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Mine is a new 2015. As advertised , it is a very stable boat and comfortable. I would challenge the " highly efficient" comment in the ad. I have owned WS Tarpons for years, typically 16' , and the Carribean has only two characteristics that are better. - Weight. At 50 lbs it is much easier to move around out of the water. - Turning. Much easier than the Tarpon . I expected that since the Carribean has a flat hull. I was able to get the Carribean to 4.4 mph in a sprint and it cruises easily at 2.5 mph. It is certainly not a fast boat. For a SOT , the seat is high and dry. The high back seat is comfortable but is up to my shoulder blades and gets hot. I'm considering cutting it down. It is so paddler friendly, I find it boring. I have only had it out on flat water. It will be interesting to try it on some bouncy water.

I have owned several boats but they have all been very stable. My favorite was and is my Tarpon 160 and I will always have it around.

I started paddling with a group of people who have composite sea kayaks. Needless to say, keeping up with them was a chore. After a lot of research, I bought the 18 S. The first few trips were interesting to say the least. I am tall with a high COG and many times thought I was in the water, only to not be there.

I use a Euro paddle and it 'sticks' frequently in this boat because I am a high angle paddler. Still considering a wing but I have modified my stroke more toward low angle. I had just been on a 2 month hiatus because of a back issue and took the ski out yesterday. Almost felt like an old friend. I am looking forward to our next trip.

First ride today in my new 2013 T160.This is my 3rd 160. These boats get better with every iteration. You sit very high and dry and it is still a joy to paddle. At 82 lbs, it is a beast out of the water.

Addendum to my earlier reviews. I weigh 230 and with the Necky…

Addendum to my earlier reviews.
I weigh 230 and with the Necky scupper plugs in,my butt gets wet. I put Minicell plugs under the seat and the water from the footwells still almost got to me. When I tried the boat in the summer, a wet butt didn't bother me; in November it does. Minimum max capacity is rated at 275. IF you don't mind a wet butt.

My Vector had its' first voyage. It was a very windy day with some heavy gusts. It got slapped around more than I expected.

Performance was good, in fact it surfs very well. I found it a bit irritating that my butt got wet with the scupper plugs in under the seat. I weigh 235 so it sits fairly low in the water. The plugs are pretty, but today I replaced them with Minicell.

Another review after a 15 minute paddle. The 14 is quick for a plastic boat that length. I maxed out at 5.5 mph without a lot of effort. Stability is a little less than the 13. The seat is comfortable and there is room for long legs. A very plain little boat but a great choice for going places quickly.

I paddled the Vector for all of 10 minutes at a demo day but I am no stranger to SOT.
  • Seat is comfortable, but not quite Phase 3 comfy.
  • More leg room than my Tarpon 140. I didn't have to remove the footbraces for it to fit.
  • Fast for a 13' plastic SOT. I got it to a max of 4.7 mph. Wish I could have paddled the 14'.
Definitely worth a look if shopping for a SOT.

Took the 140 out into the salt for the first time this weekend. We were riding the falling tide out into a NE wind. It got fairly bumpy with about a 2' swell and some confused water. The boat handled it very well. We plowed several waves that put water over the bow and into the footwells. The water from the front never got to the seat, but a couple waves over the side did.

The 140 is not as fast as its' big brother the 160 but is a great boat nonetheless. Even after several submersions the forward hatch did not leak. As we were putting in, a guide for Coastal expeditions said, "that T140 is a great boat, especially with thigh straps." I had added them the day before and would not paddle bumpy water without them.
P.S. this boat is an unruly beast out of the water. Heavy as a brick and like handling a wet log.

I have a Full Tour Signature and would simply echo what most have already said. I think it is an outstanding paddle for the price. Very light and Pat reinforced the blade tips because I told him I tend to ding them. Beautiful workmanship and construction and I really like the ease of adjustment.

This is for the new T140. Having paddled a T160 for years,I was…

This is for the new T140.
Having paddled a T160 for years,I was a little concerned about going down in length. I bought the boat because I got a good price and had traded the 160 for a trailer.

Echoing the last reviewer,the boat is a much drier ride. It is really nice not to sit in a puddle for hours. To achieve that, the paddler is further off the water with an attendant decrease in stability, but so little it is hardly noticeable. I got caught in a couple of sudden side currents that were momentarily exciting. I'll take that loss for the dry butt.

The phase 3 seat is great. Lumbar support in a SOT!
Continuing the trend, the boat is heavy as a brick. It comes with tracks for adding accessories, but that does not include attachment points for thigh straps. I was disappointed that I have to add them. Paddling a SOT in rough water without thigh straps is not fun. Still, I am pleased with the boat for my intended use - small rivers and salt water bays and creeks.