Name: thorley

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Great paddle. Moving from Redwood to Carbon was quite a change. The lightness of the paddle and the power of it was astonishing. Pat from the Paddleshop was knowledgeable, right on target and well ahead of his shipping dates. One must be patient, while awaiting his product. These paddles are not only great, but fine works of art. Worth every penny.

I have had the Sirius for just about two years. It is a great boat. but again, it takes a bit to get familiar with the boat. Not a boat for a beginner or occasional kayaker. Handles well unloaded. Handles great in the Atlantic Ocean both loaded and unloaded. There are few boats manufactured in the US that can compete. Fast with decent secondary stability. Enough space for a weeklong expedition. Thanks P&H.

Great tandem. Sea Kayaker's review of July 1999 is right on target. fast, well manufactured, good lines. easy to paddle. very little weathercocking and rudder handles very well. Handles up to 5 Ft. waves and winds in excess of 40MPH with no problems on the Chesapeake. Plenty of space for expeditions and kayak camping. Only problems have resulted in the cabling for the rudder placement in and out of water. It requires manual work. Just needs to be checked before putting in. Would buy another or any of the Seward products.