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Name: hotrod

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I recently perchased a Full Tour Carbon Signature paddle from Pat at Onno paddle. Pat does a great job on these paddles. When you paddle with one of these blades it feels like it's a extension of your arms. Mine weighs only about 22 oz's. You might have to wait a couple of weeks folks, he makes these paddles up. He's very accommodating and knowledgeable, if you want something a little narrower or laid up heavier, he will do it. These are great paddles I love mine. Believe me there worth the wait.

I've been looking to upgrade to a higher performing sea kayak for about 9 months. I went on the paddling net talk forum and discovered a lot of very knowledgeable people paddled Capella's. I paddled about 20 different boats at a few Demo's and I found out that I liked the RM Capella the best. I bought the kayak at the R.I. Sakonnet boat House. Very nice people and very knowledgeable and friendly. Extra bonus there's no sales tax in R.I. . They threw in a waterproof daybag that snaps on the back deck. The color is a funky red. This boat is made very well, very stiff. Polylink three, the only thing I found wrong with it was that the underside of the chromming had a sharpe edge, I had to take file to it, and that took care of that. I think the back band is a little sparse. I might change that but the seat it self is very comfortable. The hatches are a little funky looking (Squareish) but they work out very well. The Capella tracks fairly straight and is a pleasure to paddle. I find it's primary stability pretty good but it's secondary stability is great. You can lean this puppy over and be very confident. The capella does weathercocks into the wind a bit, but the skeg takes care of that when you need it. I kayak fits me well at 5-10-180lbs. I wish I had bought this for my first boat. I gave it a nine because only God's perfect.