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I have owned and regularly use an ONNO carbon 2pc mid-tour 220 cm kayak paddle since 2002. It is still my favorite touring /day tripping blade. No other paddle has ever been its equal for my personal comfort despite my having owned some fine ones (and tried many) from other manufacturers.

I try to treat it with respect (like a fine tool) but it has not been overly 'babied' or often left home in the closet. Sporting narrower touring blades (18” long x 6 3/8” width) it doesn’t get as big a “bite” in the water as paddles with wider dimensions. However, it has a very low swing weight (mine weighs 24 oz tip to tip) and potentially delivers a faster cadence if and when speed is desired. Like any individual paddle it will not suit every conceivable condition (like surf zones, white water, or sprint racing) but I heartily recommend one for regular exploration.

My Arctic Hawk is a 1993 model that I recently bought used and then rehabbed. I took it out on the water today for trials. It is a very fast kayak. It turns easily when leaned, tracks well on the straights and did not disappoint.

As mentioned by others here the seat could be more comfortable (maybe some foam will help,) and it is by design a low volume boat (so it is not ideal for carrying a lot of gear) despite it's size.
Overall I am quite impressed with it.

I have had one of these off and on (owned, sold, then bought another) since 1990 the first year they were made. A great general use kayak for recreational purposes. A lot faster hull than most boats of if it's length class and a comfortable ride. Very stable, forgiving and durable. I've done a lot of fishing and multi-day exploring in these. A great all-around design.

Good boat for recreational general use. It is wide, very stable, yet still pleasant to paddle moderate distances. Overall very well behaved. I've caught a lot of fish from one.

Good boat. A tad heavy but well behaved.

I have the Eclipse in kevlar and in glass. Both are excellent hulls. The original OEM seats were poorly made and extremely uncomfortable/painful. I have replaced both seats and love the boats. They are fast, predictable and a blast to paddle.