Name: Penny-Leistiko

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Great Lightweight Paddle

I had a shoulder injury and several friends were using ONNO Paddles from Patrick in Hawaii. Two of my friends let me use their paddles. Their paddles were lighter than my Werner fiberglass and somewhat shorter. Also their paddles were much more gentle on my shoulder. I was very impressed with the performance. I ordered my paddle and received it 6 weeks later which is not bad for a completely USA hand made paddle. Mine is all carbon with reinforced tips. It weighs less than 23 oz. I have paddled using it for over 100 miles in the past two months. It is my go to paddle and my shoulder in doing great. I used this paddle for 40 miles in 3 days and had no problem with my shoulder. I love that the paddle is adjustable for feather and length and it is very easy to adjust on the go.
Patrick was excellent re helping me to choose the paddle and length. Also he returned all my calls and emails within two days.