room, found out how everything worked, where everything went and the proper inflation. Then I took it out alone so I wouldn't feel hurried and set it up perfect. I was suprised how simple it was to set it up once you knew how. Then I got on the water. I'm really short, 4'11, so besides the seat I also had a inflateble seat and used the ADVANCED ELEMENTS foot brace. I was so comfortable and the boat cut nicely thru the water, It tracked beautifully, was extremely stable and it was really fast for a inflatable. You just have to make sure the tubes are properly inflated and the velcro holding them is even. It's so easy to carry. You can launch about anywhere. The only complaint I have is I wish it had inflateable coaming so i will be able to use a spray skirt, but I love it so much I feel confident in adding the ADVANCED ELEMENTS EXPEDITION ELITE which does have that feature to my little fleet. I'm beggining to like it better then my hard shell and that's saying alot. I wouldn't be buying another more expensive one of the same line if I didn't.

Everyone seems to talk smack about this little kayak. I personally love it. It's little, sturdy lightweight with lots of little thoughtful features. Because it's a little budget yak, yeah, it's not going to win the Indy 500. But if you inflate it right, it tracks very nicely and can take on a lake with a little chop. Love the little spray skirt it comes with. It's very comfy little yak and the husband always wants to use it. Says its "like the recliner of kayaks". We're both kinda of small people and maybe that's why it works so well for us. It sets up and takes down quickly. The only complaint I have is that I have to agree with a previous reviewer, it's hard to dry. I lay it out on the lawn and dry it after toweling it out. You have to use the drainage plug and stand it up and get the residual water out. But that's the worse. It's made out of surprisingly durable material for a budget kayak. Great for begginers, kids, older or smaller kayakers on placid lakes and slow rivers.