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Name: Hexsledge

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I recently received an ONNO mid sized wing paddle in all carbon from Patrick. The paddle is 215cm, 75 degree feather, right hand control, one piece. Based on my measurements this paddle weighs just a tad over 18oz! Workmanship on the paddle is excellent and Patrick requested many body dimensions to get the right fit. The blade design is similar to an Epic mid wing (have one of these also) with a slightly wider base. Feel is similar to the Epic but seems to have a quicker crisper release…plus it is 4 to 5 oz. lighter that can make a difference in a 12 mile race. Blade seems to have more flex than the Epic and puts less strain on the joints, less fatiguing at distance. The shaft is just slightly thinner than the Epic but feels ok, just making a new set of blisters with slightly different contact points. Highly recommend Patrick and his paddle, both him and his wife are a pleasure to work with.

I have owned a QCC700 for about a year now. I received a boat last fall which had been damaged during shipping (forklift puncture by shipper) and QCC immediately received it back and was very accommodating in building another and getting it back to me as quickly as possible. At the time I was paddling a Kevlar Seda Glider. Initial impressions of the 700 made of carbon/kevlar: Fast, faster than the Glider and slightly more stable. Quality control and finish are second to none.

Sealine Rudder system initially very good providing a solid peg to use legs for power, as the miles piled on I bent 3 sets of plastic tracks for the rudder system which Sealine replaced at no extra cost, last replacement was for new Aluminum tracks designed for my type of use which is mostly racing. Cavernous hatches. Original seating was very comfortable, but not supportive enough for racing so I changed it to an NSI anatomical backband and rubber pad glue to the seat pan, much better now.

The boat is very good and manageable going into the wind with a chop, seems to thrive on that. Surfs very well, too well as I learned on a race where I was getting 100 yard surf runs with it until paddler error ended my outing. I have used the boat in about a dozen races now and paddled about 1500 miles in it now and am very satisfied with the boat.

A 10 would require that the boat have a better seating arrangement from factory and that the rudder track problems had not occurred, other than that, no complaints.