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Name: ksouders

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I recently purchased this paddle from Onno paddles. Initially I had been somewhat interested in getting a wing paddle. I spoke with Pat describing what I was looking for and what I was expecting. After a fantastic conversation and exchange of ideas, I decided on the F.A.S.T (Forward Athletic Stroke Technique) Tour paddle. My first impression upon using this paddle was that it had a balanced pull throughout the entire stroke. There seems to be consistency from catch to release. And, it feels like it provides far better power with less effort (compared to Werner Shuna). I have used it for several 10-12 mile and a 20 miler, all river paddles. I felt no strain on the shoulders that I sometimes get from the Shuna for those distances. The paddle has adjustable length and feather using Onno's lever locks. Very easy and quick to make changes if needed or desired. This paddle has won the job as my everyday paddle.

I purchased a fiberglass contour seat to replace the original Perception Carolina 14.5 seat (2006 model). The seat that came with the kayak looks like its comfy but after a couple hours my lower back would start aching. Constantly shifting around helped but who wants to do that all the time. Cutting to the chase, my online searches lead me to onno. I sent an email with pictures to Pat. He assured me his seat would work. We talked for a bit on the phone and he set out making the seat. Making a long story short, the seat fits fantastic. Better yet, it is incredibly comfortable. I have done several paddles with it, the longest being in excess of 5 hours without a break. Pat made a couple mods to his standard design, sent all the hardware needed to install. It took me less than hour to install. I am a happy paddler. What more could I possibly say.