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Name: mickjetblue

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I have the kevlar version, at about 36 pounds, so it is a pleasure to portage. Whether tandem or solo, this canoe paddles surprisingly well, and has good glide. If solo and using the bow seat with the canoe reversed, about 20 pounds in the front will trim it well, and if using a kayak paddle, it performs surprisingly good. The kevlar pointed bow and stern ends are an asset for efficiency.

My biggest surprise is the canoe's seaworthiness. I feel more comfortable in this canoe than I have in my other flatwater canoes, especially when in wind and waves. There is something somewhat mystical about seeing the water passing underneath, through the natural kevlar.
It is a winner!

Decided I'd take a chance, and ordered a Vixen ergo paddle sized at 230. I gave custom shaft width sizing for the ergo bend dimensions, as some ergo grips are wider than I prefer for touring use.
The paddle has carbon blades with a wood shaft that is oval, and it is a well made work of art. The spoon shaped blades have the right combination of bite, grab, energy used, and power returned for me.

The performance is great! For a few hours of paddling, it compares well to the all carbon paddles I have used. My rating is based on how I felt at the end of a few hours of paddling, and I felt a yearning for the next time. The ergo grip is a winner!
Big pluses for me are the aesthetics of the wood/carbon combo, and the ergo grip comfort. Very smooth throughout.

I bought the 240cm ergo to use in a canoe, and it arrived last week. I used turtle wax on the ferrule, as I have with all kayak paddles, and it fits together secure and comes apart with no major strain. Quality made paddle, and it paddles as smooth as silk. I have a couple other carbon paddles, and the kalliste beats them for its comfort and resulting efficiency. For low to mid angle, this is the supreme paddle.

I ordered the $29.99 Harmony Whisper paddle online, only because I always wanted an Ottertail, but didn't want to spend over $100 for it. I lightly sanded the varnish off the shaft and hand grip, and oiled those areas. Paddling the 57" paddle is a true delight of aesthetics. Smoothest J strokes I ever did. Well made, and the best Ottertail deal of the century!

For a splash jacket, and pants, they do the job very well. I…

For a splash jacket, and pants, they do the job very well.
I tried them out for snow blower use, with some poly underwear underneath and they worked great! Never got wet anywhere.

I have used several carrying pads/yokes, and this one is the best.
The wooden carved yoke shapes to your shoulder blades, and spreads the load. It's also a work of art you can stain to your choice.

The Palisade shoes are labeled as a water running shoe, but I use them for all water activities. I also wear them around the house, as they feel like they are air conditioned. Water drains out from sides and soles. No more bruised feet from sandals, and no more sloshing from river sandals. Wish I would have found them earlier.

The seat is ultra comfortable. The air seat provides full form comfort with a minimum of raise from the seat. The foam seat back is restful for the back. The straps keep the seat in place in a SOT. You need a mesh back pfd, thin back, or inflatable pfd with this seat to be able to really appreciate it. Have tried many seats, and this one rates the best.

I have paddled our TriYak a couple times tandem and also solo. The TriYak excels in performance, for paddling efficiency, stability, tracking, and turning. A real surprise. When in tandem, with a large dog mid-ship, it cruises with ease, and paddling at next to the water level makes it a real fun experience.

Solo I had a large dog and some gear up front, which kept us in trim, and it was still very efficient paddling. The supplied seats work well for back support, but the butt seat pad is small. Hence a 9, instead of a 10.

The low profile of the TriYak does not catch the wind, and makes day trips a reality and a good time experience. Highly recommended.

I had opportunity to test my new carbon Onno mid-tour paddle with adjustable ferrule in a couple of boats.

The workmanship is first rate, and the paddle has a solid feel to it. Feels like it is one-piece. Hard to believe.

The carbon blades and shaft return superb control when paddling. It is the performance and light weight that really make it a 10+. The matrix ferrule, with adjustable feather and length, works great.

A note about the shape of the blade - Most kayak blades on the market are shaped somewhat like spoons in their surface area, and this allows a paddler to use a shaft length slightly shorter than what would be used to have the full blade surface in the water when paddling without much of a sacrifice in performance. Whew.

The Onno touring blades, and others, are more rectangular, well, maybe like a trapezoid, in shape, and this means that the full surface area of the blade should be submerged when paddling to experience the total benefit of the blade. That benefit is very good from the mid-tour blade, and results in almost effortless cruising paddling with the potential for power when needed.

I recommend the matrix ferrule with adjustable length, and allowing a few cm on the long side. Might buy another next year.