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Ordered an Onno paddle, paid, and never received it. No response to inquiries. Nice business model. Enjoyed a used one I had until it broke.

I bought this paddle without trying it because of Werner's reputation, and my previous experience with their kayak paddles. This is a full carbon, outrigger canoe paddle, and is a new model for Werner. I was pleased with the fit and finish and the appearance of the paddle. I was in Kent Island, MD, for their Labor Day around-the-island outrigger canoe relay race. I used the paddle the next day in the race.

It is a very stiff paddle, and may not have enough flex for paddlers used to wood paddles. Another paddler who used the paddle complained that the finish on the shaft bothered his hands, but I felt the finish reduced some of the slipperiness associated with other high-end outrigger paddles. I did, however, have a little more soreness on my hands than usual, but it could be attributed to the length of the race, and the fact I had not used a 9- inch wide blade before.

I would encourage Werner to offer different blade widths, because most marathon canoeists (and some outrigger paddlers) like a narrower blade. All in all, a very attractive and solid paddle. The blade had a nice entry and solid feel in the water. The shaft has a lot of indexing in the area where the bottom hand holds the paddle. I like this, but some may not. Overall, a good effort for Werner.