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by  Onno

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Carbon Touring Paddle Reviews

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I bought mine back in about…

Submitted by: paddler841046 on 8/2/2020

I bought mine back in about '99 when he lived in San Diego. LOVED it. About 2003, I almost pitchpoled surfing in at Tourmaline. It broke. After my kayaks were stolen many years ago, I just bought a low-performance day kayak, but really want to get my paddle fixed. After reading the review, I'm not sure I went to send it off to Hawaii, though................ This new, cheap kayak comes with a cheap paddle that weighs about 3 pounds. Yikes. I loved that 19 ounce Onno.


Purchased a Full Tour 100%…

Submitted by: paddler798880 on 6/14/2020
Purchased a Full Tour 100% Carbon paddle from Patrick at ONNO, and couldn't be happier. Patrick was a pleasure to work with and the paddle is great. 230 cm and 19.5 ounces...about 50% lighter than my previous fiberglass paddle! There was about a weeks delay in shipping due to the pandemic, but Patrick kept me informed of the situation all along, so no stress! Highly recommended. K. Gilkes, Kissimmee, FL

Ordered an Onno paddle, paid,…

Submitted by: hydrophilic on 5/12/2020
Ordered an Onno paddle, paid, and never received it. No response to inquiries. Nice business model. Enjoyed a used one I had until it broke.

Great Lightweight Paddle

Submitted by: Penny-Leistiko on 4/5/2017

I had a shoulder injury and several friends were using ONNO Paddles from Patrick in Hawaii. Two of my friends let me use their paddles. Their paddles were lighter than my Werner fiberglass and somewhat shorter. Also their paddles were much more gentle on my shoulder. I was very impressed with the performance. I ordered my paddle and received it 6 weeks later which is not bad for a completely USA hand made paddle. Mine is all carbon with reinforced tips. It weighs less than 23 oz. I have paddled using it for over 100 miles in the past two months. It is my go to paddle and my shoulder in doing great. I used this paddle for 40 miles in 3 days and had no problem with my shoulder. I love that the paddle is adjustable for feather and length and it is very easy to adjust on the go.
Patrick was excellent re helping me to choose the paddle and length. Also he returned all my calls and emails within two days.


I see that his past website…

Submitted by: paddler237069 on 8/29/2016

I see that his past website is no longer posted, and there's a newer but with incomplete information so one cannot see the great variety of blades that he makes.

Ordered two of his most popular Kayak paddle in 4 piece 230-240cm construction. They are absolutely fantastic - 24 ounces each. Excellent power, smooth, low flutter if any. And did I say 24 oz each for a 4 piece? It feels feather weight. I feel that I can paddle this all day.

But I too join the chorus where communications have been very difficult. We were blessed to get ours after about 6 months, and yes I did pay in advance of delivery. He promised to make one for my wife in a smaller blade and lighter construction but after repeated emails, I could not reach him.

But since he did deliver my two paddles, I give Patrick's work a 9, though not a 10 as I can't reach him anymore.


This is follow up to my 12/15…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/25/2016
This is follow up to my 12/15 review for the paddle order I paid in full for and never received from Patrick of Onno Paddles. Since that post I've received numerous contacts from other people who have also been ripped of by Patrick. I also received a email from Patrick 4/16 that he was going to make good to all of us he has ripped off how ever as he stated his business was suffering from the bad reviews and ask me to remove my post. Imagine that you steal from your customers and your business suffers. I declined that offer but stated if Patrick was to actually ship me my paddle I would post a fair review of the product. I got a immediate response back from Patrick that I was not supportive of his issues and that money is not everything. HEY PATRICK THAT WOULD BE THE MONEY YOU STEAL FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! Does anybody need to hear more about this guy???

Onno is the lightest paddle…

Submitted by: paddler236938 on 7/12/2016

Onno is the lightest paddle I have every used. I beat the death out of my 1st one in the surf and did not hesitate to order another one.

Yes I like the design etc... but I will admit Patrick can use a little better business skills. He went thru a very rough patch and although I did wait longer then expected, he finally did reach out to me and built me another outstanding paddle which I use almost every day.

If you want the lightest paddle extremely well built, Patrick is the man for you. I do not hold against him putting his family in front of his business and he promised me his head is now squarely on his shoulders (just remember he lives on island time and the clocks run slow).

The only reason the paddle did not get a 10(plus) was because of his lack of better business skills.


Same review [as others below]…

Submitted by: Dinger19 on 12/16/2015
Same review [as others below] except my story is 2 years. It deeply saddens me that someone within our paddling fraternity would be so dishonest. I believe, most customers would be understanding if Patrick would just respond to calls or mailings.

Fair warning, if you place an…

Submitted by: paddler236609 on 12/14/2015
Fair warning, if you place an order with Patrick for a Onno paddle as I did after a couple nice calls from him and make the mistake of paying in advance good luck on ever getting your order. Better luck on ever hearing from him again. You want to avoid this guy as I wish I had.

First off I want to say that…

Submitted by: upstart on 8/12/2015
First off I want to say that I've owned this paddle for around 8 years and still enjoy using it. It is light weight and very strong. The problems I've had with it are due to design and construction flaws. I had the misfortune of buying the paddle while the internal ferrule locker was be used and that never worked properly. The internal locker failed after about a year and I was able to obtain a replacement ferrule from the manufacturer at my expense. This should have been a warranty repair in my opinion since it was clearly a flaw in the design but there seems to be no clear warranty on these paddles. A small price to pay as I do enjoy supporting small business.

My second issue with the paddle stems from sloppy construction. When I received the paddle it had several areas where the rubber material covering the joint between blade and shaft was not sealed tightly to the blade. These gaps were 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide in two places on each blade of the paddle. I chose to fill the gaps with epoxy instead of sending back the new out of the box paddle and hoped for the best. At last the epoxy has failed and now water is allowed to enter into the shaft. This could have all been avoided by sealing the joints between blade and shaft during construction.

Overall I'm pleased with the paddle but there's room for improvement.


I've been using a full tour…

Submitted by: paddler236249 on 6/4/2015
I've been using a full tour carbon one piece for over five years in some pretty rocky rivers and this is the best paddle you can buy. It's like the hanzo sword from Kill Bill - it's priceless and you'd be lucky to own one while he is still making them!

It WAS a good paddle. I had…

Submitted by: paddler236055 on 11/13/2014
It WAS a good paddle. I had for a few years. Then it split in two which was MY fault; not the paddle's fault. Patrick told me to ship it back to Hawaii and he'd repair it. I sent the paddle and promptly sent payment through PayPal. That was July 2014. It is now Nov 2014. I've emailed and I've called. No response soon as payment went out. What I don't understand is why he is ripping me off on the repair deal when he could have just as easily cheated me out of more when I bought the paddle originally. In summary, don't buy ONNO paddles (Patrick).

I have two Onno paddles. IMO,…

Submitted by: idigguns on 9/22/2014
I have two Onno paddles. IMO, they are the best paddles money can buy. I called Patrick and he asked all my dimensions, my kayak dimensions, what type of paddling I do and lots of other questions. We had a 15 minute conversation about feathering alone. When we were done, he made me a beautiful one piece 230cm Carbon Fiber paddle with an oversized shaft (for my large hands) and medium blades with extra lay-up on the tips (because I told him that I can be rough on my paddles) set at 75 degrees of feathering. All that delivered to my house for about $220. As long as he's still making paddles, I'll never go anywhere else.

Had one of these for several…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/17/2014
Had one of these for several years, mostly used by my son who was 9-12 yrs. old. Patrick was great when ordering the paddle, and the adjustable length was great. Last year I snapped one of the blades trying to do a paddle float re-entry. As noted elsewhere on the web, this paddle is not the tool for surf.

I contacted Patrick, and sent the paddle and $75 repair fee to him. He's in Hawaii, so shipping is not trivial. Package tracking shows my package was delivered. However, I've tried to reach Patrick via email, home, and cell phone numbers, and text messages. Over the past year he has not replied to any of my communications. I had to buy a new paddle this year.

While I loved this paddle, and still use and love using my Onno mid-wing, I cannot recommend doing business with someone who blows off customers when it suits him.

Unless you live in Hawaii and can track Patrick down, pick another vendor.
Also see:
for another opinion on Onno paddles.


We have a pair of these…

Submitted by: egeisler on 9/7/2014
We have a pair of these paddles and they are super light! We love paddling with them. Purchasing them was a breeze and they were very good at helping us size paddles for two people and three different boats with very different dimensions. The paddles are the best I have used in twenty years of paddling.

I have owned and regularly…

Submitted by: kenp on 9/2/2014
I have owned and regularly use an ONNO carbon 2pc mid-tour 220 cm kayak paddle since 2002. It is still my favorite touring /day tripping blade. No other paddle has ever been its equal for my personal comfort despite my having owned some fine ones (and tried many) from other manufacturers.

I try to treat it with respect (like a fine tool) but it has not been overly 'babied' or often left home in the closet. Sporting narrower touring blades (18” long x 6 3/8” width) it doesn’t get as big a “bite” in the water as paddles with wider dimensions. However, it has a very low swing weight (mine weighs 24 oz tip to tip) and potentially delivers a faster cadence if and when speed is desired. Like any individual paddle it will not suit every conceivable condition (like surf zones, white water, or sprint racing) but I heartily recommend one for regular exploration.


It was a pleasure working…

Submitted by: lauraayers on 8/1/2013
It was a pleasure working with Pat as he adapted this paddle to a five piece breakdown that fits in my carry-on backpack. I frequently fly to Baja with ultralight backpacking gear in carry-on, rent an expedition kayak and enjoy this marvelous 22 ounce wonder with no flutter on extended trips. Very fine workmanship and design at a reasonable price.

Best investment I've ever…

Submitted by: LQT on 7/24/2013
Best investment I've ever made with respect to paddling thus far. Patrick took the time to consult and customize the paddle fit for my boat arm span and paddling style. I got the Carbon Signature Full Tour w/ reinforced blade tips in an adjustable length of 207-217 cm. There is zero flutter, the paddle is light as a feather and the lever lock ferrule design is awesome for easy on the water adjustment between high and low angle paddling. It's a world of difference from my old Aqua Bound paddle. Well worth the wait for a customized paddle to suit my specific needs.

my second Onno paddle. I've…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/5/2013
my second Onno paddle. I've used the wing paddle about 12 years and I got the full tour adjustable for use in my tandem. Love both paddles the only problem I have is getting it back when I let someone try it out

I purchased a full tour…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/10/2013
I purchased a full tour carbon glass layup about two years ago and have found it to be an absolute joy to use. The quality built into these paddles by Patrick is second to none. This paddle has tremendous bite and will easily get the job done. I would highly suggest giving ONNO paddles serious consideration.

For me personally, when it comes to a kayak paddle: It's ONNO... Why?…

Submitted by: paddler233950 on 4/18/2011
For me personally, when it comes to a kayak paddle:
It's ONNO...
Why? Because Patrick from Onno is a heck of a nice guy, that does things the "old school way". As a "craftsman" he builds some nice paddles. In this day and age of "get it made cheap somewhere, hype it up, throw a corporate name on it, and make the maximum profit," it's nice to know that there are still individual artisans out there, that works with pride, and care about the people they sell their art work to...
Patrick at Onno is that kind of person...

Make no mistake about it, every paddle that Patrick has put together and sent out to me, I feel is an actual expression of him, as an artisan. If you ever worked with your hands... I mean if you have ever done some serious trade work that required sanding something and breathing fumes and dust... Or of you ever paid your bills doing, old school, blue collar work... You simply cannot help but appreciate the special kind of stuff that Patrick offers his customers/ friends.

YES, of course, when ordering a paddle you do have to patient with him. Your paddle is going to take him some time to get around to building... After all, he is only one man for heaven's sake. It's not like there is an assembly line of Patricks in a factory somewhere, punching a clock to start the day and then sitting down to lunch when the union factory noon whistle blows. Having to wait a month or two for you paddle at times, simply has to be expected, when you are waiting for one man, to hand build you "your" paddle... But in the end, in my humble opinion, the paddles are more than worth the wait.

Because of the individualistic attention to their creation, the karma that surrounds Onno paddles seems to endear them to you. For me personally, my Onno paddles almost seem to each have their own personality and soul. Over time, for me, they have become like that ol' favorite pair of jeans, or motorcycle jacket, or that favorite old car you once owned as a kid, and actually gave a name to...

I personally own and use three different Onno paddles. If I want to do a quick ten to fifteen miles in a morning and make my shoulders feel like I went to the gym, I go with the F.A.S.T Tour... My long length, 225-235 F.A.S.T Tour... It truly is a manly man's, broad bladed beast that always challenges me... A Thor's Hammer in the paddle world if ever there was one... "Dig deeper! Rotate harder"... The paddle declares to me. As it does so, it ridicules me in a whisper, "I will break you..." Like that big nasty boxer in the Rocky movie. But, it never does. Yes, I admit, it has brought me to the brink of being so tired after 25 miles in under 6 hours, where if I had eaten lunch, that lunch would have been chum... But, no matter how tired I get, or how much current I push into at the end of the day, my F.A.S.T Tour always gets me home... Always, and never one single day of injury from it! Amazing...

If when I start out in the morning, I am feeling an old childhood football injury flaring up and need to take it easy, I turn to my "special width, made just for me" customized, Full Tour Signature... My special curvy Full Tour...She nurtures and takes care of these old shoulders when they need to be pampered.

But my dream paddle, the one paddle that has spoiled me and that I hold as dear in my heart as that doe browned eyed, long dark haired girl, I dated in high school... That paddle would be my divine Onno Sprint Wing... Man, what a dream it is to tour paddle with my Sprint Wing. At a touring paddle pace, while pushing forward my 50ish, troll like, two hundred pounds plus body and my 60 pound plus Kaskazi Dorado ski/kayak hybrid, my Sprint Wing is simply...
Faaaaaaaaa-reakkkkk-iiiinnnnnn AWESOME!!!
I LOVE my Sprint Wing!!!!

Who am I kidding...I simply love my Onno paddles. I love their adjustability. I love their value. I love the fact that the guy that builds them for me treats me more like a friend, than a potential profit and actually gives the time to give me advice even if I don't always take it. In other words, for me, when it comes to the paddles, it's not "just about the paddle," but everything that the paddle also represents ... Like that old "journey - destination" adage you hear every now and then...

Yes, I have had a few other paddles besides my Onno's... I have had a top of the line, all carbon, four hundred dollar, foam core Werner paddle that under power, fluttered through the water more than the batting eyelashes of the cast of La Cage Aux Folles... Some people may prefer that to the solid tracking and stickiness off my Onno blades. But I don't... Please understand, I'm not trying to disrespect the Werner paddle here, but for a four hundred dollar paddle to flutter so much under any sort of power-stroke... It was a terrible disappointment. I used the paddle two times, washed it, polished it, and then resold it on Ebay at a large discount.

I also had a costly Epic mid-wing blade, in their cheaper lay-up, that still cost a small fortune... It just didn’t feel any quality in the paddle as compared to it's price... Sure, it may be a nice ski paddle, but on a wider and heavier sea kayak? Nope, not for me...

Now, I have to say that Eddyline's Sea-Swift paddle is a paddle I enjoyed using at one time. It was a very durable and practical paddle indeed, and if you ever communicated with the owner of Eddyline, you know what an amazing gentleman he is... I give a thumbs up to their paddles.

Bending Branches, I found they make a nice dependable paddle to push a plastic sit on top around...But when you get a little more serious about paddling, the Bending Branches paddle gets sold with the plastic boat.

Ohhh, I can't forget the Fenn Wing Letterman Blade - Don't even get me started on that thing... That paddle was singularly the biggest disappointment I have had when purchasing paddling gear. I was so disappointed in that paddle that I actually have used one blade to nail in nails in my old garage wall to hang things on...

Anyway, to finish this version of a paddle buyers "War and Peace", I think I should take the time to express my limited paddling experience, so that any crazy soul that actually takes the time to read this thing can put my opinion in proper context. No, I openly admit that I can't claim to be proficient in the proper execution of all of the 82 different paddle strokes and braces because I have been paddling for the token boastful "25 years"... I have not raced kayaks, nor do I spend my time "bench racing" online in kayak & surfski forums... Which I have discovered, seems to at times, be the main requirement for one to consider themselves a paddling expert. I'm just an everyday joe kinda guy. A retired, 50ish year old, New York blue collar fella that absolutely loves to go out on a nice morning, a few times a week, 6 months a year, and spend 3 to 6 hours out of the day paddling for fitness. In the beginning of the season, I only cover 8 - 12 miles an outing; summer through fall, those trips extend to about 16 to close to 30 miles for the day.

I started paddling five years ago for the purpose of kayak fishing. Within a year, fishing was out of the equation and paddling became my new hobby & passion. I really enjoy immensely, the amazing feeling of being out on the bay waters of one of NYC outer boroughs, paddling and enjoying the scenery around me. Well not always... There is that very overweight, bald, old naked guy that likes to sunbath on an abandoned-car, riddled beach, along the side of the highway. He likes to stand up to do a hands on the hips, Superman pose, every time a boat goes by... While this may be appealing to some, to be honest, that is something I can honestly live without. To each their own...

Anyway, I have used close to a dozen different paddles over the years. I currently own three kayaks whose use I alternate according to weather conditions and time of year... I also own and on occasion, go out and fall off of a Fenn Mako XT surfski. In other words, I'm a guy that really likes to paddle his kayak, for no other reason, but for the fact that he really loves to go out and paddle a kayak...

For me personally, there is currently only one paddle company I currently use, and there is only one paddle guy I go to when I need a friend to build me a special use paddle... That guy/ friend is Patrick, and that paddle is, and always will be... An ONNO!


I have been using a mid tour…

Submitted by: berniem on 12/7/2010
I have been using a mid tour Signature for 6 years. Except for a few scratches, it is good as new. Great paddle and great value.

I have a Full Tour Signature…

Submitted by: string on 12/2/2010
I have a Full Tour Signature and would simply echo what most have already said. I think it is an outstanding paddle for the price. Very light and Pat reinforced the blade tips because I told him I tend to ding them. Beautiful workmanship and construction and I really like the ease of adjustment.

I ordered a full tour…

Submitted by: upstart on 9/13/2010
I ordered a full tour signature carbon paddle based on all the great reviews and a phone call from Patrick at Onno. I was pretty disappointed with the paddle right out of the package. The blades had an unfinished look that didn't make me think they would hold up to real world use. The blades on my paddle have very thin edges and have losts of flex in them. Only the face is finished the back side is not smooth. The paddle is light weight because there is a minimum of material used in construction.

The seam between the blade and shaft is covered with a layer of tape that had several 1/4 inch gaps. I found myself making repairs on a new paddle by filling the gaps with epoxy. After being used about 20 times the ferrule locker failed and had to be replaced at my expense.

Bottom line is this design has proved to be too fragile for regular use and I end up choosing more durable paddles on a regular basis.


How can something as light as…

Submitted by: paddler232227 on 4/30/2010
How can something as light as these Onno's take such a beating and keep on going? Now almost eight years old, slightly battered and worn like me but just as smooth and responsive as when new. We logged another thirty miles last week on a two day paddle and performance was perfect as always! Thanks again Pat!

I recently received my third…

Submitted by: Andy_Szymczak on 7/8/2009
I recently received my third ONNO paddle. This one is my second Wing Mid Tour paddle from Patrick. The first was a bit too long to use with my surf ski. Because it was new and I had been laid up for months, I used it first with my Artisan Millenium. What a ride! The paddle performed flawlessly. The locker thingy works great and the paddle assembles and comes apart easier than my other wing with the cam lock.

I let a young lady try my paddle. She had never used a wing or even held a carbon paddle before. She was blown away. She noticed the lack of flutter immediately and of course the light weight. Patrick's got a future customer.


Let me start by saying what a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/29/2009
Let me start by saying what a pleasure it was dealing with Pat. The knowledge and personal service are second to none.

About the paddle. I purchased his Full Touring blade in the 2 pc carbon signature lay up. The visual impression is one of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The ferrule and lever lock system ONNO uses are without a doubt the best on the market. As for how it felt, flawless! This blade is about a smooth and easy through the water as you can get. From a standstill the response was instant and the acceleration effortless. What amazed me the most was how fast I was going vs. my energy level. This paddle does a great job at converting your stroke into forward momentum. The light weight combined with the great blade design gives one the sense of being connected, physically and spiritually to the water.

I can not say enough about the quality and excellent design of my ONNO Paddle. Please support Pat and his wonderful family. Buy ONNO Paddles, you will not be disappointed.


I have a FAST Tour blade in carbon signature. 205-215cm. Pat was very…

Submitted by: paddler232931 on 10/28/2008
I have a FAST Tour blade in carbon signature. 205-215cm.
Pat was very responsive and helpful. Got me worried for a while. He didn't respond to emails after I sent payment thru paypal because he was busy. In the end, it took about 4wks from payment till the paddle arrived in Singapore. Paddle blade is huge. Roughly same size as a Bracsa 2 max blade.

The Good:
Incredibly light. Ferrule system is AWESOME. Low profile and easy to use. Shaft has a wet sanded finish unlike other racing paddles with a smooth, slippery finish.

The Bad:
There is a catch at the end of the stroke. Need to overcome it by using an aggressive high angle stroke. I can feel some flexing if sprinting at full force from a stand still. A little confused as carbon is supposed to be stiff?

The Crunch:
I use it for fitness paddling and it works great. Best for those with an aggressive high angle stroke. Avoid if you're a leisure paddler who wants to do casual touring. Huge blades might tire you out quickly.


I recently purchased the ONNO…

Submitted by: paddler232803 on 8/6/2008
I recently purchased the ONNO Sig Full tour with the adjustable ferrule and feather (212-212). I try to support small business as a much as possible and was originally pleased with the service I had received from Pat. He called me on the phone (Canada) and gave me a few pointers for sizing and what he thought would be a suitable paddle. After an 8 week waiting period for the paddle I pretty much got fed up and called a few times and left a few emails only to find he was over worked a little and was not finished the order. - 1 point for service as all he had to do was send a quick email to let me know he would be late and that would have helped ease the anxiety of my internet purchase and let me relax some. In the end when I tracked him down he told me it was already shipped the day before and I would get it soon.

The next negative 2 points come from the paddles behaviour itself. There is a catch at the end of the forward stroke that kinda bugs me. Seems not many others have experienced the problem but when compared with some Werners, Lendals and Aquabounds that I have tried/ owned at some point in time it seems that this catch stands out a little. Could be just me (I doubt it, since many fellow paddlers mentioned the same thing).

On a more positive note. The paddle feels great and looks great. It has a beautiful ferrule system that works magic on the water when you feel like a quick switch. The thing is as light as a feather even tho I have extra lay-up on my design because I like to practice rescues, and it saves a lot on physio appts with the old biceps tendonitis.

All in all, the paddle to me was just "O.K". The lightness and feel weren't enough to out weigh the performance of the paddle for me. I kayak the North Atlantic and frequent long trips. There are better paddles out there if you don't mind spending an extra 50 bucks on them. If I had my time back I would have gone with a Lendal or the Werner (just a personal choice)


I decided to buy an Onno…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/18/2008
I decided to buy an Onno paddle after seeing so many good reviews for this small firm on
I have several paddles already, but have had problems with the metal push buttons sticking on two of them, and I can no longer take the paddles apart. Another paddle I own has a ferrule to tighten it after adjusting length and feather, but this tends to loosen while paddling.

Pat of Onno Paddles certainly lived up to his reputation for good service, and we exchanged several emails before I opted for one of his Carbon Signature paddles at US$250. The paddle arrived in Hong Kong, where I live, within only three days after I made payment by PayPal. I couldn't believe how light it is, and how beautifully crafted. I sent Pat an email thanking him, and he replied to say he had given me one of his top of the range all-carbon paddles. They should cost US$350, so he had given me a US$100 discount!

The paddle can be adjusted between 215-225 cms (my choice of lengths), and all you have to do is flip a tiny lever where the two sections join, after making the adjustment. Simple as that, and tight as can be. I've never seen this lever method before. I changed the length three times while paddling last weekend, going for speed and then relaxing supportive strokes, and it only took a few seconds. Loosen the lever, and the two halves come apart easily, which is a boon while at sea.

The paddle feels really comfortable in the hands, and I'm very pleased with it. You can't get the personal touch from the big boys. Here's to small companies like Onno and long live the Internet for giving us the chance to find them.


My ONNO arrived last week and…

Submitted by: groovy93 on 6/3/2008
My ONNO arrived last week and I have paddled about 30 miles with it since then. I ordered a Full Tour in Carbon Signature layup with a 10cm extension. This paddle is extremely light (20oz without drip rings) as advertised. The lightly sanded shaft is great to hold and sheds water quickly and does not get "sticky" like my other paddle does. The cam lock is secure and extremely easy to use to change feather and length even in wind and waves in only a couple seconds. Catch is excellent and allows a very light grip on the paddle, allowing you to concentrate on things other than paddle placement. My Lendal is now gathering dust and I will definitely be looking to ONNO first for my next paddle.

I recently purchased this…

Submitted by: ksouders on 4/25/2008
I recently purchased this paddle from Onno paddles. Initially I had been somewhat interested in getting a wing paddle. I spoke with Pat describing what I was looking for and what I was expecting. After a fantastic conversation and exchange of ideas, I decided on the F.A.S.T (Forward Athletic Stroke Technique) Tour paddle. My first impression upon using this paddle was that it had a balanced pull throughout the entire stroke. There seems to be consistency from catch to release. And, it feels like it provides far better power with less effort (compared to Werner Shuna). I have used it for several 10-12 mile and a 20 miler, all river paddles. I felt no strain on the shoulders that I sometimes get from the Shuna for those distances. The paddle has adjustable length and feather using Onno's lever locks. Very easy and quick to make changes if needed or desired. This paddle has won the job as my everyday paddle.

Well, my wife has had her new…

Submitted by: paddler232227 on 8/3/2007
Well, my wife has had her new Full Tour Carbon Signature for a couple of weeks and it's everything we had hoped for. The shaft is adjustable for both length and feather and the simple design works like a charm. Unlike other similar paddles I've seen, there's nothing protruding and lock-up is rock solid with very little added weight. And like my other Onno paddles, it hooks up instantly, is completely flutter free and leaves barely a ripple at release.

I'm pleased! Mahalo Patrick for another great paddle at a more than fair price.


Our Carbon Signatures (2) are…

Submitted by: paddler232227 on 6/27/2007
Our Carbon Signatures (2) are now five years and several thousand miles old. They're a bit battered but holding up quite nicely thank you (kinda like me).
Pat fashioned blades for us between the mid and full tour size which I highly recommend if you want power that can be sustained all day. And the "Signature" paddle seems to be the best choice for distance paddlers since it's easier on the joints than the slightly stiffer Full Carbon. Costs a little less too and I like the clean, flutter free release!
After 52 years of paddling (am I THAT OLD?)this is my all time favorite paddle and I'm ordering another one to compliment my wife's new Kevlar Q600X.
Thanks & keep'em coming Pat!

I bought a full carbon mid…

Submitted by: paddler231901 on 1/22/2007
I bought a full carbon mid tour a year and a half ago. Nicely built and quite light but after a while the centre joint wore ( I did grease it ) and recently I purchased a Lendal Full carbon Kinetic Tour. It wasn't till I bought the Lendal that I realised that the Onno was preventing a good paddling style from developing. It has a very poor release at the end of the stroke, even with full rotation. In contrast. the Lendal slips out of the water effortlessly. I now find that I paddle with a shorter, more efficient stroke that carries me further and faster.

I've had my paddle for about…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/26/2006
I've had my paddle for about 4 months now and couldn't be happier. I got the full tour model that allows you to change the length of the paddle by about 10 inches. Initially it sounded kind of gimmicky to me but I'm glad I went for the option. The adjuster task a little bit of getting familiar with but once mastered is very simple to use. I have six kayaks of varying width and this feature comes in real handy.

The paddle is lighter then advertised and very well made. Pat is a pleasure to work with and is a fountain of knowledge concerning paddles. I'll be getting another for my wife.


I had opportunity to test my…

Submitted by: mickjetblue on 11/27/2006
I had opportunity to test my new carbon Onno mid-tour paddle with adjustable ferrule in a couple of boats.

The workmanship is first rate, and the paddle has a solid feel to it. Feels like it is one-piece. Hard to believe.

The carbon blades and shaft return superb control when paddling. It is the performance and light weight that really make it a 10+. The matrix ferrule, with adjustable feather and length, works great.

A note about the shape of the blade - Most kayak blades on the market are shaped somewhat like spoons in their surface area, and this allows a paddler to use a shaft length slightly shorter than what would be used to have the full blade surface in the water when paddling without much of a sacrifice in performance. Whew.

The Onno touring blades, and others, are more rectangular, well, maybe like a trapezoid, in shape, and this means that the full surface area of the blade should be submerged when paddling to experience the total benefit of the blade. That benefit is very good from the mid-tour blade, and results in almost effortless cruising paddling with the potential for power when needed.

I recommend the matrix ferrule with adjustable length, and allowing a few cm on the long side. Might buy another next year.


I had the chance to paddle a…

Submitted by: paddler231826 on 10/2/2006
I had the chance to paddle a couple of Onno paddles about a year ago and had been thinking about getting one ever since. Today was the day. Picked it up from Patrick himself who is super friendly. Pat isn't just a great paddle maker, he also makes high end carbon rudders for some of the highest end surf-ski and kayak manufacturers as well. He even showed me a fun project where he made his own carbon bike frame! I had a chance to admire a 19 foot kayak he built and it's unbelievably light. I immediately took the paddle out on Mission Bay and it paddles wonderfully. Ditto on what's already been said here. Great price, great workmanship, super light. Hands down the best deal you can get in a paddle. I bought the full tour carbon signature model and my girlfriend is already trying to claim it. I guess I'm going to be getting another. I may try a wing next. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Back when Pat was getting…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/19/2006
Back when Pat was getting married and busy (10 or 12 years ago?) he built me a lightweight one piece feathered paddle of 17.125 oz after asking many questions on my use(a top notch person) for my Necky 3 in Kevlar. Fast delivery and a piece of art, paddles like a dream. Pat I need to call you and say thank you again. I don't even beach the kayak on sand and take care of my equipement hence the light paddle by Pat as hasn't a single mark on it over many years use. I will buy anoth Onno even if it is higher in price than others on the market.

I have a Full Tour Carbon…

Submitted by: BIRDZONE on 5/15/2006
I have a Full Tour Carbon Signature paddle. The length and Full Tour configuration were the result of discussions with Pat. After he questioned me, he made the recommendation and the results are perfect. I probably would have purchased a different length and a bent shaft paddle, but it would have been an expensive mistake.

Quality is first class, no frills. The paddle is light, has good catch, power, release and great feel. Blade size is perfect for my paddling cadence and the length is right. Pat also made a Full Tour Carbon Signature paddle for my wife and she loves it - from the first time she used it, she says it "feels like a natural extension of my (her) arms".

Very reasonably priced. If you call Pat, be patient. It's a one man shop. When he does talk to you, he will pay attention and guide you through your options. He really knows paddles.


My Onno's are now 3 years…

Submitted by: paddler231485 on 3/16/2006
My Onno's are now 3 years old. Lot's of miles, quite a few scars and holding up well. As smooth today as when new. I'm ordering 2 more for the new tandem and 3 more for friends.

Without doubt, Patrick…

Submitted by: paddler231306 on 9/10/2005
Without doubt, Patrick creates the most finely-tune carbon paddle at the most amazing price! His professionalism -- from taking the time to ask important questions about paddling style and environment -- to sending what's promised when promised is, frankly, beyond compare. He's clearly dedicated to his art and his business. Oh, and the paddle he made for me (taking the best qualities of several designs) cuts surf like butter and allows me to paddle all day. Oh no! There’s no better paddle out there.

I recently received an ONNO…

Submitted by: Hexsledge on 6/9/2005
I recently received an ONNO mid sized wing paddle in all carbon from Patrick. The paddle is 215cm, 75 degree feather, right hand control, one piece. Based on my measurements this paddle weighs just a tad over 18oz! Workmanship on the paddle is excellent and Patrick requested many body dimensions to get the right fit. The blade design is similar to an Epic mid wing (have one of these also) with a slightly wider base. Feel is similar to the Epic but seems to have a quicker crisper release…plus it is 4 to 5 oz. lighter that can make a difference in a 12 mile race. Blade seems to have more flex than the Epic and puts less strain on the joints, less fatiguing at distance. The shaft is just slightly thinner than the Epic but feels ok, just making a new set of blisters with slightly different contact points. Highly recommend Patrick and his paddle, both him and his wife are a pleasure to work with.

I received my carbon/carbon…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2005
I received my carbon/carbon paddle last week. Pat built and delivered it quickly. What a sweet paddle. My more expensive Epic (and heavier) is now my backup. Got out today for the first time with it. Absolutely great paddle. No flutter and on exit it just "pops" out of the water. When done, I also had no issue with taking it apart. Just follow Pat's directions.

Well let me start with the…

Submitted by: paddler231027 on 4/9/2005
Well let me start with the order process. The very first step is that you talk to know the owner/builder. He takes a lot of time up front to feel out exactly what you are looking for, your size, what type of boat you paddle, etc. etc. Pat had made the paddle on schedule, maybe even a little ahead as I recall but UPS destroyed the paddle something awful!! Broke it in 3 places. When I called Pat to let him know of the massacre he was very apologetic (no need to be as the paddle was pretty well packaged by him) and was going to build another one right away. Here is where it gets interesting. Pat did not ship the next one. He HAND DELIVERED IT! I'm not saying that this will happen if you live in New York but I live in Newport CA some 45 miles away from his shop. See if any other paddle company is willing to do that to ensure a safe delivery. As for the quality I haven't managed to break it yet. And it has been through the ringer with my 3 year old. Oh yeah, it paddles well too.

I guess I will add my two…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/5/2005
I guess I will add my two cents here for what it's worth. After doing much research, my search for some new paddles came down to either Epic or Onno. And when you consider the cost of over $300 vs. $175, I thought I'd give Pat a call. I can tell you that I experienced all the good things everyone else on here has said, he was very helpful and great to work with. As for the product... they are great! I ended up getting the full tour signature for me and a size in between the mid and full with a smaller shaft for my girlfriend. When I pulled them out of the box together and held them in one hand and my Aquabound Seaclude in the other, the two felt lighter than the one. As far as performance, they give great bite, absolutely no flutter. I love the sound of the "slurp" as my full tour signature exits the water, something I've never experienced with any other paddle. They are very light, and I haven't experienced any problems with durability either. I brag about these often to other kayakers and would recommend them unequivocally.

Pat. Don't know how you know…

Submitted by: paddler231009 on 3/29/2005
Pat. Don't know how you know to "size" your product to the paddler, but the carbon signature with the Big Boy blades and larger shaft were just the ticket to getting my fat little X-Factor SOT moving. Even with the extra beef, it only weighs 27 ounces. Thanks.

Own a full tour carbon sig.…

Submitted by: SRQMark on 3/8/2005
Own a full tour carbon sig. and am ordering another for my girlfriend. A really great paddle. Light and strong. Very reasonably priced. Don't tell Patrick, but they're good buys.

It's a "stick and pull" feel…

Submitted by: paddler229883 on 2/14/2005
It's a "stick and pull" feel different from any other paddle I've used. To get my boat from point A to point B it's the best. I experienced a seamless deal all around. Now my Werner Camano is my spare.

Man this paddle is nice!!! It…

Submitted by: paddler230878 on 11/15/2004
Man this paddle is nice!!! It is sooo light. As for the looks, the carbon fiber look has always been a favorite of mine and it extends from the shaft to the blades. Handles well in the water without any flutter. Can't go wrong with this paddle. Money well spent!

Patrick gets a 10 from me…

Submitted by: LooneyTick on 10/18/2004
Patrick gets a 10 from me also. What a wonderful piece of work. I just got the full tour carbon signature went on my favorite river and the paddle was better than expected. No flutter at any angle and very light. The wet sanded shaft felt alive in my hands. Good job Patrick, another very satisfied customer.

Pat gets 10's from virtually…

Submitted by: paddler230769 on 9/1/2004
Pat gets 10's from virtually everyone....including me. Personal attention! He spent almost an hour with me on the phone finding out how I use my paddle....where I use my paddle....what boats I use my paddle with...what paddles I currently use...what I like about them....what would I change. The net result....perfection!

My wife and I paddled our new…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/31/2004
My wife and I paddled our new Signature Carbon ONNO paddles today. These paddles are better than advertised. Pat is a great person to deal with, he knows his paddles. He made mine 217cm full tour and my wifes between a mid and full tour 213cm.I can't say enough about these paddles, you'll just have to try one.

Today I paddled with my new…

Submitted by: PKM on 5/27/2004
Today I paddled with my new ONNO Carbon Sig full tour and what a difference. Pat was great to deal with and the craftsmanship is second to none. Beautiful!! I think I'll finally take care of a paddle.

After reading all the great…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/5/2004
After reading all the great reviews on these paddles, I decided to call Pat and order two carbon signature full tour paddles (2 piece take apart) - one for me and one for my wife. Pat is a great person to deal with - he knew the right questions to ask and gave me very good suggestions. I received the paddles when promised and the quality and craftmanship were excellent. These paddles are extremely light - 22 oz according to my kitchen scale (including drip rings). We took them on a 12 mile paddle today and they performed as good as they look -- no flutter, solid catch, and light. The two halves fit tightly, but I had no problems taking them apart following Pat's recommended method. Between the low cost and the high quality of these paddles, you cannot go wrong with one, or two, or ... Two thumbs up!

Onno Carbin Signature; I…

Submitted by: mphelps3 on 11/18/2003
Onno Carbin Signature; I paddled with my Onno for the first time. I love this paddle. Weights 19 oz. and no flutter. The design is perfect. Patrick took time and ask everything about my type of paddling along with body measurments, likes and dislikes. For $175 quality and design are unbelievable. This paddle is a work of art.

Just bought and received my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/11/2003
Just bought and received my 3rd Carbon Signature from Pat. My wife has one, I have one and the boat has a great spare. These paddles have absolutely no flutter no matter how hard you pull. A fantastic paddle at a price you cannot beat, period.

Onno paddles are the best…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/17/2003
Onno paddles are the best paddles I have ever used! I have the Onno carbon touring paddle. I contacted Pat at the Paddle shop and had him custom make this paddle for me at no additional charge. The paddle is very light at 20 oz. I like this paddle so much I will never go back to my boron fiber paddle. The paddle has the right amount of stiffness without any flutter.

Just got my carbon signature…

Submitted by: paddler230133 on 5/22/2003
Just got my carbon signature full tour paddle. I can't believe the difference between this paddle and my old one. The first time out with this paddle was probably my most enjoyable trip ever. It is very efficient and very light. Can't wait to get back out. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 was that it was very hard to get apart the first time. I have since regreased the shaft and worked it on and off a number of times and it now comes apart without a problem.

I too am a proud owner of a…

Submitted by: jminor on 5/21/2003
I too am a proud owner of a Onno carbon touring paddle; it is a pleasure to use, feather light and with the full touring blades, moves water quickly. This is by far the nicest paddle I own (and the least expensive!).

I recently purchased a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/20/2003
I recently purchased a signature carbon full tour paddle...a great paddle at an outstanding price...nuff said.

My ONNO full tour carbon…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/28/2003
My ONNO full tour carbon signature TAP is a delight to use - almost weightless. It's more than a paddle, it's actually a work of art by a true craftsman. When I recieved it, the blades looked incredibly thin, but paddling has proved that the are extremely strong. Even with a heavy stroke, there is none of the cavitation or flutter that I had seen with previous paddles. All this and a price which is more than fair to the customer. Custom craftsmanship of this quality is always worth the wait!

I just got a chance to try…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/23/2003
I just got a chance to try out my new ONNO Paddle (Carbon Signature) and it is absolutely fantastic. Patrick was a pleasure to work with, even when I called him well into the process to change my mind about the shaft length. This paddle is amazinly light, especially for it's size. Plus, Patrick did a lot of custom touches for me for no extra charge (special blade size, reinforcement on the shaft for my clydesdale-self). I couldn't recommend ONNO more highly to anyone looking to get a very nice paddle. All my friends that tried it were very impressed and Patrick should be getting some calls soon. Feel free to contact me if you'd like more info.

Truely an amazing paddle-I…

Submitted by: suncat26 on 2/3/2003
Truely an amazing paddle-I can't get over the strength, rigidity and lightness of it. The price was excellent too. My Werner Mid-Tour is going to be collecting plenty of dust now that I have this baby! No more tired arms on long paddles and ZERO flutter on sculling strokes-Highly recommend-I won't be buying anything else.

I have the Onno Carbon…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/6/2003
I have the Onno Carbon Signature paddle. It's my second paddle; I bought it because the Lendal Nordkapp was just too hefty for me. The Onno is weightless by comparison to the Lendal and every other paddle I've tried, including the paddles owned by about half a dozen folks in my paddling club. I showed it to a really expert paddler yesterday--and I was delighted that he was impressed. It fits my hands, its a dream to paddle, and Patrick is a very nice guy who gives fabulous service. The price is amazing, too! I am going to put the Lendal up for sale and order a second Onno.

Ordered a second ONNO paddle…

Submitted by: rnsparky on 9/13/2002
Ordered a second ONNO paddle as my wife has permanently borrowed mine. Patrick delivered a custom length and blade size within the promised 2 weeks to make, ship, and have it delivered. Excellent paddle with excellent service!

My wife and I have had our…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/12/2002
My wife and I have had our ONNO Full-Tour paddles for about a week now and after trying every carbon paddle we could get our hands on before we ordered ours,we have decided there is no better carbon paddle anywhere that is comparable to these, at any price. In that week we paddled over 26 hours in all kinds of conditions and the weight, quality,and cost make them the best paddle we ever could have found. Where we used to get really tired after four miles of paddling upriver, we now padde twice as far in half the time and we still don't get tired. Patrick made these paddles exactly to our specifications for far less money than any run of the mill carbon paddle made. We loan our paddles to all our friends and they all agree, these are the lightest and best paddle they have ever used and will be ordering one for themselves.

I picked up a new full…

Submitted by: paddler229695 on 7/11/2002
I picked up a new full touring ONNO paddle in the Carbon Signature with white on the front of the blades for visability (requested), and, after using a Aquabound Seafarer for a while, I am very impressed with the ONNO paddle. It weighs 21.5 oz, does not flutter, has great purchase, has a fabulous and slightly narrower shaft, with hand indexing on both sides (I requested this) and allows for great speed. Mine is two piece for portability and storage in my kayak. The carbon joint or furrell must be keep well greased or lubricated (almost any grease will do) or you will have problems pretty quickly because of the very tight fit, especially in salt water. Also, wash the salt off your paddle when you are finished paddling, if you paddle in salt water. A really fabulous paddle. Love it.

Just got a Onno Carbon/hybrid…

Submitted by: paddler229792 on 7/10/2002
Just got a Onno Carbon/hybrid and is it ever great. Great power with no flutter and sturdy. i had been paddling an old LL Bean and you can not imagine the improvement of my technique and distance. patrick was very helpful and I recieved my paddle very quickly, even before I expected it. Great price when compared to others. I will buy another.

Purchased a touring TAP…

Submitted by: rnsparky on 6/21/2002
Purchased a touring TAP Carbon Signature. Paddle has good workmanship and is a great value compared to Warner. No flutter, can grip lightly and get good power to maintain speed. Paddle is so light that only problem I had is gusts of wind can blow it out of my hand. TAP goes together smooth and tight, but separating is an effort each time so far.

Great paddle. Moving from…

Submitted by: thorley on 6/7/2002
Great paddle. Moving from Redwood to Carbon was quite a change. The lightness of the paddle and the power of it was astonishing. Pat from the Paddleshop was knowledgeable, right on target and well ahead of his shipping dates. One must be patient, while awaiting his product. These paddles are not only great, but fine works of art. Worth every penny.

I recently perchased a Full…

Submitted by: hotrod on 6/6/2002
I recently perchased a Full Tour Carbon Signature paddle from Pat at Onno paddle. Pat does a great job on these paddles. When you paddle with one of these blades it feels like it's a extension of your arms. Mine weighs only about 22 oz's. You might have to wait a couple of weeks folks, he makes these paddles up. He's very accommodating and knowledgeable, if you want something a little narrower or laid up heavier, he will do it. These are great paddles I love mine. Believe me there worth the wait.

The Signature Carbon Big Boy…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/1/2002
The Signature Carbon Big Boy from ONNO is truly a bargain. The shaft is smooth and well-turned, and the blades provide the right amount of bite without cavitation. I got the two-piece, and had to sand the ferrule just a bit for my liking, but other than that, this is a real finesse paddle.

Patrick (the maker) is very accomodating, and took the time to talk to me extensively (long distance) to make sure he knew my preferences. He even custom cut the blades for me at no extra charge!

This paddle is not as rugged as some, but is ultra light and wonderful on those long paddles. In addition, the shaft is plenty stiff and the blades hold their shape on a strong pull. At 22-23 oz., I am extremely pleased with the ONNO performance.

I have used many others, including my much loved Lendal Crank, and although there are stronger blade shapes, the ONNO dihedral seems to provide the best combination of pull, cavitation, and light weight. I must say that for long paddles and lightweight efficiency, I cannot think of a better value in this price range.


I've working out a new Onno…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/29/2002
I've working out a new Onno hybrid mid-tour for a couple days now. Impressions... Positives - Well worth the money. Most paddles look extremely over priced in comparision. {9.5} Negatives - Can feel a slight groove on the shaft (cut edge of the carbon fabric), could be annoying on long trips{-0.5}. DO NOT believe estimated delivery times. I had been assured that I would receive the paddle in a week, and planned a trip accordingly. I called at the end of the week and found that the paddle wasn't even assembled yet. Kinda pissed me off.{-1.0} Rated it an 8, but I don't know why I bother. Everything on this site appears to be a perfect 10.

After carefully considering…

Submitted by: jsmarch on 12/10/2001
After carefully considering the alternatives, I recently switched from the Werner Camano to the Onno Carbon-Carbon mid-tour paddle. The difference between 30 oz (Werner) and 16 oz (Onno) is incredible. (Note that the Werner Carbon is 10 oz heavier and $100 more expensive.) The Onno paddle is as if not more efficient in the water, with less flutter and, for some reason, a much smoother exit. High and low braces, skulling and sweep/draw strokes are easy. Haven't got a roll (it is on the agenda) but I can't imagine a paddle-related problem. Workmanship is exemplary. Service from Water Walker kayaks was great--also highly recommended.

The fuzzyrubber hood is a…

Submitted by: LeeG on 11/8/2001
The fuzzyrubber hood is a very vesatile and essential part of my cold water paddling outfit. More comfortable than neoprene when not immersed, fits under helmets, can layer under/over other tight fitting beanies and hoods, stuffs down into a pfd pocket or can be pulled back off the head when hot then pulled back over if needed. As important as neoprene gloves, wetsuit or drysuit in cold water.

I recently purchased the Onno…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2001
I recently purchased the Onno Signature Carbon Paddle from Water Walker Sea Kayaks. This paddle is truly a bargain. I bought it to use with my OT Millennium 160 as my primary paddle. This paddle is a fantastic bargain because it combines the high tech/high priced technology of Carbon Fiber in an affordable package. The paddle is lighter than most Carbon Paddles I've tried and it does not sacrifice stiffness. The paddle provided great power and feedback without flutter. I've had many comments about how light the paddle is and how it is a dream to paddle. I recommend this paddle highly and Ray was easy to deal with and great follow up. I am very pleased!

Note: I have recently become…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/27/2000
Note: I have recently become a dealer of Onno paddles. These paddles are not as flashy as some, but they are so light and smooth they feel like an extension of your body. My paddle has asymmetrical blades, 60 degree feathering, natural weave carbon shaft, and carbon / fiberglass blades. Made in a one-man shop in San Diego, this lightweight (20 oz. for the 1 piece)paddle is outstanding for performance, craftsmanship, and price ($185.00). The manufacturer is eager to please and offers several options in terms of materials and blade shape. Custom feathering and lengths are available.